118/7 (17)
121/4 (16)
PK-W won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Nida Dar
This is me, Mohul Bhowmick, signing off also on behalf of my partner Srivathsa Vennelaganti from this exciting game. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did bringing it to you. Until next time, goodbye!
Bismah Maroof, Pakistan's captain: Very pleased with the performance, and more so with Ayesha, who held her nerve till the end and made sure that we got over the line. This was a very exciting game for us and we will look to get better at bowling opponents out. Keen to make the most of the momentum that we have on our way.
Laura Delany, Ireland's captain: We're disappointed with the outcome. It was difficult once we dropped those catches. If you do that to the top batters of the opposition, then there is very little chance for you to win. I don't think we are missing a powerhitter. It's more of our set batters executing their plans. We will take a look at our fielding before the third T20I.
Nida Dar | Player of the Match: As time passes, maturity comes, I wanted to help the team with my batting and the main goal is to help win matches for Pakistan. Today even I felt, batting was not easy because of the weather and with the ball not coming on to the bat. I always wanted to create an impact, so that the ones who follow me feel easier and they can do the same.
Pakistan beat Ireland by 6 wickets.
Amy Hunter 36 (39) | Nida Dar 2-19
Javeria Khan 35 (39) | Nashrat Sandhu 2-21

Pakistan started their innings with no flash, and the loss of Muneeba Ali early on in the innings did not help matters for them. A lot of responsibility lay on the skipper Bismah Maroof and Nida Dar, and although the former perished after a bizarre run-out, the latter held fort until the dying stages of the game, losing her wicket only while trying to press the issue. 

The Irish bowlers were on top of their game for most of the game, led by medium pacer Arlene Kelly, but it was their fielding that let them down big time. Although we were able to see three run-outs in this game, they happened more due to the digressions of the Pakistani batters than the efficiency of the Irish fielders. 

Ayesha Naseem, who was promoted up the order to see her side through, managed to remain till the end and hit the winning runs. Pakistan have managed to square the series, and now there is a lot to play for in the third and last T20I coming up on Wednesday!
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Laura Delany
15.6 Laura Delany to Ayesha Naseem, SIX! Pakistan level the series. Ayesha Naseem finishes it off. Full outside off, she comes down and lofts powerfully, clean strike and all the way over long-off. Pakistan have chased down 119 with an over to spare
15.5 Laura Delany to Ayesha Naseem, FOUR! That should be the game. On a length outside off, Naseem heaves powerfully and slaps it straight for a one-bounce four
15.4 Laura Delany to Aliya Riaz, full on the stumps, driven to long-on
15.3 Laura Delany to Aliya Riaz, full on the stumps, driven back to the bowler
15.2 Laura Delany to Aliya Riaz, FOUR! Gaby has been nutmegged at long-on and one turns into a four. Riaz comes down and lofts from a length, sloppy from Gaby and the boundary is found
15.1 Laura Delany to Aliya Riaz, full outside off, driven to cover. A dot
13 runs needed off the last two overs! Which team has the nerve to go through?
106 /4 score
cricket bat icon Ayesha Naseem
15 (10)
cricket bat icon Aliya Riaz *
6 (3)
cricket ball icon Arlene Kelly
2 /18
14.6 Arlene Kelly to Aliya Riaz, full outside off, driven in front of point and a quick single taken
14.5 Arlene Kelly to Ayesha Naseem, full and wide outside off, drilled straight and long-off slides to keep it to one
14.4 Arlene Kelly to Ayesha Naseem, full outside off, Naseem slices the loft and gets it over backward point for a couple
14.3 Arlene Kelly to Aliya Riaz, full outside off, driven to the sweeper
14.2 Arlene Kelly to Aliya Riaz, FOUR! Good length outside off, Riaz cuts and the bottom-edge runs away fine and to the third man fence
Aliya Riaz, RHB, walks out to the crease.