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Kings XI Punjab 185/4 (20 ov)
Rajasthan Royals 186/3 (17.4 ov)
Rajasthan Royals won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: Ben Stokes
Rajasthan Royals win by 7 wickets with 14 deliveries to spare

KL Rahul (in the post-match conference):
It was a horrible toss to lose to be honest. It did get very easy to bat later on. There was a lot of dew in the second half and that made it a bit tough for the bowlers to grip the ball. When you're operating with two leg spinners like we are, it does make things difficult. Don't think we bowled that badly but need to operate better with the wet ball. The dew has been unpredictable this season. You can't prepare for it but need to adapt to it.

Man of the Match: Ben Stokes

It was the Ben Stokes show in the powerplay overs that sealed the game for Rajasthan Royals! The 186 run target was always going to be tricky against a decent bowling attack of KXIP but Ben Stokes picked where he left in the previous inning and started belting youngster Arshdeep and spinner Murugan Ashwin to all parts of the park. Stokes raced to his 50 in 25 balls within the powerplay overs and set the foundation for the rest of the RR batsmen to build upon. 

Sanju Samson, who walked in at no. 3 looked responsible and carried on the momentum by partnering with Robin Uthappa who ensured that singles and doubles were continuously compiled in the partnership. Uthappa played his part and departed after smacking a powerful six over midwicket and trying to emulate a similar shot on the next delivery. Samson stroked a breezy 25 balls 48 run inning that was extremely aesthetically pleasing to the eyes before perishing on a direct hit from Suchith. 

The match could have gone either way at that stage but skipper Steve Smith ensured that there was no rush of blood from the RR batsmen as he joined hands with Jos Buttler and carried the team home. Mohammed Shami's third over that was held back by KL Rahul for the death proved to be the final nail in the coffin for KXIP's misery as Smith and Buttler blasted 19 runs off it and virtually sealed the match then and there. 

The formalities were completed in the next over of Chris Jordan and with this victory, the points table has got much more crowded for the fourth place spot! RR have moved onto the fifth spot and their Net Run Rate has been granted a cosmetic makeover too. KXIP are still not out of the fray but they have a resurgent CSK to face in the next game and even if they win the next game, they will have to rely on a couple of other results to fall their way. They had their destiny in their own hands today and despite Chris Gayle's valiant 99 run knock, the men-from-Punjab squandered the opportunity away! 

So that's that from our side, this is Abhinav Singh and my partner Shahswat Kumar signing of! Do join us tomorrow for a doubleheader Saturday at 3:30 PM here at Sportskeeda as we bring to you a mouth-watering clash between Delhi Capitals and Mumbai Indians with minute precision and immaculate analysis. Until then, stay safe, stay indoors and keep washing your hands, Goodnight fellas!
17.4 Chris Jordan to Jos Buttler, WIDE! WHAT AN ANTI CLIMAX! RR ARE STILL IN IT, FOLKS! SO ARE KXIP! SO ARE KKR! SO ARE SRH! MY WORD! Chris Jordan runs up and sprays it way outside off stump and is called a wide by the umpire! 
17.3 Chris Jordan to Jos Buttler, full delivery outside off stump. Buttler reaches out for it and scythes it past backward point and towards the sweeper for a brace. Scores level now! RR have won this game with relative ease!
17.2 Chris Jordan to Jos Buttler, SIX! SHOT! Right in the slot on off stump and Buttler just sits deep in his crease before absolutely walloping it over the bowler's head for a massive maximum! Well, that seals it for RR! 
17.1 Chris Jordan to Steve Smith, yorker on middle and leg stump. Smith gets his front leg out of the way before flicking it towards deep mid wicket for a single. Brings Buttler on strike! A couple of big shots here and RR will have the match!
17.1 Chris Jordan to Steve Smith, length delivery well outside off stump and Jordan will have to reload that one! Making it easier for the RR batsmen
KXIP had their hopes pinned on Mohammed Shami to bowl a tight over but the veteran pacer went for plenty and chances of KXIP staging any comeback have all, but disappeared in smokes! 11 required in 18 deliveries, only a miracle could make KXIP win this game

Chris Jordan to bowl his final over [3-0-33-1]
Over: 17 | Summary: 4 4 2 4 1 4 Bowler: Mohd Shami Score: 175/3
16.6 Mohammed Shami to Jos Buttler, FOUR! Length again and Shami gets punished! On middle stump this time round and Buttler just clears his front leg before mowing it past deep mid wicket for four
16.5 Mohammed Shami to Steve Smith, back of the hand slower delivery on a length outside off stump. Smith backs away and cuts it straight to point before haring down the other end. Would have been gone had the fielder hit the stumps at the non-striker's end!
16.4 Mohammed Shami to Steve Smith, FOUR! SMITH IS ENJOYING HIMSELF NOW! Full delivery on off stump and Smith showcases his innovative side! He gets across to off and ramps it over fine leg for another boundary! Smith is toying with Shami now! 16 required in 20 deliveries
16.3 Mohammed Shami to Steve Smith, slower delivery on a full length on off stump. Smith backs away and carves it past backward point and towards the sweeper for a brace. This is intelligent cricket from Smith!
16.2 Mohammed Shami to Steve Smith, FOUR MORE! EXQUISITE! Another delivery in the slot on middle stump and this time, Smith gets inside the line before whipping it past deep mid wicket for four! This surely is the game now! Run-a-ball required now!
16.1 Mohammed Shami to Steve Smith, FOUR! SHOT! Right in the slot on off stump and Smith plants his front foot before caressing it over mid off for another boundary! RR doing it at a canter now! The match is slipping from KXIP's hands!
Chris Jordan bowling gold of an over up until that last ball where Buttler teed off for the MAXIMUM! Jordan must be livid with himself! The pressure has been released and all the good work done up until now undone!

Time to bring Shami into the attack and yes, he has been summoned by KL Rahul! This is going to be a big over for KXIP!
Over: 16 | Summary: 2 1 1lb 0 0 6 Bowler: Chris Jordan Score: 156/3
15.6 Chris Jordan to Jos Buttler, SIX! Slower delivery that lands right in the slot outside off stump. Buttler clears his front leg and mousses it well over long on for a much needed maximum! That eases the pressure significantly! 
15.5 Chris Jordan to Jos Buttler, back of a length delivery on off stump that just gets a little too big on Buttler. He tries to prod it off the back foot past the bowler but ends up splicing it straight to Jordan!
15.4 Chris Jordan to Jos Buttler, slower delivery on a back of a length outside off stump and that one just does not come off the surface quite as quickly. Buttler shapes for the pull but bottom edges it towards KL Rahul! Jordan has been brilliant with his slower deliveries so far but has he overdone them now?
15.3 Chris Jordan to Steve Smith, leg cutter on a length on leg stump. Smith tries to tuck that one into the leg side but is early into the stroke as the ball deflects off the pads for a leg bye. Change in pace yet again. RR reach 150 with the single 
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