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Brisbane Heat 125/10 (19.5 ov)
Melbourne Stars 129/4 (17.1 ov)
Stars won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Nathan Coulter-Nile
Alright, that's that from the game tonight as Melbourne Stars register a win with their first game and collect all points. Stay tuned for Sportskeeda for all the live coverage of all the Cricket happening around the globe. Until next time, it's good bye from me, Pradeep Somashekar and along with my partner, Abhinav Singh. Stay safe!
Melbourne Stars win by 6 wickets with 3.5 overs to spare!

All smiles in the Stars dug out in the end as they cruised through to the victory after early scare from Bartlett in the powerplay. Larkin and Cartwright see their team through as they hit some lusty blows in the end to win this comfortably in the end. Stars showing what they are capable of in this particular encounter by pegging back the opposition earlier on putting them into bat. 

Start of the chase, the Stars got off to a horrid start as they lose Stoinis of the second delivery of the over. Heat bowls brilliant 11 dot balls on the trot to deny them a run to get off the mark and they were 1/1 after 2 overs. 

Andre Fletcher then tees off in the third over with lusty blows as well as Cartwright in that over to get back into scheme of things with the chase. The Spice man then departs early in the next over putting Stars in a spot of bother. 

Ben Dunk comes in at number 4 but doesn't get going as he struggles to rotate the strike and Stars finding themselves at the same spot the Heat were in the chase. 

When Dunk departs, the danger man Maxwell walks-in and that's the key wicket that Heat needed to pick which they failed to as well tonight and he's been the difference between the two sides as he took calculated risks to score maximums and boundaries. 

He and Cartwright stitched a match winning partnership as Maxwell kept hitting those lusty blows in the middle which meant Heat were are always behind the game. When Maxwell departed finally he had done the job for Heat as they were left with 17 runs in about 5 overs to chase and the rest we all know what happened.

Clinical performance both with the bat and the ball from Melbourne Stars tonight, especially with the ball earlier on. Brisbane Heat have a lot to ponder on, the batting especially, they need someone right at the top firing and get a blistering star to get things underway immediately.
Nathan Coulter-Nile has been adjudged the Man of the Match for his match clinical bowling performance [3.5-0-10-4]

at the presentation says, it feels nice and it was a clinical performance by them. He was a little surprised that they had many bowling options. He thinks, there is no specific roles assigned, just come in and put up the best you can and nice to be on the points table and collect all points.
Larkin pulls it away for a boundary to finish things off for Stars and they have been emphatic tonight and win this contest by 6 wickets with 17 balls left!
17.1 Simon Milenko to Nick Larkin, FOUR! THAT IS THAT FOR MELBOURNE STARS! back of length delivery on the middle and lesgstump line. Larkin hangs back in the crease and pulls the ball in front of square to deep midwicket for a boundary to kill the chase and emerge victorious by 6 wickets with 17 balls left in the kitty!
Simon Milenko to bowl what could be the final over of the match!
Alright, just going through the motions here as Larkin rocks back to pummel one out of the park for a maximum to get themselves inches closer to the victory.

Melbourne Stars need 1 run in 18 balls!
Over: 17 | Summary: 1 6 0 0 0 1 Bowler: Dan Lawrence Score: 125/4
16.6 Dan Lawrence to Nick Larkin, length delivery on the fifth stump line, driven straight to extra cover where the fielder misfilded and allowed the batsman a run. SCORES LEVEL now 
16.5 Dan Lawrence to Nick Larkin, length delivery on the offstump, inside halved by Larkin onto his boots to off side for no run 
16.4 Dan Lawrence to Nick Larkin, tossed up ball wide outside off and left alone by the batsman. STRANGE!
16.3 Dan Lawrence to Nick Larkin, length delivery on the fourth stump line outside off that cramps the batsman for some room who is beaten fair and square! Good comeback after the maximum!
16.2 Dan Lawrence to Nick Larkin, SIX! half-tracker into the pitch. Larkin quickly shifts weight on the backfoot and slaps the ball over deep midwicket for a MAXIMUM!
16.1 Dan Lawrence to Hilton Cartwright, tossed up ball wide outside off, cut away to deep backwards point for a single to start off the over 
Dan Lawrence [1-0-8-0] comes back into the attack!
It's all easy at the moment for Stars, Cartwright and Larkin dealing in singles and they need not panic here as the required runs is down to single digits and couple of big shots and Stars will be home in this over itself.

Melbourne Stars need 9 runs off 24 balls!
Over: 16 | Summary: 1 1 0 0 1w 1 1 Bowler: Ben Laughlin Score: 117/4
15.6 Ben Laughlin to Hilton Cartwright, overpitched ball wide outside off, driven powerfully on the up to sweeper covers boundary for a single
15.5 Ben Laughlin to Nick Larkin, short of length delivery bowled at a slower pace wide outside off. Guided by the batsman to wide third man for a single
15.5 Ben Laughlin to Nick Larkin, low fulltoss sprayed down the legside, WIDE signalled by the umpire 
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