Punjab Kings 120/10 (19.4 ov)
Sunrisers Hyderabad 121/1 (18.4 ov)
Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Jonny Bairstow
So that is all from us here from this encounter, head into our coverage of the second game of today's double header straight away. You do not want to miss out on cricketing action from Wankhede, where KKR have won the toss and have elected to field first. So stay safe and good bye all of you. Mask up everyone!
SRH win by 9 wickets!
A clinical chase in the end from the Sunrisers from Hyderabad. They pick up their first win in four games, and in the process, all their first two points of the tournament. The Punjab Kings, on the other hand, will be very disappointed with how they've played. They never really got going, and a target of 121 was never going to be enough against a batting line-up that has David Warner, Jonny Bairstow and Kane Williamson right at the top. 

Although the bowlers did use the pitch to the best of their abilities, it would just not be enough. Arshdeep Singh used his cutters brilliantly to keep the batsmen guessing, making it very difficult to score off him. Murugan Ashwin and Deepak Hooda, in the meanwhile, got the ball to dance to their tunes off a very tricky pitch. None of that would deter Jonny Bairstow, of course. The English keeper-batsman ended up with an unbeaten 63 as the Sunrisers finished the job with a little more than an over to spare.

Bairstow was not SRH's only hero either. Earlier in the game, Khaleel Ahmed picked up three wickets and Abhishek Sharma picked up a couple, while keeping the PBKS batsmen quiet. Rashid Khan bowled four overs, picking up a wicket and giving away only 17 as well. All in all, a good bowling performance from the SRH bowlers restricted the Kings to just 120 runs before they were bowled out. 

What this means for the Kings is another trip to the bottom of the table, having spent a sizeable part of last season there. SRH, meanwhile, climb all the way upto 5th place on the table courtesy of a better net run rate than the three teams that were ahead of them. They will need to pull up their socks at the earliest if they are to make a dash for the top four spots later in the season.
KL Rahul: Yeah it was tough, we knew having watched the games happening here, what to expect. We did fall 10-15 runs short on this pitch,  batters after being set could not go through. The bowler's tried hard but as you said, its hard coming into new conditions and adjusting straight away. ( On if he could have been more attacking with the fields) Hindsight is a beautiful thing, we knew Jonny and David are their main batters. We knew if they batted 6 overs they would come hard, so it was bit hard to put attacking fields. We wanted to take the game deep considering SRH have lost three, if we got a couple of wickets and that would have helped us put some pressure. Every game from now is important, we are not new to this position and this is not certainly a bad thing. Hopefully, we can keep learning from our mistakes and get better.

David Warner: Very pleasing, the bowlers did a fantastic job to reduce them. The game plan of having them there is to anchor the game. He rotates the strike so well, his impact points against spin are there for everyone to see. Abhishek is a young guy coming through, we asked him to bowl a lot more this season, and he did it. Till he went on, he didn't know he was bowling the first over. I didn't want to think too much about it. It's all about starting fresh here again, take the wicket out of it.

Man of the match is Jonny Bairstow
That's the game! SRH finally have a win, as they run out victors by nine wickets. "The Sun rises in Chennai" reads the screen at the Chepauk and with good reason. The Hyderabad franchise have opened their IPL 2021 account with a dominant performance.
0 /0 score
cricket ball icon Arshdeep Singh
18.5 Arshdeep Singh to Kane Williamson, SRH WIN! Anti-climax at the end, short ball attempted this time and it goes a touch too far outside the off-stump and SRH finally get underway in this edition of the IPL.
...and scores are level! 1 to win off 8 balls now.
18.4 Arshdeep Singh to Jonny Bairstow, good-length ball outside the off-stump, Bairstow gently plays this one away to sweeper covers for a single and that brings the scores level.
18.3 Arshdeep Singh to Jonny Bairstow, DROPPED! Full and on stump line and Bairstow chips this one uppishly to the fielder at mid-off, he puts it down and they run to come back for two
That was HUGE! That does enough to kill off any hopes of a close finish. SRH are one hit away from victory now. Kaviya Maran can flash a relieved smile now. 
18.2 Arshdeep Singh to Jonny Bairstow, SIX! That should seal the doubts then, full-length ball on off-stump and Bairstow walked into this one and pumped it over long-on and that brings them close to the finish line.
18.1 Arshdeep Singh to Jonny Bairstow, good-length ball angling across the batsman, Bairstow tries to pull this one away to the leg side but gets beaten on the under edge trying to pull it away.
Right, 12 balls to go. 10 runs to win. While we still harbour hopes of a very close finish, this still should be SRH's game... right? 

Arshdeep Singh will bowl the penultimate over of the chase.
111 /1 score
cricket ball icon Deepak Hooda
17.6 Deepak Hooda to Kane Williamson, OH! Sharp turn into the right hander, catches Williamson on the back foot awkwardly as he tried to turn this one away.
17.5 Deepak Hooda to Jonny Bairstow, short on stump line and Bairstow pulls this one away to deep mid-wicket for a single.
17.4 Deepak Hooda to Jonny Bairstow, length ball and Bairstow chips this one away to the long-on region and they run well to come back for the second.
17.3 Deepak Hooda to Jonny Bairstow, OH! Full and Bairstow turns this one away to the leg side, Williamson was halfway down but the fumble allows him to get back
17.2 Deepak Hooda to Jonny Bairstow, length ball outside the off-stump, Bairstow tries to cut this one away but gets beaten on the outside edge.
That's fifty for Jonny Bairstow. It's not really been the easiest of knocks post the powerplay, but he's done enough to do make his team the favourites to win this game.
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