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Northern Warriors 143/4 (10 ov)
Deccan Gladiators 140/6 (10 ov)
Northern Warriors won by 3 runs.
Player of the match: Rovman Powell
After a low scoring game, we had a real run fest in this game, 144 was always going to be difficult to chase but the Gladiators were in it till the end. Gladiators will take some positives ot of this match and will work on other things too. Warriors move to the second spot on the table, and are enjoying themselves. We will come back tommorow with 3 more crackers! See ya.
Phew! Rollercoaster of a match. Anwar Ali got the hopes up with a blazing 35 off 10 balls but could not be enough, only 3 short. so near yet so far. Deccans have been served with yet another loss and Warriors continue their winning spree.Wahab Riaz, Junaid SIddique and Fabian Allen starred with the ball, they had to compensate for Lakshan's expensive single over. Azam showed heroics at the top order and Anwar Ali continued, lack of contribution from the middle order and gifting a lot of extras in the first innings somewhat caused them this defeat. Rovman Powell was great with the bat. Presentations coming, stay tuned...
Over: 10 | Summary: 6 2 4 0 2 6 Bowler: Wayne Parnell Score: 140/6
9.6 Wayne Parnell to Anwar Ali, SIX! Full ball on the stumps, moves across and whips it over the mid-wicket fence for a maximum. Valiant effort from Anwar Ali but the Gladiators have fallen just short of the target
9.5 Wayne Parnell to Anwar Ali, full ball outside the off-stump, no way he could get under the ball, hits it to wide long-off and collects a couple. 10 required off 1 ball now
9.4 Wayne Parnell to Anwar Ali, full ball outside the off-stump, hits it straight to the fielder at sweeper cover. They want the second but it is not available
9.3 Wayne Parnell to Anwar Ali, FOUR! That has gone from the bat like a bullet. Full ball on the leg-stump, front leg out of the way and hits it straight back past the bowler
Anwar Ali changing his bat, need a bat that gives him 16 in 4 balls
9.2 Wayne Parnell to Anwar Ali, gets the length right this time, Ali fails to get under it as he hits it straight to long-off. They come back for a non-existent second but it is a really poor throw from the fielder
24 needed from the last, Ali on strike, a lot of extras and dropped catches but I have a strong feeling that Warriors are winning this. Parnell bowling the last over
9.1 Wayne Parnell to Anwar Ali, SIX! In the slot from Parnell, he moves across the stumps and stays deep in the crease to get under the ball, goes straight back over the bowler's head
Over: 9 | Summary: 6 2 1w 1w 4 W 1w 2 0 Bowler: Rayad Emrit Score: 120/6
8.6 Rayad Emrit to Zeeshan Zameer, length ball wide of off, this is just inside the tramline, big swing from the batsman but no connection
8.5 Rayad Emrit to Zeeshan Zameer, mishit from the batsman, the ball is miles up in the air, Allen runs in from deep mid-wicket and reaches the ball but fails to hold on to it
8.5 Rayad Emrit to Zeeshan Zameer, digs it in short but it is a bit too short and wide of the off-stump
8.4 Rayad Emrit to Sharafuddin Ashraf, OUT! Slower delivery right up to the batsman, Ashraf expects a wider one and moves across trying to turn it away on the on-side, gets deceived by the line and the ball goes through under his legs
8.3 Rayad Emrit to Sharafuddin Ashraf, FOUR! Goes over the covers this time. Emrit continues with the full and wide line, Ashraf goes across, gets under it and gets a good connection. The ball goes one bounce into the boundary
8.3 Rayad Emrit to Sharafuddin Ashraf, goes for the wide yorker and once again errs past the tramline
41 required of the last 2, hitting blatantly is the only option, easier for the bowlers to defend and give their team another win which they are on course of 
8.3 Rayad Emrit to Sharafuddin Ashraf, wide ball wide of off-stump, the umpire says it is a bit too wide
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