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Mighty Efate Panthers 99/6 (10 ov)
Ifira Sharks 69/9 (10 ov)
Mighty Efate Panthers won by 30 runs.
Ifira Sharks finish at 69/9 after what was a pretty disappointing performance. The Sharks scored 20 off the first over and 15 off the last one. They scored just the 34 runs for the loss of 9 wickets in the 8 overs in between those two. A well-deserved 30-run victory for the Mighty Efate Panthers in the end, and their strong start to the tournament continues. That's it from us this game. Do join us as we bring you all the action from the match between the Ifira Sharks and the MT Bulls. See you in just a few minutes :)
Okay, the tech issues are back but we're pretty sure of how this match is ending
9.2 K Tari to Vince Vira, single off that ball. One run to the deep.
9.2 K Tari to Vince Vira, four runs of a no ball. Free hit coming up!
9.1 K Tari to Vince Vira, four runs.
Only two runs off that over. 54/9 in 9 overs. Ifira Sharks need 46 more to win. Not going to happen, is it?
8.6 Shem Sala to Yoseph Obed, dot ball to end the over. 
8.5 Shem Sala to Vince Vira, plays away the length ball for a single to change strike
8.4 Shem Sala to Yoseph Obed, length ball dabbed to the man at point for a quick single. Vira would have been a goner had Markia hit from the point region.
8.3 Shem Sala to Yoseph Obed, length ball rolls off the pads and to the man at short fine leg
8.2 Shem Sala to Yoseph Obed, length ball keeps a tad bit low, Vira is lazy on the cut and misses
8.1 Shem Sala to Yoseph Obed, slower length ball outside off, Vira watches it go past him
7.6 K Tari to Yoseph Obed, length ball played down to third man
7.5 K Tari to Vince Vira, single to the leg side
7.4 K Tari to Vince Vira, full ball angling into the pads, Vira gets it off the inside half of the bat to deep square leg 
7.3 K Tari to Vince Vira, short and angling into Vira, beaten for pace
7.2 K Tari to Stephane Sandy, OUT! Sandy is gone and the Sharks are crumbling fast. Length ball on the stumps, skied straight to the man at short mid-wicket. Tari is on a hat-trick!

Sharks are 50/9 and need 50 more to win. It doesn't matter how many overs they have left anymore.
We're back! But with more bad news for the Sharks fans. They've lost their eighth wicket. 50/8 now.
End of over 7 and that's also the seventh wicket to fall for the Ifira Sharks. Fernando Laumae makes his way back to the pavilion. 50/7. All but over in this game here today.
Okay, so a lot has happened in the last few minutes. But if you're an Ifira Sharks fan, look away and look away now! The captain of the Mighty Efate Panthers, Joshua Rasu, has got himself a hat-trick in the sixth over. The Sharks find themselves reeling at 43/6 in six overs.

Bethan Moli and Fernando Laumae are at the crease with the Sharks needing 57 to win off 24 balls.
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