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Multan Sultans 193/4 (20 ov)
Peshawar Zalmi 197/4 (19 ov)
Peshawar Zalmi won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Tom Kohler-Cadmore
Wahab Riaz ( Winning captain), Peshawar Zalmi : When we started bowling the wicket was good. I think they batted well. The margin for error was less. We were expecting them to get to 170-180 but they ended up scoring 193. I would credit Imran for the way he finished the innings with the ball and that set the tone. 

We had that belief that we could chase this down. It's about two good partnerships and when you have experienced players you do expect that. We had that confidence in the boys, we know whoever we are playing they are match-winners, if you name them be it Kamran Akmal, Shoaib Malik, Haider Ali, Imam they have performed well even for Pakistan as well. 

Tom Kohler-Cadmore came in and he was the icing on the cake so as a Captain it's very relieving that you see the team winning and chasing such a target. 
Tom Kohler-Cadmore ( Man of the match), Peshawar Zalmi : It was quite nice because Zalmi just gave me complete freedom to go out there and just take them on. I had a little bit of luck early. I probably could have been bowled but luckily it went down leg so I just chanced my arm and thankfully tonight it came off and we managed to get the win. 

(on his fielding) I just tried to give my all to the team and if i can influence the game in the field then that's great and I think that's kind of a big part of T20 cricket making sure that every ball and every run counts. When it comes to close games like that I thought the lads fielded outstandingly tonight and instead of chasing 200-220 you're chasing 190 that makes your job easier as a batsman. 
Fantastic scenes for Peshawar Zalmi as they have powered themselves to a stunning victory tonight! Been a hell of a run-chase this and it needed this kind of a show to be chased down. They started really well with Imam and Kamran Akmal at the top, with the veteran going after the bowling in those powerplay overs for a dashing 37. Multan did get him eventually, but it was the duo of Imam and Tom Kohler-Cadmore that set it up nicely for Zalmi with that brilliant partnership in the middle, running the hard runs and collecting the boundaries as well. Cadmore getting to a brilliant half-century as well there but Dhani getting two crucial wickets in an over, that brought Multan right back as they took the game till the end. Some excellent bowling from the young gun only until that nineteenth over that unfortunately didn't go his away but a certain positive aspect for his side. 

With both set batsmen gone it looked like this was going to get difficult for Zalmi but Rutherford came in and got the few clean and big hits that eased a bit for them. Unlucky to have gotten out the way he did. However, it was the Haider Ali show from there on! Right from the word go the intent was crystal clear in his eyes and that fire to take his side past the line did get him to finish it off in some grand style. An unbeaten 25 off a mere 8 deliveries as we witnessed some great hitting under immense pressure. An exciting run-chase as Zalmi won the heart-racer to get their first points on the board and there could not have been a better way to do that than chasing down the highest total of the tournament this year so far! Multan losing six games in a row with that and they need to regroup soon. Zalmi moving to the fourth spot on the table and it's been one hell of a night!

A nail biting contest and this is just the kind of entertainment we expect from this format as well. It's the PSL only getting started yet and lot's of such thrillers to come our way for sure as the tournament progresses ahead. This has been Rishab and my colleague Pradeep taking your leave for the night! We'll leave you with the presentation. Have a wonderful night!
Haider Ali looks like a man on a mission! Boy what hitting this is coming in under pressure. Marvelous stuff this and it looks like he's turned this game in Zalmi's favor. Shoaib Malik joining the party as well and what a show this has been! Youth and experience for Zalmi on the cusp of taking them past the line now in what has been an exciting run-chase. Just the kind of cricket we like to watch in this format, with the game going till the end and they've made sure they don't take it to the final over! What an incredible finish this has been. Record run-chase this in the PSL, being the highest and it's been a fantastic game of cricket all-round!
Over: 19 | Summary: 6 1w 1 6 2 1w 1 6 Bowler: Shahnawaz Dhani Score: 197/4
18.6 Shahnawaz Dhani to Haider Ali, SIX! THAT'S IT, Zalmi has won this out of a canter here as they cruised to victory with an over to spare. That was full on the outside off, Haider clears his front leg and DISPATCHES that one from his presence and went into the crowd over deep extra cover for a maximum! What a chase this turned out to be!
18.5 Shahnawaz Dhani to Shoaib Malik, yorker length on the off stump. Malik makes room and carves this one away to the deep point fielder for just a single
18.5 Shahnawaz Dhani to Shoaib Malik, WIDE! Pressure on the youngster is showing. Full and way outside the off-stump, off radar from Dhani as Umpire calls that a wide!
18.4 Shahnawaz Dhani to Shoaib Malik, short again on the middle and off as Malik gets on top of the bounce to pull that one away towards deep square leg in the gap as they come back for a brace. Unbelievable from Zalmi this!
18.3 Shahnawaz Dhani to Shoaib Malik, SIX! BANG! Shoaib Malik clears the fielder with ease. Touch short on the middle and off as Mailk stands back and PUMMELS that one straight down the ground and that sails over the long-off fielder for another maximum.
18.2 Shahnawaz Dhani to Haider Ali, full delivery into Haider on the middle and leg as he hoicks that one down the ground to long-on for just a single
18.2 Shahnawaz Dhani to Haider Ali, WIDE! GEEZ! That was too short, a bumper and went way over the batsman's head as Haider looks to ramp that one away but misses. Rizwan did well there as he takes that one brilliantly!
18.1 Shahnawaz Dhani to Haider Ali, SIX! KABOOM! Haider Ali you beauty. That was full and in the slot for Haider as he goes deep inside the crease and DISMISSES that one from his presence and holds his pose in the end as that goes out of the ground for a huge maximum!
Just when it looked like Multan have fought their way back, in comes Haider Ali and gets some clean hits straight-away! Brilliant ability to get going immediately under pressure in such a scenario. Intriguing over and this one is certainly going down the wire! What a contest this has turned out to be! 21 off 12 needed
Over: 18 | Summary: 4 2 4 1 1 1 Bowler: Carlos Brathwaite Score: 173/4
17.6 Carlos Brathwaite to Haider Ali, full toss on the pads as Haider looks to whack that one away on the on-side but misses, raps on the pads. Appeal for LBW but not given as they scamper through for a quick single
17.5 Carlos Brathwaite to Shoaib Malik, full again on the off stump. Malik stands and absolutely creams that one straight down the ground, Vince comes around and puts up a dive to save a certain boundary, just a single!
17.4 Carlos Brathwaite to Haider Ali, full again on the middle and leg as Haider hoicks this one down the ground to long-on for just a single
17.3 Carlos Brathwaite to Haider Ali, FOUR! That was hit with some power. Full and in the slot for Haider as he clears his front leg and this time hits back past the bowler and Brathwaite sways away from it and that races to the fence for a boundary
Boy is Haider Ali turning this on and what a game we are witnessing! 
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