Punjab Kings 123/9 (20 ov)
Kolkata Knight Riders 126/5 (16.4 ov)
Kolkata Knight Riders won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Eoin Morgan
A drab encounter in the end which was one-sided pretty much throughout the contest. The early spurt of wickets in the second innings raised a smidge of hope for a contest but even that smidge died down soon after. We hope you enjoyed our coverage as much as we did bringing it to you - thank you so much for tuning in to Sportskeeda and do ensure to return for the coverage of the highly-awaited Delhi Capitals - Royal Challengers Bangalore clash at the same venue tomorrow. In the meantime, do keep yourselves up to date with all the cricketing action from across the globe right on this platform. For now though, on behalf of my colleague Prashanth Satish, this is Sooryanarayanan Sesha reminding you to keep in mind what Eoin Morgan said: 'Please wear your masks, stay safe and socially distance'. Good night and do stay safe!
The night that Eoin Morgan and all the Knight Riders fans were craving for as they get the better of the Punjab Kings. The better team by some distance, this will augur so well for their confidence and will it spark off a surge is something that time has an answer to. As for the Kings, they continue to blow hot and cold and questions over their combinations continue to prevail as they seek to adapt quickly to these conditions here in Ahmedabad.
Eoin Morgan (Kolkata Knight Riders Captain and Player of the Match): Nice feeling - wins haven't been easy to come by so far. We've worked incredibly hard but we haven't performed as well as we have tonight. We were incredible with the ball and we applied pressure throughout. I think on a wicket like that, I suppose around the 12th or 13th over of their innings it started to slow down. Only his (Mavi's) second game this season. To bowl someone out three overs in the Powerplay is not really a good idea but the match up against Chris Gayle was a key. He was unbelievable tonight. I think the advantage with most of our spinners is that they are variation bowlers. They don't rely on drift and turn and they rely on controlling their lengths. We'll see how it goes - a long way to go in the tournament. Hopefully today is the start of something good. I certainly think it (bubble life) is challenging and it has to be managed by the players and coaching staff. We try and lend our support to everything that is going around not just in India but around the world. Please wear your masks, stay safe and socially distance. We've got through some incredibly tough times but if we stick together we can win this battle together.
The jitters were there but despite them ball, the Knight Riders have made it home. The innings started with Moises Henriques taking the new ball despite a modest total on the board. He did get the breakthrough as Nitish Rana drove a juicy full toss straight into the hands of short cover. That was followed by a late Mohammad Shami in-swinger that trapped Shubman Gill in front for another low score, and one of the catches of the tournament from Ravi Bishnoi which deemed Sunil Narine's promotion futile again.

Captain Eoin Morgan joined Rahul Tripathi in the middle and despite an incredible throw from the Universe Boss, Tripathi did survive a direct hit. The running was dicey but the counter punch from the duo wasn't as Tripathi and Morgan kept picking out the boundaries - an approach akin to what Morgan's England team is accustomed to in international cricket. Despite a tight spell from Shami and a miserly one from Bishnoi, the target was never going to be in question after one solid partnership.

Tripathi did fall against the run of play and Dre Russ looked rusty out there but a set Eoin Morgan got the job done in the end with Dinesh Karthik chipping in with the finishing touches, as KKR have pocketed two valuable points today.

The bowling was tight from Mohammad Shami and Ravi Bishnoi but the Punjab Kings needed wickets in a cluster to cause an upset. At the end of the day though, they will rue all the runs they left out there during their batting essay. 123 was just never going to be enough - not in the least with all that dew around.
Rahul Tripathi (Kolkata Knight Riders): It felt nice to have won this game. It was important for us after two-three defeats in a row. The bowlers did a fabulous job and we bowled really well to restrict them to 122. We knew that if we applied ourselves well we would get home. It did get better to bat but there was something in the surface; when the spinners were bowling the odd one kept a bit low. (About that run-out chance) For a millisecond I thought i was late to dive but fortunately i made it (sheepishly laughs). I thought that I was a fraction late to get that dive. I was very upset but after that I was able to carry on. I was set and I wanted to take a chance against the off-spinner but it was a half-hearted chance. I should have either gone fully or just taken a single. It was a rash shot there but I should have looked to finish the job.
KL Rahul (Punjab Kings Captain): It's never nice to be on the losing side. I really don't know what to say. It was a poor performance; a new venue and we should have adapted a lot quicker. It was not a 125-130 wicket. It was slow and low for sure but we could have applied ourselves a lot better and got those 30 extra runs. It was a bit two-paced and kept up and down a bit as well. It was hard during the first six overs to understand the right shots to play on this wicket. When you play the first game at a new venue and are expected to bat first, you have no idea about what is a good score. But that is what you are expected to do. We have a few more games here. Hopefully we learn from our mistakes and correct them, keep our heads high and then come back well. That was a stunning catch (Bishnoi's). We've been a good fielding side; a lot of young guys in the side and when you have a tough coach like Jonty he puts you through the drills in training. He's a tough taskmaster and has been great. Was great to see that fielding effort.
And that is that - the Knight Riders have arrested their four-match slide as they romp home by 5 wickets with as many as 20 deliveries to spare! Dinesh Karthik adding the finishing touches in style there!
16.4 Arshdeep Singh to Dinesh Karthik , FOUR! KKR WIN BY 5 WICKETS! Length ball that sits up nicely for Karthik, he pulls this one away to the deep mid-wicket fence and that has rocketed away to the fence for a boundary. 
16.3 Arshdeep Singh to Dinesh Karthik , short of a length on stump line, Karthik pulls this one away over mid-wicket, the ball holds up due to the dew as they pick up only a couple
16.2 Arshdeep Singh to Dinesh Karthik , SHOT! Top class from DK, full-length ball on off-stump and Karthik has crisply driven this one away past the mid-off fielder for a boundary. That is all class!
16.1 Arshdeep Singh to Eoin Morgan, slower one, short of a good-length on stump line and Morgan has pulled this one away to deep mid-wicket for a single
Arshdeep Singh, left-arm fast-medium, is back into the attack.
And that six brings up 7000 T20 runs for Eoin Morgan! That's as crisp a stroke he could have played to get to the landmark. The game is all but in the bag now for KKR. Just eight runs away and surely they'll be looking to wrap it up this very over.
115 /5 score
cricket ball icon Deepak Hooda
15.6 Deepak Hooda to Eoin Morgan, quick and on a length on off-stump, Morgan plays this one down to long-off of his crease for a single to end the over
15.5 Deepak Hooda to Eoin Morgan, SIX! What a hit from the skipper, tossed up again outside the off-stump and this time Morgan chips this one over extra cover for a maximum, Brilliant hit that!
Shot and a half from Morgan! Anil Kumble didn't seem to be happy with the idea of Hooda flighting the ball
15.4 Deepak Hooda to Eoin Morgan, FOUR! Top shot this, slow and on off-stump. Morgan makes room and drives this one hard past extra cover for a boundary this time
15.3 Deepak Hooda to Dinesh Karthik , full and at the stumps. Karthik drives this one down to long-on for a single this time
Hooda continues to dry the ball
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