44th Match, Melbourne Cricket Ground
HEA won by 3 wickets
This is me, Mohul Bhowmick, signing off on behalf of my partner Pradeep. Hope you enjoyed this game as much as we did! Until next time, goodbye!
Matt Renshaw, player of the match: We played a game with Western Australia earlier in the season in the one-dayers, and I was out there in the middle back then. Matthew Kuhnemann was absolutely calm and composed at the other end. It was a good game, very happy with the result. O expected Luke Wood to bowl the last over, but Webster bowled an unbelievable over there, so it is unfortunate for them to end this way. Life's going well, I am very happy to get a win for the boys.
Brisbane Heat beat Melbourne Stars by 2 wickets!

Matt Renshaw 90 (56) | Michael Neser 4/25
Nick Larkin 58 (34) | Liam Hatcher 2/29

What a match we have had! A last-ball thriller in which Matt Renshaw wraps things up for the Heat. It was a bold call by Adam Zampa to give the last over to Beau Webster, and to be honest, the latter could not have done much more. Renshaw thought out of the box and brought out the scoop shot off the last ball of the match, needing four runs to win, and pulled it off! 

The Brisbane Heat suffered a few hiccups from time to time, but Australia’s latest Test recall Matt Renshaw batted through to ensure that they went back home to Queensland with a victory against their name from Melbourne. The Stars tried their best to stop the proceedings of the Heat, but in the end, it became a bit too much for them. 

The Heat have one of the finest batting units in the country, and with the likes of Usman Khawaja, Marnus Labuschagne and Matt Renshaw all available for selection today, they did deserve this victory. For the Stars, this just hasn't been their season. Their iconic players Glenn Maxwell and Marcus Stoinis have been ruled out and in their absence, the rest of the side has not quite gelled that well. 

They will blame their batting failure, with wicketkeeper batter Joe Clarke failing to get going, for this abysmal performance of theirs. The Heat will take a lot of confidence from this effort of theirs, and Matt Renshaw will be especially proud of the showing he put up, along with Michael Neser with the ball in hand.
Matt Renshaw, YOU ARE A STAR!
160 /7 score
cricket bat icon Matt Renshaw *
90 (56)
cricket bat icon Matthew Kuhnemann
1 (2)
cricket ball icon Beau Webster
0 /22
19.6 Beau Webster to Matt Renshaw, RENSHAW DOES IT! FOUR! What a finish, take a bow Matt Renshaw, turned out to be a thriller in the end and Heat survive by just.Takes the pace off, Renshaw walks across off-stump, ramps it down to fine-leg, fielder from third-man comes around and puts in the dive but just couldn't save that one going past the boundary and Matt Renshaw holds on to his nerve in the end to take them over the line.
Oh, my word! Adam Zampa can become a hero today. Only, and only if Webster is able to prevent a boundary of any sort!
19.5 Beau Webster to Matt Renshaw, length delivery on the stumps, Renshaw swings hard but that has gone straight up into the night sky and falls safely at mid-on, they scamper back for the brace. Simple math for Heat now, they need to hit a boundary to win this!
Oh, this is going right down to the wire! Webster pulls out of his run up and has a look at the non striker to see if he has backed up too far ahead or not.
19.4 Beau Webster to Matt Renshaw, no timing on it on this tone, Renshaw looks to heave the length delivery, toe ends it to mid-wicket, they come back for a desperate second as the throw comes late to the strikers end. 6 required now off 2!
19.3 Beau Webster to Matt Renshaw, THIRD DOT BALL IN A ROW! Webster is doing the job that he was asked to here. Renshaw walks across to hoick but gets the inside edge to short fine-leg.
19.2 Beau Webster to Matt Renshaw, clever change of pace, back of a length delivery, angling it across left-hander, Renshaw has a ugly heave across the line and misses. Two dot balls in a row, pressure right back on Renshaw now!
19.1 Beau Webster to Matt Renshaw, OH! Back of a length on the off-stump line, was a slower one as Renshaw down on one knee to ramp it and misses, hits him on the forearm to land near him on the off-side. It's a dot ball more importantly!
19.1 Beau Webster to Matt Renshaw, WIDE! Poor start to the over by Webster, strays one down the leg-side, it's called a wide. So, 8 to get off the 6 balls now!
This is a surprising call, with Luke Wood with an over still in his pocket...
Beau Webster (1-0-13-0) will bowl the last over of the game.
Nine runs to go now- the game is suitably balanced between the two teams at the moment! Can the Stars hold on, or will the Heat cling on to it?
151 /7 score
cricket bat icon Matt Renshaw
82 (50)
cricket bat icon Matthew Kuhnemann *
1 (2)
cricket ball icon Liam Hatcher
2 /29
18.6 Liam Hatcher to Matthew Kuhnemann, BIG SWING AND A MISS! Angles the length delivery into Kuhnemann who has a ugly heave across the line and misses, it's a dot ball to finish and Hatcher has done a remarkable job here. 9 to get off the final over for Heat!
18.5 Liam Hatcher to Matt Renshaw, short and wide of off-stump, Renshaw reaching for it, on top of the bounce to cut it to deep point for another single. What an over from Hatcher this.