England Women 128/9 (20 ov)
New Zealand Women 96/10 (18 ov)
England Women won by 32 runs.
Today New Zealand lacked the patience to play the game to chase the target on a turning track, but England were formidable with the ball, and did a great job to defend their total. This was the first instance in this series where the team batting first has won the game. England go back with their heads held high, meanwhile the White Ferns will go back to training, to get the preparations underway for Australia visiting later on this month. This has been really good series, with a lot of exciting Cricket, but just as all good things, this must too, come to an end. We hope you've enjoyed this series as much as we have bringing it to you. Do join us back for the series against Australia on the 30th of this month. but for all you Cricket lovers out there, there's still a lot of Cricket being played, so switch tabs to find out what's happening elsewhere. For now, along with Dwijesh, I have been Ankit Sharma bidding you farewell! Do stay safe, and keep your head up during these tough times, as we all fight it together! Cheers and Goodbye! 
New Zealand on the other hand have a lot of work to do in the next three week or so before another home tour, where their visitors come touring for a white ball tour. If the pressure of England was high, the pressure of the No.1 side in both the limited overs format will be higher seeing as they are their rivals from over the sea. New Zealand have the potential no doubt, but their senior players have not done well, especially their skipper Sophie Devine who wasn't in her best form. She needs to work on that to improve it, and obviously to nurture the new comers in the team to click together, Hayley Jensen, Amelia Kerr and Brooke Halliday were outstanding, maybe not in all the games but they've done a fine job with bat and ball. New Zealand much like England have a very good side, with good players in all positions, but they need to improve, they need to tick together if they want to come out on top. They have won only one game in this series, the third ODI, where they were absolutely phenomenal, chasing down a big total with elegance. They need to bank on that performance, and grown from it. As Sophie Devine mentioned they could learn a thing or two from the English side, especially how to support each other throughout the duration of the game. 
An exhilarating performance from the English side all throughout the series, convincingly winning 5 out of the 6 games across two formats. As Devine rightly mentioned, they did show why they are the World Champions at the moment. Their bowling has been ticking, supporting each other and dominating the oppositions. Yes arguments can be made of teams playing after a long break, but it's not just form, it's also class shown from the English women. They came in under tough circumstances, followed protocols, and gave their everything on the pitch. All credits to their coaching staff, and their skipper Heather Knight to keep the morale up in the side, that continued to show brilliance all over. The batting though although, missing significant performances from Wyatt was top notch, courtesy Tammy Beaumont who was brutal throughout the series, made life difficult for the White Ferns, who were scratching their heads as to how to get her wicket. She toyed around with the bowlers, was key to the all the four chases the English side made, and was highly instrumental in setting up the tone of their innings. Everyone knows their roles, everyone knows their responsibilities, and everyone is acting according to it in this English side. They will be heading home highly proud of themselves. 
Natalie Sciver (winning captain / stand in captain): I think  it was everyone chipping in today, we were scrappy with the bat first up, but did well to comeback with the ball to take wickets. I think the bowling has been outstanding throughout the series so yeah trusted them to get the  job done today as well. It's been brilliant this tour, after having a long haul without playing , its been a brilliant preparation to welcome us and make us feel safe and comfortable in these circumstances. Definitely looking forward to more cricket, with The Hundred coming up in the summer, and there's a lot of competition so yeah anyone can come in for anyone to take their place, its highly competitive at the moment.
Sophie Devine (losing captain): Again I thought we let them score about 40 runs more than we would have liked. We've come under pressure, not been able to take wickets at the right moments, dropping catches and being sloppy. We've been under par, we've lot a few senior players, that's no excuse, but it's a little new set up that is taking time to gel together but with the Aussies coming over soon hope we can do better and get things right. We know what to do, there are some positives obviously but we need to put pressure at the right time, and few of us have found it hard to score runs so hopefully we can work on that and improve asap. We keep going back to the drawing board and re strategize re analyse things for us to improve. Huge credits to Heather and the English team, they've been clinical and outstanding, they showed class and why they are the World Champions at the moment. A lot we can learnt from them as well.
Player of the Series: Tammy Beaumont: Really happy with how I've gone in both the series, happy with how I've gone at the top of the order for T20 as well. In ODI I did well to put a real price on my wicket and made the Kiwi's worked hard for my wicket. It is my role with Danni at the top of the order to make it harder for the bowlers, so the middle order can come and score runs easier with the quality of Heather, Nat and all. I'm happy with things at the moment with our performance. A couple of weeks at home, isolating first of course, very excited to see my dog and then back to training in a couple of weeks
Player of the match: Katherine Brunt: We hard to start really well, and pick wickets especially in a format like the T20. It is my work up top to pick up wickets so I was able to do that today. We have a very good mix up of experience and the youngsters, and even the youngsters have had a bit of experience so its a very settled unit at the moment It feels great to perform and all credits to the coaches and captain for believing in me and giving me the chances. Its a day a time at the moment for me so happy with another series victory and really happy with the teams performance. 
England have done it, they've swept the series 3-0 with a fantastic display of bowling at the end to defend the target of 129. It's been a match for the bowlers this one. New Zealand started off well with the ball picking up quick wickets, but so did England. England did well with respect to taking wickets at regular intervals and capitalizing on the chances they got. New Zealand did let runs flow in easy at the later end of their bowling, but England did way better to restrict that. They did have to grind it out for the final wicket after having done all the hard work to remove the remaining wickets. But they do emerge victorious at the end, convincingly that too. 
It's the extra ball due to the wide that has done the work for Sciver who picks up the last wicket of the game to lead her team to victory in absence of the regular skipper Heather Knight. A pretty ordinary wicket at the end, simple catch to cover for the win after all the tried and tested methods in the previous few overs. England win by 32 runs and win the series 3-0.
Over: 18 | Summary: 1 2 1 1 1w 1 W Bowler: Natalie Sciver Score: 95/10
17.6 Natalie Sciver to Maddy Green, WICKET! THAT'S IT! A full ball bowled outside off, Green tries to cream it over cover but only hits it straight to Ecclestone, who makes no mistake! The English complete a cleansweep with a comprehensive 32-run win!
17.5 Natalie Sciver to Rosemary Mair, a full ball bowled on the stumps, Mair crunches it down the ground for a single
17.5 Natalie Sciver to Rosemary Mair, WIDE! A slower ball bowled way outside off and the umpire gives that one a wide as well!
17.4 Natalie Sciver to Maddy Green, a slower ball bowled on middle and leg, Green drags it past square leg for a single
17.3 Natalie Sciver to Rosemary Mair, a length ball bowled outside off, Mair cuts it to point for a single
17.2 Natalie Sciver to Rosemary Mair, a slower ball bowled outside off, Mair heaves it to long-on and comes back for a brace
17.1 Natalie Sciver to Maddy Green, a full ball bowled wide outside off, Green carves it towards deep extra cover for a single
Natalie Sciver, back into the attack.
The last wicket partnership survives another over, the final one of Katie Brunt that too. The White Ferns not making things any easier for the visitors. They're making them work hard for this wicket. Green is capable of batting yes, but Mair is currently playing her best knock ever. 
Over: 17 | Summary: 1 0 1 2w 1 1 1 Bowler: Katherine Brunt Score: 0/0
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