163/4 (20)
111/7 (20)
New Zealand won by 52 runs.
Player of the match: Jimmy Neesham
Alright, that's that from this contest, New Zealand brushed aside Namibia pretty easily in the end, although the credit must go to the Namibian bowlers to keep themselves in the game in the first 15 overs of the first inning but then Neesham and Phillips just took the game away from them completely. Switch tabs to the second game of the double header day as India taking on Scotland in their all important fixture in Dubai. Thank you for tuning into Sportskeeda, on behalf of my good friend and fellow commentator Sooryanarayanan Sesha and myself Pradeep Somashekar, we are signing off, take care!
Gerhard Erasmus talking to Danny Morrison at the presentation, I think we bowled well for about 15-16 overs, death overs not going our way and we're going to have to go back to the drawing board and figure out what went wrong. We've got one more game to nail our performance and that's up against a good side and hopefully come up strong there. More or less the same pitch that as used against Ireland, the dimensions with the short side and bit more runs going, it was a tough pitch, kept low and one guy had to bat through to keep us in the game. Unfortunately we had too much to do right from the start.

Kane Williamson says, I think we all know what to expect when we've come in here recent times, it's a real scrape. We try to get something to hit in the middle, try to maximize the short side, the guys did a good job right at the end to put us back in the game, clearly surface was the challenging, the guys were up to it. Mid-way mark the game was nicely in the balance but then we bowled well at the back-end of the game which put us in the drivers seat and get that above par score in the end. I think when you are trying to build the partnerships, that was our focus, we did that pretty well throughout, we were always sure that one or two overs will really open up the game and we were able to do that in this game. Afghanistan have some real match winners, they are strong side, they've played some quality cricket, know a few guys really well, looking forward to that challenge, it's a different venue and get the adjustment corrected.
James Neesham (Player of the Match): We just had to do what we had to do. Everyone talked about the result being important for our tournament but for us it was about just batting well. We wanted to get a par total and we did well to get that score on a challenging surface. We (Glenn Phillips and I) were just trying to get bat on ball as much as possible. We wanted to get a lot of twos - unfortunately GP is a lot quicker than a lot of us so I had to keep up with him (laughs). We felt anything above 150 would have been good. (On his bowling) I am feeling good even though I haven't been required much with the ball. We have five bowlers in the side so that means I wouldn't be doing much bowling but I'm always ready to do a job whenever called upon.
New Zealand won by 52 runs! Michael van Lingen 25(25) | Tim Southee 4-0-15-2 | Trent Boult 4-0-20-2!

The wheels came off for Namibia in the first inning when Phillips and Neesham went berserk and scored 67 runs off the final four overs, from then on Namibia were always playing the catch up game. 

They needed a brisk start when they came out to bat but both van Lingen and Braad never got the timing right, especially van Lingen who started off way too slowly. New Zealand were on the dot in the powerplay, never allowed the opposition to get on top of them. 

After posting a 160+ score New Zealand needed to come up good with the ball. They had the scare of David Wiese and Gerhard Erasmus though but Ish Sodhi sends Erasmus straight away with his flipper and then Wiese tried to take on against Sodhi, he was successful for a bit of it. 

Southee was brought back into the attack to do something about that and he responds brilliantly as he gets the better of Wiese to get him plumb in front. Zane Green and JJ Smit had to turn things around but they couldn't as they fell cheaply as well. 

Boult came in and picked up two wickets to his name for the game and Southee has a two for as well. It was an all-round performance from New Zealand. The tail never wagged for Namibia as they fell prey for some exceptional death bowling effort from the Kiwis.

Namibia were in the game for only the first half of the first inning but they looked ordinary in the death and the batting didn't click either as they lost another game here.
A comprehensive victory from New Zealand here as they finish second place in the Group 2 and trouble for India here as they need a miracle from here on to make it into the semi-finals!
111 /7 score
cricket bat icon Jonathan Smit *
9 (17)
cricket bat icon Ruben Trumpelmann
6 (4)
cricket ball icon Adam Milne
0 /25
19.6 Adam Milne to JJ Smit, THAT WILL BE ALL! Another slower bouncer outside off that wobbles towards the batter off the pitch, Smit backs away for a swat but the lack of enough bounce deceives him again before lobbing towards the keeper. New Zealand beat Namibia by 52 runs!
19.5 Adam Milne to JJ Smit, nails it into the blockhole around off, Smit makes room and squeezes it out towards backward point with an open bat face.
19.4 Adam Milne to JJ Smit, slower bouncer dug into the track outside off, Smit shapes for a pull around the corner with the ball keeping low and lobbing towards the keeper.
19.3 Adam Milne to Ruben Trumpelmann, goes full again and angles it into the off-stump, Trumpelmann hangs deep to club it on the up towards long on for a single.
19.2 Adam Milne to Ruben Trumpelmann, FOUR! JUST OVER MID-OFF! Milne goes very full outside off at full throttle but Trumpelmann hangs deep and swings with disdain over the leap of Boult at mid-off to send it racing to the fence.
19.1 Adam Milne to Ruben Trumpelmann, AHH! Slower short of a length delivery that nips back in from a line well outside off, Trumpelmann drops his bat but fails to get any sort of connection as the ball lobs in front of the keeper.
Just the formality remains for New Zealand as they have the final over coming. Boult scalps two wickets in his final over and Milne will finish up!
106 /7 score
cricket bat icon Jonathan Smit
9 (14)
cricket bat icon Ruben Trumpelmann *
1 (1)
cricket ball icon Trent Boult
2 /20
18.6 Trent Boult to Ruben Trumpelmann, hits the yorker length well outside off, Trumpelmann brings his bat down and bunts it in front of point to add a solitary run to the total. Final over coming up!
Boult has another as Namibia looking to score quick runs gifting the wickets to the Kiwis.

Ruben Trumpelmann is the new batter in the middle, right-hand bat!
18.5 Trent Boult to Craig Williams, OUT! ANOTHER ONE FALLS! Full length delivery at the stumps this time, Williams hangs very deep in his crease and gets a leading edge on his swing across the line. Phillips back pedals at backward point and clings on with reverse-cupped palms so Boult has his man eventually.

Craig Williams c Phillips b Boult 0(2b, 0x4, 0x6)
There's was a big outside edge to it!
18.5 Trent Boult to Craig Williams, WIDE! Slower delivery on a length that is speared outside the tramline, Williams gets across and goes after it only to end up beaten as the umpire has his arms outstretched. Guess what? There was an edge on that one as it dropped short of Conway. Ahh well!
18.4 Trent Boult to Craig Williams, nails the wide yorker this time as he slants it across the batter, Williams jams his bat down but he fails to do so on time.
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