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England 112/10 & 81/10 (30.4 ov)
India 145/10 & 49/0 (7.4 ov)
India won by 10 wickets
Player of the match: Axar Patel
India win by 10 wickets

There we have it then, a historic win for India as they trumped the touring Englishmen by 10 wickets to take a 2-1 lead in this 4-Test match series. Just as Virat Kohli mentioned, the batting from both teams was subpar and it'll be something that both teams will look to improve upon heading into the last game of this series. 

Everything happened so quickly in this game that it's quite hard to grasp it all. England definitely had their moments. They came storming back into the game after Joe Root and Jack Leach ran through India's batting order in the first innings but they just could not capitalize on the opportunity they'd created for themselves. 

Lot of questions that need answering then for England. Their decision to pick just one front-line spinner on an Indian track was a debatable one and also their application with the bat in hand will be under the scanner. Unfortunately, they find themselves knocked out of contention for the World Test Championship final that will be held in June later this year at Lord's. Nonetheless, they still have an opportunity to put this game behind them and come back strong in the next game to draw the series and also deny India a spot at the WTC final in the process.  

As for India, they've got their own concerns with bat in hand. But it'll not bother them too much and they'll head into the next game on a high. To no one's surprise, their spinners bowled magnificently and led India to victory in this game. 

So the final game of the series will be a virtual semi-final of sorts as far as the World Test Championship is concerned. India will go through and face New Zealand if they win the next game. However, it'll be Australia that'll go through should their arch-rivals England triumph against India in that game. With so much at stake, the 4th and final Test of the series promises to be an absolute cracker of a contest.  
Axar Patel (Man of the match): When it happens it feels easy but when it doesn't its not easy. I'm grateful that I've had it easy in my first 2 games. I happy that I was able to contribute with the ball if not with the bat. My strength is that I can bowl wicket to wicket and I don't give much room for the batsmen to work with. I look to make it difficult for the batsmen to score runs. My goal is to bowl dot balls and build the pressure on the batsmen so that the wicket comes eventually. I will look to continue what I am doing at the moment. Hopefully I can emulate my performance in the next game as well. 
Virat Kohli (Indian Captain): To be honest I don't think the quality of batting was up to standard from both teams. Lack of application from both sides, it was a very good pitch to bat on, especially in the first innings. Our bowlers were much more effective and that's why the result went our way. It was bizarre that out of 30 wickets 21 were off the straighter ball. I honestly feel that batsmen need to trust their defence a  lot more than they are at the moment. This is a classic example of batsmen not applying themselves. I think the spinners were outstanding in this game and there was no room for anyone else to do anything. Washi was eventually happy to bowl 3 balls after not bowling in the first innings as well. I dont think I've ever been part of a Test match that's progressed so quickly, yea I've never experienced anything like this. I think Axar bowled amazingly well and it's a testimony to his hard work. His accuracy is amazing and that's why we picked him. We all need to stand up and take notice of what Ashwin has contributed for Indian cricket. I think he is a modern day legend and we are lucky to have him. It was a game of quick-fire runs and quick wickets but we have to be ready for the grind now. 
Joe Root (England Captain): We were in a pretty good position at 70-2 in the first innings after electing to bat first but we didn't capitalise on it. Maybe 250 on this wicket would have been a different story. It was disappointing for sure, but we'll get better and come back stronger. It was high quality bowling from India. I think throughout the game, both sides struggled with the straighter delivery. We don't define ourselves on a performance like this, we'll look to put this behind us and will come back stronger. I think more than anything, we'll look to not take any baggage forward from this game. We've seen with ball in hand that we can takes wickets here. The question is can we build the pressure and make it count. It was nice to get 5 wickets but also disappointed that it came in a losing cause. Congratulations to Ishant for 100 Tests and Ash (Ravichandran Ashwin) for 400 wickets as well. 
Ravichandran Ashwin: It (400 Test wickets) feels amazing, especially after the entire stadium stood up and applauded. Feels great that it came in a winning cause. I can't really get a grip on what has happened in the last 2-3 months. It's been a dreamy ride. All the effort I put through the lockdown is paying me rich dividends now. I worked a lot on my fitness and my body during the lockdown and lost around 7-8 kilos. The results are going our way and it's very special. I've always looked to improve so every time I've bowled well I've come out and done even better in the future. 
It's taken just two days for India to win this Test match and have done so rather emphatically. A lot of milestones and memories for India to take away from this game as they are now one step closer to sealing a spot at the World Test Championship finals. England, on the other hand, are now out of contention for a spot to play at Lord's. 

