223/9 (50)
217/10 (49.5)
SA-W won by 6 runs.
Player of the match: Shabnim Ismail
As Sune Luus said, what a world cup it's been so far. Already, four times a team has won by a margin of fewer than 15 runs. Another edge-of-the-seat thriller to add to the list and South Africa despite not being at their best registered their second win in this WC. The action doesn't stop here as India will be taking on West Indies tomorrow in Hamilton. Will West Indies shock India just like they did against NZ and England? or will Mithali Raj & co get back to the winning ways? We will find out tomorrow, until then, this is Pragadeesh, signing off on behalf of my colleague Raghav. See yaa
Sune Luus: What a world cup it's been so far. No game is easy here. We haven't played our best cricket but it's encouraging to see that we get over the line. We can take the positives from these two games. I know the expectation is more from the people outside but we have to play our best game and take one game at a time. It's good to see different players coming to the party.
Bismah Maroof: I think we were very clinical with the ball and winning key moments were critical. We had two partnerships but winning key moments were critical.  We are improving and got to believe we can beat any team. I think in a pressure situation we have to be in the present and pick the right decisions
Pakistan's wait for the first World cup win since 2009 and their maiden win in New Zealand still continues. Geez, how close are they to strike off these two unwanted records from their history column? 

After restricting South Africa to a decent total, Nahida Khan played some handsome drives in the powerplay but Ismail pulled things back by dismissing Ameen and Maroof in two consecutive balls. The partnership between Omaima Sohail and Nahida Khan proved to be a headache for South Africa as the duo played risk-free cricket in the middle period, rotating the strike very well. It seemed South African bowlers ran out of ideas but Ayabonga Khaka broke the 67-run partnership by getting rid of Nahida Khan to swing the momentum in her team's favour. Nida Dar started her innings very slow and the pressure was building on Pakistan after the second drinks break. The well-set Omaima Sohail got out in the important period before Kapp dismissed the dangerous Aliya Riaz for a duck. 

With Nida Dar still at the crease, Pakistan still believed. However, South Africa's canny slow cutters at the back end made life difficult for Dar as she was struggling to score boundaries. Nawaz and Baig made decent contributions, but Dar's run out in the penultimate over and Shabnim Ismail's spectacular running catch to dismiss Diana Baig in the final over proved to be a game-changer, as South Africa beat Pakistan in a thriller.
Shabnim Ismail, Player of the Match: As a strike bowler, I prefer to bowl near the end. I promised Sune that if it came down to it, I'd bowl two in the end. I love catches, and that particular catch was 100% mine. In warm-ups, I don't catch anything. Batters, in my opinion, should bat with their heads down. But as long as we're winning, that's all that matters. Klaas was superb today.
What a final over from Shabnim Ismail. That spectacular running catch proved to be the difference. Ecstasy for South Africa and agony once again for Pakistan in WC. The Pakistan players in the dugout are in disbelief as they have done most of the things right in the match, only to come up short by 6 runs in a thriller
49.5 Shabnim Ismail to Ghulam Fatima, OUT! South Africa win by 6 runs! Slower ball outside off, Fatima swings again but failed to get any bat on ball, she wanted to steal a single but Trisha Chetty came running in to dislodge the bails and Nushra Sandhu was never going to make it

Ghulam Fatima run out (Trisha Chetty) 0 (2b 0x4 0x6)
49.4 Shabnim Ismail to Ghulam Fatima, no run, full and slow, outside off, Fatima swings hard but misses it, she looks for a quick single but she was sent back
49.3 Shabnim Ismail to Nashra Sandhu, length delivery on the pads, flicked away to fine leg for a single, 7 off 3 needed!
Ghulam Fatima, RHB, comes to the crease

Catches win matches and Ismail has taken a stunner to send Diana Baig back in the hut.
49.2 Shabnim Ismail to Diana Baig, OUT! OH, WHAT A CATCH! Full and on off, taking the pace off the ball, Diana goes for the big heave on the leg side but instead ends up getting a thickish outside edge towards short midwicket, Ismail runs all the way and takes an incredible catch as the entire South African side is overjoyed!

Diana Baig c & b Shabnim Ismail 13 (9b 2x4 0x6)
49.1 Shabnim Ismail to Diana Baig, full and on off, slogged to deep midwicket for a couple, great running again!
10 needed from 6 balls. Ismail to bowl the final over
202 /7 score
cricket bat icon Nida Dar *
54 (71)
cricket bat icon Diana Baig
1 (2)
cricket ball icon Shabnim Ismail
2 /38
48.6 Ayabonga Khaka to Diana Baig, slower delivery on the pads, Baig comes down the ground, looks for a single on the leg-side, gets hit on the pads, to the right of the bowler for a single
Nashra Sandhu, RHB, comes to the crease

How big this moment could prove to be in the context of this match?
48.5 Ayabonga Khaka to Diana Baig, 1 RUN OUT! DRAMA CONTINUES! Khaka pitched it full and just outside off, Diana slashed it to the right of long on fielder, they pushed hard for a risky second run and eventually Nida Dar was just short at the non-striker's end

Nida Dar run out (Tryon/Khaka) 55 (72b 2x4 1x6)
48.4 Ayabonga Khaka to Nida Dar, full and on the pads, Nida Dar taps it on the leg side for a single to square leg
48.3 Ayabonga Khaka to Diana Baig, blockhole length on the middle, pushed to long on for a single