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Ifira Sharks 85/4 (10 ov)
Mighty Efate Panthers 52/9 (10 ov)
Ifira Sharks won by 33 runs.
Sharks are celebrating with the trophy. We had fun covering the entire tournament for you. Cheers from the entire commentary team here. This is Nikhil Kulkarni and Prasen Moudgal signing off. Take Care and Stay Safe!
Simpson Obed, Joshua Rasu and Andrew Mansale gets the award for most wickets in the tournament.
Andrew Mansale gets the award for most runs in the tournament.
Nipiko has won the Player of the Match. Well Deserved!. 

Sharks have won the BIG FINAL. They are in Huddle and Celebrating.
Panthers kept loosing wickets at regular intervals. Nerves of chasing in the final probably got them. 
Panthers will be devastated after the kind of cricket they played in the group stages.

Sharks have bowled well today.
What a tournament it has been for Nipiko. He has done incredibly well with both bowl and bat.

We will bring you the presentation shortly.
9.6 N Unavalu to K Tari, Ifira Sharks are the champions of the Vanuatu T10 League 2020! Four to finish down to long on from Tari, but a dominating 33-run win for the Sharks!
9.5 N Unavalu to K Tari, length ball outside off, play and a miss!
9.4 N Unavalu to T Tamata, length ball driven down the ground for a single
9.3 N Unavalu to K Tari, length ball clipped to square leg, just a single
9.2 N Unavalu to S Garae, OUT! Garae drives a full ball uppishly and straight into the hands of the man at long off!
9.1 N Unavalu to T Tamata, length ball pushed to long off for a single
48/8 from 9 Overs. 38 runs needed from last 6 balls. 
Not even a miracle can save Panthers now.

8.6 N Nipiko to S Garae, full ball driven to the man at mid-wicket, no run
8.5 N Nipiko to S Sala, OUT! Full ball outside off, Sala chips it up in the air and the man at covers takes a good reverse-cupped catch
8.4 N Nipiko to S Sala, fast yorker on the legs, Sala was surprised by the full pace ball and was beaten 
8.3 N Nipiko to S Sala, off pace length ball outside off, Sala went for a random swipe and failed to land bat to ball
8.2 N Nipiko to S Garae, length ball driven uppishly to long on for a single
8.1 N Nipiko to S Garae, short of length ball cut through point for a couple of runs
45/7 from 8 Overs.Another tidy over from Apolinaire Stephen. 
Panthers need 41 from 12 balls. Its slipping away from Panthers.
7.6 A Stephen to K Kenneth, OUT! Kenneth departs! Slower full toss outside off, Kenneth swung hard and for broke, only managed to sky it high up in the air, man at point takes a dolly!
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