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Kolkata Knight Riders 164/6 (20 ov)
Kings XI Punjab 162/5 (20 ov)
Kolkata Knight Riders won by 2 runs.
Player of the match: Dinesh Karthik
KKR have won this humdinger of a contest by 2 runs! Absolute mad scenes!

They say cricket is a game of inches and you couldn't have a more prominent example of that adage than this match. KXIP will be crestfallen after losing the match which for the majority of the last three and a half hour they had in their bag. The chase of to a sedate start courtesy KL Rahul and Mayank Agarwal but the duo pushed from the third over onward and finished the powerplay with 47 runs without losing a wicket. The duo put on a century stand and en route both reached their fifties and it looked like KXIP will romp to a victory comfortably.

However, the wicket of Mayank Agarwal in the 14th over changed the complexion of the game and the subsequent wicket of Nicholas Pooran sent KKR on top. KL Rahul never looked in rhythm today and continued to strike at a below-par strike rate which ultimately proved to be the undoing of his team.

Prasidh Krishna bowled a peach of a penultimate over and took the big wicket of Rahul and gave 14 runs to defend to his teammate Sunil Narine who rose to the task and helped KKR pull a Houdini-act out of nowhere. 

Glenn Maxwell would be distraught that he couldn't put the final ball over the fence but such has been the luck for KXIP in this tournament where they have choked at the end of the matches. Dinesh Karthik, despite the absence of his main death bowler Andre Russell managed to marshal his troops effectively and engineered one of the greatest heists in IPL's history 

So that's it from our side, this is Abhinav Singh and my partner Shashwat Kumar signing off. Do join us tomorrow at the same time here at Sportskeeda where we bring to you accurate and the perfect analysis of the game along with ball by ball commentary. Till next time, stay safe, stay indoors and keep washing your hands. Goodnight fellas!
Over: 20 | Summary: 2 0 4 1lb W 4 Bowler: Sunil Narine Score: 162/5
19.6 Sunil Narine to Glenn Maxwell, FOUR! NO SUPER OVER! Length delivery outside off stump and Maxwell absolutely crunches that one over extra cover. KXIP feel that the ball will go over the fence but it just lands on the half-volley. MY WORD! WHAT AN ESCAPE FOR KKR! WHAT A CAPITULATION BY KXIP!
FINAL DELIVERY COMING UP! KXIP need 7! SIX for a SUPER-OVER. Chris Jordan is the new man in but it doesn't matter as Glenn Maxwell is on strike! 

KKR are one ball away from pulling a Houdini-act!
19.5 Sunil Narine to Mandeep Singh, OUT! NARINE, YOU CHAMPION! Another slow and loopy delivery on a length on middle stump. Mandeep has an almighty heave at it and only gets it off the toe end of the bat. Green comes in from deep mid wicket and completes the catch! KXIP have unraveled here!
7 required in 2 deliveries, Mandeep Singh on strike!
19.4 Sunil Narine to Glenn Maxwell, tossed up length delivery on middle stump and that one spins into Maxwell. Maxwell has a huge mow at it and swings at least a couple of days early. The ball thuds into his thigh pad and KKR, for some reason, go for the review! 

There is no bat involved but DRS shows that the ball is going down the leg side. In fact, the impact is also marginally only in line!
19.3 Sunil Narine to Glenn Maxwell, FOUR! OH MY WORD! Length delivery on middle stump and Maxwell brings out the reverse swat. He gets into position and laces it past point for four. Big boundary that for KXIP!
12 from 4 deliveries
19.2 Sunil Narine to Glenn Maxwell, length delivery on leg stump and that one just sticks in the surface. Maxwell is way too early into his shot as the ball hits him in the area where it hurts. Maxwell is struggling against the spin of Narine! Need a boundary on the next ball!
19.1 Sunil Narine to Glenn Maxwell, length delivery on off stump. Maxwell swings himself off his feet and drags it down to long on for a couple. Need a boundary off the first three deliveries! BIG SHOW needs to go BIGG now!
FINAL 6 DELIVERIES COMING UP and KXIP have batted themselves out of the game. 14 required off 6 legitimate deliveries and Mandeep Singh is the new man in.

SUNIL NARINE to shoulder the responsibilities of bowling the final over!
Over: 19 | Summary: 2 1 1 W 2 W Bowler: Prasidh Krishna Score: 151/4
18.6 Prasidh Krishna to KL Rahul, OUT! CASTLED! KRISHNA HAS TURNED THIS GAME ON ITS HEAD! Low full toss outside off stump and Rahul looks to tonk that one into next week. He loses his shape completely though and ends up dragging it onto his stumps! Rahul is distraught and he should be! KKR have all the aces now!
18.5 Prasidh Krishna to KL Rahul, wide yorker outside off stump. Rahul gives himself room and flays it towards deep point before scampering across for a brace. Need a boundary off the final delivery! 150 comes up in the penultimate over!
Glenn Maxwell is the new man in and KXIP are digging a hole for themselves here. Fortunately, KL Rahul will be on the strike! 16 required from 8 legitimate deliveries!
18.4 Prasidh Krishna to Prabhsimran Singh, OUT! MORE TWISTS! Back of a length delivery outside off stump and Singh looks to carve that one over the off side. The ball gets big on him though and he ends up lobbing it towards point where Rana completes an easy catch. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is cricket at its finest for you! It's not over till the last ball has been bowled!
18.3 Prasidh Krishna to KL Rahul, back of a length delivery on off stump. Rahul gives himself a bit of room and runs it down to third man for just another single. Pressure on KXIP now! Its getting trickier! Will KL's slow strike-rate finally catch up with him?
18.2 Prasidh Krishna to Prabhsimran Singh, wide yorker outside off stump. Singh backs away and squirts it off the outside edge to third man for a single. Gets Rahul back on strike! Some nail-biting has begun in both dugouts!
18.1 Prasidh Krishna to Prabhsimran Singh, full delivery on off stump and Singh stays deep in his crease before drilling it down the ground towards long on for a couple. Good start for KXIP!
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