Match abandoned without a ball fielded
So that will be all from the MCG for today, with both matches being rain affected. Although the first one was complete, the second one could not even see the toss happen. The weather has played spoilsport twice in this tournament up to now, cancelling two matches. If this trend continues, it will be a big disappointment, going by how good the quality of cricket has been already. Anyway, we have three matches coming up tomorrow, all from group 2, will all 6 teams in action. The first two matches will be played at the SCG and the third, at the Perth Stadium. Hopefully, the rain stays away and we get all of them in. Not to forget, India will be in action for the second time. So make sure to join us as the T20 World Cup coverage continues here. As for now, this is the pair of Pradeep and Bidipto, saying good bye. Keep following Sportskeeda!  
4:00 PM IST: Unfortunately, we have bad news. The match has been officially called off now due to persistent rain in Melbourne. The ground staff tried their best to get the ground ready, every time after the game stopped, but it just kept coming back and finally, the umpires had no choice but to abandon the game. Both teams share a point each, as a result. 
It has started to rain again, the covers that were off have come back on, it's not looking good at all for a game to begin anytime sooner.
Alright, another inspection scheduled at 3:30pm IST (9pm local time), hang tight to that but there's more rain later on is what the forecast says. Waiting game continues!
Meanwhile, here is something for you to check out. 
More bad news coming in, the rain has returned which is only going to make things worse for the ground staff even if rain subsides in sometime.
There's an inspection scheduled at 2:50pm IST (8:20pm local time) which is in about 8 mins, stay tuned!
Still have no official updates on the toss, it's all about waiting game from here on!
Good news, the rain has subsided and the covers are slowly being peeled off, the ground staff are working tirelessly to get things underway sooner.
It still hasn't sunk in, has it? Take a look at what my colleague Soorya Sesha thinks about that masterclass chase from Kohli! ๐Ÿ‘‡
It's still pelting down at the MCG, the covers are still on and if the situation doesn't improve we will start to lose overs from there on. Stay tuned for more!
The match has been delayed due to rain as Ireland just caused the upset to defeat England by 5 runs on DLS method . We will have the toss shortly once the rain subsides. Stay tuned!
Time to put on your prediction hat to find out who will come out on top but don't worry our Sportskeeda's experts have got you covered, check out below!๐Ÿ‘‡