325/10 & 276/7 (70)
62/10 & 167/10 (56.3)
India won by 372 runs.
Player of the match: Mayank Agarwal
That'll be all for the test match. This is me, Raghav Tikmany alongside Shashwat Kumar signing off. Stay tuned on Sportskeeda for more live-action.
Virat Kohli: To come back with a win again, it's a great feeling and a clinical performance. You want individuals to step up. You want people to take action. The first test went well, and it was a clinical showing. We had a good discussion about the performance, and the opponents had a solid draw. The spinners gave it their best, but the Kiwi batsmen held their own in Kanpur. There was more bounce here, and the fast bowlers had some help, so we had a greater chance of winning the Test match on the last day. Even with the new management, the mindset to move Indian cricket ahead is the same. It's important to maintain Indian cricket's high standards and ensure that it continues to improve. South Africa is a good challenge. Last time, we built it up in England and South Africa, and Australia was the culmination of that work. South Africa is a difficult task and a win that we as a team desire to attain.
Player of the Series, Ravichandran Ashwin: I think this is my tenth player of the series award. Wankhede was enjoyable to me since there was something fresh every day, and I could test both edges of batters. Ajaz had a fantastic performance. It doesn't always spin at Wankhede, but he took use of the seam and placed the ball in the ideal spots, and there was a little bit of destiny involved in his 10-for. Jayant and I have worked together in the past, and he even went to Haryana in 2014 to pick my brain. Axar and I have been playing together since Kings XI. I'd want to go to South Africa and win a series there; we haven't done it before, and perhaps this time we can.
Player of the Match, Mayank Agarwal: It feels great to be back in the game, and this knock is very meaningful to me. I didn't alter anything from Kanpur; all I had to do was maintain mental discipline and perseverance. The technique won't always be the finest, and it won't always guarantee runs, but the desire to fight is crucial. Rahul sir instructed me not to focus about technique in the middle of a game, and that this is the method that has gotten me runs. Sunny sir advised me to keep my bat low and open up my left shoulder early in the innings. I didn't give the second hundred in the match much thought, but I should have converted the sixty. We're looking forward to the overseas challenge in South Africa as well.
Tom Latham: Our performance was unsatisfactory. India deserves credit, and 62 all-out would have set us back indefinitely. You usually want to bat first here, and the conditions just grow worse for batting, so it didn't go our way. Guys can step up in a variety of situations, and we've gotten a lot of depth out of them. Ajaz had a really special game since it was only the third time in the game's history when a guy had all 10. After we get home, we'll play Bangladesh, and we'll begin preparing for that series as soon as possible.
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Rahul Dravid says it's good to win both the Test and T20 series. The side came close in the Kanpur test but unfortunately just fell short of one wicket. Credit to the boys who have come in and performed right away. The likes of Shreyas, Mayank, Siraj and today Jayant have shown their calibre and they add to the heavy depth of this Indian side. He said that the follow on was always out of question with the time available in the match as players don't usually get an opportunity to bat on red soil wickets like that of Wankhede. It helps in the development of players. He feels that having a good depth makes him feel confident about the side and it's a good headache to have. Managing the players' mental and physical health will be a large part of his coaching career.
Shreyas Iyer, post the game, talks about his spot in the side, saying that he isn't thinking about it too much and is only concentrating on making the most of whatever chances he gets. He also sheds light on how it is to pick Dravid's brains, saying that they've gelled very well. He also opens up about Dravid's work ethic and man-management skills, saying that it is great to chat with him [Dravid] even outside the field.

Jayant Yadav, meanwhile, talks about the special connection with the Wankhede Stadium. Remember, he got his maiden Test ton at this very stadium against England in 2016. He also opens up on Ashwin's thinking, quipping that it is very different to how most people think and that it is crucial to take those suggestions on board and work out what will be best for oneself. 
A complete domination by India. After falling short of a victory by just one wicket in the first test, they have come back strong and dismantled the New Zealand side within the first session of day four. Some high-quality bowling from the spinners and the pacer helped India restrict the visitors for a low score in both innings. As far as batting is concerned, Mayank Agarwal dominated the New Zealand bowling attack with a 150 in the first innings and 62 in the next.

New Zealand despite losing this match convincingly do have some great memories to take back from here. Ajaz Patel's 10 wicket haul will be a moment to remember for a lifetime, not just for New Zealand cricket but also for test cricket in general. Unfortunately, this performance had to end up on the losing side since Ajaz had next to no support from the bowlers while the batters couldn't put enough runs to challenge the Indian total at the same time.
GAME.SET.MATCH. India win the test match and the series by a thumping margin of 372 runs!
56.3 R Ashwin to Henry Nicholls, OUT! THAT WILL BE THAT! Given a bit of air on a length just outside off stump. Nicholls hares down the track and has a massive mow across the line. The ball rips past the outside edge as Saha collects the ball and does the rest. Commanding victory for India! Not the kind of end New Zealand would have envisioned to their tour!

Henry Nicholls st Saha b Ashwin 44 (111b 8x4 0x6)
56.2 R Ashwin to Henry Nicholls, length delivery just outside off stump. Nicholls gets a massive stride forward before leaving the ball well alone
56.1 R Ashwin to Henry Nicholls, back of a length delivery fired into the batter on leg stump. Nicholls looks to work to leg but plays all around it as the ball thuds into the thigh pad
Jayant Yadav is feasting at the moment. He's had some fond memories at Wankhede before. Can he get the fifth now?
167 /9 score
cricket bat icon Henry Nicholls
44 (108)
cricket bat icon Ajaz Patel *
0 (5)
cricket ball icon Jayant Yadav
4 /49
55.6 Jayant Yadav to Ajaz Patel, full delivery on middle and leg stump. Patel plants his front foot and then offers the full face of the bat to play it back to the bowler
55.5 Jayant Yadav to Ajaz Patel, full delivery just outside off stump. Patel comes onto the front foot and eases the ball into the off side towards the man at short extra cover
55.4 Jayant Yadav to Ajaz Patel, full delivery on middle and off stump. Patel gets onto the front foot and blocks the ball down the ground towards the bowler
55.3 Jayant Yadav to Ajaz Patel, flighted on a full length on middle and off stump. Patel has a swipe across the line and misses as Saha does brilliantly to gather and whip the bails off
55.2 Jayant Yadav to Ajaz Patel, length delivery outside off stump. Patel goes fishing at it from his crease and is beaten on the outside as the ball spins past the edge
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