314/6 (50)
298/8 (50)
PAK won by 16 runs.
Player of the match: Fakhar Zaman
Right then. That brings us to the end of this contest. The Netherlands continue to give a good account of themselves against the top sides but they can't seem to find a way to get over the finish line. Pakistan have laid down the early marker for this series and will be looking to seal the deal in the second ODI, which will be played in a couple of times. That's been all from the duo of Pradeep and Pratyush. Ta-ta!
Babar Azam: Definitely relieved. We played good cricket but so did Netherlands. (Fakhar Zaman's ton) It was a lovely century. The wicket was two-paced and he took a bit of time but with partnerships, we did well to post that target. (Bowling unit) We are trying to get better and better in every game. I love to play here. It's challenging conditions, so I can take my time and build on the innings later.
Scott Edwards: We're getting ourselves in positions to win games but not taking our chances is costing us. Fakhar made us pay today and it proved to be too much in the end. The surface suits us well. We batted pretty well but the 8 overs that cost us around 115 runs proved to be the difference. We've improved throughout the summer and feel like we're getting there. He's (de Leede) a quality cricketer and can't see what he does for us in the future. 
Fakhar Zaman has been awarded the Player of the Match for his splendid century that set up this win for Pakistan!

Fakhar Zaman: 
To be honest, it was my lucky day, it wasn't that easy to bat on that surface. They bowled really well with the new ball, in those seaming conditions, we should've done better with the ball but credit goes to Dutch for the way they bowled. (About getting stung by a bee) I'm totally fine, I felt it but after a couple of deliveries, I was fine. At that time, we were just surviving, we had wickets in hand and went after the bowling. Exactly, I always enjoy batting with Babar, at the other end he makes life easier.
Pakistan won by 16 runs

Fakhar Zaman - 109 (109) | Naseem Shah - 3/51
Scott Edwards 71 * (60) | Bas de Leede - 2/42

A matter of so close but yet so far, again for the Netherlands side. Chasing a total of over 300 is never an easy task for any team and the Netherlands couldn't climb that mountain either. After Fakhar Zaman's century carried his side to a respectable total, the Pakistan bowlers made sure they put their hands up to finish off the task

Naseem Shah and Haris Rauf started off in blistering fashion before Mohammad Wasim joined in on the action. The pacers shared 7 of the 8 wickets taken by their side, breaking the backbone of this Dutch innings with early breakthroughs.

Vikramjit Singh hung in there but chewed up plenty of dot balls in the middle, which didn't help his cause in hindsight. The spinners tightened things up in the middle to add to the left-hander's misery, especially Nawaz, who was exceptionally economical for his eight overs.

However, Tom Cooper did brilliantly to keep the scoreboard ticking from the other end got a solid 97-run stand together before being dismissed by Rauf. Vikramjit followed soon after, derailing this Dutch run chase at a crucial time. 

Scott Edwards wasn't ready to throw in the towel though, breezing his way to a eighth half-century of the year. With not enough support left from the other end, the captain had too much to do in the end, falling agonizingly short of the target again.

It was the pacers party that had a top outing for the visitors. Nawaz's spell against Vikramjit might have turned out to be the difference between the two sides, despite Rauf and Wasim being a touch expensive. Job well done for Pakistan.

Stick around the presentations! 
298 /8 score
cricket bat icon Scott Edwards *
71 (60)
cricket bat icon Aryan Dutt
6 (5)
cricket ball icon Haris Rauf
3 /67
49.6 Haris Rauf to Scott Edwards, THAT'S IT! Pakistan won the game quite comfortably in the end as they go 1-0 in the ODI series. Back of a length and down the leg-side, Edwards helps it down to fine-leg for one. Dutch should be mighty impressed with this effort but once again they've come close and not cross the line will hurt them.
49.5 Haris Rauf to Scott Edwards, FOUR MORE! That is beautifully played by Edwards. Change of pace, he gets into position and just helps it along towards long-leg, two fielders come around and makes a meal of it, picks up a boundary.
49.4 Haris Rauf to Aryan Dutt, length delivery on the leg-stump, Dutt backs away to hoick but mistimes it down the ground to long-on for just a single.
49.3 Haris Rauf to Scott Edwards, pace off again, Edwards too early into the heave as he hangs back and misses, bad bounce for Rizwan and they sneak in a bye.
49.2 Haris Rauf to Scott Edwards, short with pace this time on the stumps, Edwards mistimes the pull over square-leg, they scamper through for a brace.
49.1 Haris Rauf to Scott Edwards, takes all the pace off on the fourth stump, Edwards down on one knee to hoick but makes no connection.
Tremendous spell of bowling from Naseem Shah. He's overstepped on a few occasions but he's made sure those free-hits don't go the distance. That final free his costs him four though! Netherlands need 26 runs off the final over! 
284 /8 score
cricket bat icon Scott Edwards
64 (55)
cricket bat icon Aryan Dutt *
1 (3)
cricket ball icon Naseem Shah
3 /46
48.6 Naseem Shah to Aryan Dutt, FOUR! Takes the pace off, short on the outside off, Dutt hangs back and gives everything to it and smashes it to deep extra-cover, beats the diving sweeper and picks up a boundary to finish the over.
48.6 Naseem Shah to Aryan Dutt, OH! Misses out another wicket, searing yorker on the stumps, Dutt plays it really well, hangs back and jams his bat to block. Naseem oversteps again, another NO-BALL has been signaled.
48.5 Naseem Shah to Scott Edwards, change of pace again, back of a length on the outside off, Edwards dabs it down to third-man for another single.
48.4 Naseem Shah to Scott Edwards, gets into position early, swipes the back of a length delivery past the diving short fine-leg fielder and they sprint back for a brace. 
48.3 Naseem Shah to Aryan Dutt, back of a length on the middle and off, Dutt on the backfoot swipes it past square-leg for a single.
48.2 Naseem Shah to Aryan Dutt, full and straight again but Dutt plays it well, gets behind and neatly clipped it to short mid-wicket fielder for no run.