Just took India about 20 minutes in this final session of Day-2 to knock off the 38 runs they needed. Some special milestones were reached in this game, the first of course was the fact that Ishant Sharma was playing his 100th Test. Axar Patel bowled magnificently and picked up 11 wickets in the game. A big milestone for Ravichandran Ashwin too as he became the second quickest to 400 Test wickets, only behind the great Muttiah Muralitharan. 

But overall, it was a complete performance from India. After losing the toss and being asked to bowl first, they never let England take the initiative and restricted them to just a 112 in their first innings. While India did suffer their own batting collapse in their first innings after Joe Root ran rampant through their batting order, they came out and returned the favour with interest and bowled England out for just 80 in their 2nd innings.  

With just 49 to get in their final innings, it didn't take long for Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill as they knocked the runs off in just 7.4 overs.

Right then, that's all we've got for you today. But do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the latest updates from the world of sport. This is Anurag and Shashwat signing off for the evening. Goodbye!  
7.4 Joe Root to Rohit Sharma, SIX! ROHIT FINISHES IT OFF IN STYLE! Length delivery on middle and leg stump and Rohit climbs into it! He dances down the track and then whacks it way over the deep mid wicket fence to seal a historic victory for India!
7.3 Joe Root to Rohit Sharma, very full delivery on leg stump. ROhit jams his bat down in time and digs the ball out towards the bowler. Massive puff of dust, by the bat rather than the ball
7.2 Joe Root to Rohit Sharma, FOUR! Short, wide and spanked! Too much width on that one and Rohit sits deep in his crease before crunching that one past cover point for four!
7.1 Joe Root to Rohit Sharma, FOUR! OH DEAR! Length delivery on middle and off stump and ROhit decides to open up his arms! He clears his front leg and mows that one past deep mid wicket for four
Rushed through that over did Jack Leach. Was a maiden too. The ball acted up too, some turned and some others kept low. But that is expected 
Over: 7 | Summary: 0 0 0 0 0 0 Bowler: Jack Leach Score: 35/0
6.6 Jack Leach to Shubman Gill, full delivery on middle and leg stump. Gill gets onto the front foot and drives that one down the ground towards the man at mid off. Dot to end the over!
6.5 Jack Leach to Shubman Gill, back of a length delivery on middle and leg stump. Gill goes deep into his crease and defends the ball into the on side towards short leg
6.4 Jack Leach to Shubman Gill, full delivery on middle and off stump. Gill comes fully forward and taps the ball gently back to the bowler
6.3 Jack Leach to Shubman Gill, back of a length delivery just outside off stump. Gill gets onto the back foot and blocks the ball into the off side towards the fielder at point
6.2 Jack Leach to Shubman Gill, back of a length delivery outside off stump that grubs along the ground. GIll goes deep into his crease and plays the ball into the off side towards point
6.1 Jack Leach to Shubman Gill, full delivery just outside off stump. GIll gets onto the front foot and defends into the off side with a nigh on straight blade
A little bit of a hiccup for the Indian contingent there as Shubman Gill made a very questionable decision to pad one away, but in the end, all is well for him and India. 
Over: 6 | Summary: 0 0 0 1 1 1 Bowler: Joe Root Score: 35/0
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