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Rajasthan Royals 177/6 (20 ov)
Royal Challengers Bangalore 179/3 (19.4 ov)
Royal Challengers Bangalore won by 7 wickets
Player of the match: AB de Villiers
So that's that from us at Sportskeeda, this is me Pradeep Somashekar and my partner Shashwat Kumar signing off! Do join us for the ongoing game between Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals and enjoy the coverage!
If there was someone that had to pull this one off for RCB it had to be AB de Villiers and he did it, did it with precision, it's not easy to take your front leg away and slog everything, ABD had to pull off with pin point accuracy otherwise he would've been a goner, these boundaries are not small. 

When AB de Villiers arrived to the middle, RCB needed 76 runs still with 7 overs to go and Gurkeerat struggled to get his eye in, to even rotate strike, mind you, it was his first game and it wasn't easy for him to come in under pressure and deliver, but in the end AB de Villiers just did what he usually does, takes his team home with over balls to spare and they notch up those 2 points to level with Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals on the points table. 

During the start of the chase, Finch and Padikkal had to get a brisk start to chase this above par score Finch struck couple of six'es to start but perished later on trying to take on Gopal and doesn't time any better and holds out at long off. Kohli comes in at the right moment, Padikkal and him look to stitch a partnership and they did well half-way mark but along the other side Rajasthan Royals bowlers were not too easy to get away as they never allowed both these to get any easy boundaries, especially Padikkal who looked out of sorts, wasn't able to time anything at all, Tewatia's over he looked to clobber a few but never got to the pitch of ball and deceived him few times during the course. 

Kohli and Padikkal did decently well to keep the scoreboard moving and both of them ran well, in fact brilliantly well, especially Kohli. End of the 13th over RCB lose Padikkal and the first ball of the 14th over they also Kohli in quick succession, that pegged back their chase big time and both the new batsman AB de Villiers and Gurkeerat had a mountain to climb and from there on we all know what happened. 

ABD tore apart Jaydev Unadkat in one over and clobbered him on the leg side to score 25 runs of the penultimate over which sealed the game for RCB and they needed just 10 runs off the last over and ABD finishes things off in style by powering one over deep mid wicket and aren't the RCB dug out pumped, they are well and truly are in contention of this year's IPL trophy, they need to sort out a few things before the play offs and before that they need to notch up a few wins to qualify first.

A brilliant game for all of us in the end, ABD saw RCB home with 2 balls to spare and the captain is delighted. Rajasthan Royals have plenty to ponder on and they need to get few things straight to win a few games as well.
Time for the presentation!

AB de Villiers has been adjudged the Man of the Match!

at the presentation, he's extremely satisfied with the victory. He feels they bowled well, leaked some runs and no-balls especially from Chahal who doesn't do. He says, he's very stressed and erratic and gets very stressed like any other player. He wants to perform for the team and show the owners that he's here for a reason. He was looking to target leg side and he was nervous because he knew he had to hit it well and luckily he got a few away.

at the presentation, the individuals are stepping up and they've done that exactly throughout the tournament which is why they have 12 points. It's always tense in a chase like this as you're curious how many ABD would face, credit to Gurkeerat as well as he stayed with AB and struck that crucial boundary. It doesn't matter who is the bowler, he does what he does. AB is someone who looks into the situation and adapts to the game accordingly. Bowling has really stepped up this season, the guys have put under a lot of pressure.

Smith talks about how ABD was there at the end for RCB. Two in a row where they could've won and just let it go at the end. He thinks they build the pressure very well earlier on and it took a pretty special innings from RCB to take their team home. He wanted to use Jaydev as he bowls a lot of slower stuff into the wicket. Obviously no boundary is not enough for a batsman like ABD. It was nice for him to spend sometime in the middle and get some rhythm going.
Sensational from ABD in the end, it was almost all over for them when Kohli departed and here they are winning with 2 balls to spare, What a batsman, proving over and over again why he is one of the best of the best still and a long way to go for Mr.360!

Royal Challengers Bangalore win by 7 wickets!
Over: 20 | Summary: 2 1 2 6 Bowler: Score: 0/0
19.4 Jofra Archer to AB de Villiers, SIX! BOOM! THE SUPERMAN FROM SOUTH AFRICA! THE SUPERMAN FROM BENGALURU DOES IT! Right in the slot on middle stump and AB just sits deep in his crease before smoking it way over cow corner for a huge maximum! What a stroke! What an innings! What a player. Period!
19.3 Jofra Archer to AB de Villiers, full delivery on middle and leg stump. AB gives himself some room and drills it down the ground before scampering across for a couple
19.2 Jofra Archer to Gurkeerat Singh Mann, banged into the track at the batsman on middle and off stump. Gurkeerat is hustled into his pull stroke and he gloves it into the leg side for a single. 7 needed off 4 balls!
19.1 Jofra Archer to Gurkeerat Singh Mann, low full toss on middle and leg stump. Gurkeerat shuffles across his crease and lifts it over square leg before scampering across for a brace
POWER, absolute POWER from ABD! What a player he is, HATTRICK of SIX'es from him and all of a sudden RCB are back in the chase and Gurkeerat connecting well finally to score the crucial boundary. This was the over that they were looking for throughout the innings and there it is, RCB very much in business here!

RCB need 10 runs from 6 balls! Final over coming up!
Over: 19 | Summary: 6 6 6 1 1w 4 1 Bowler: Jaydev Unadkat Score: 168/3
18.6 Jaydev Unadkat to Gurkeerat Singh Mann, full delivery outside off stump. Gurkeerat goes deep into his crease and carves it to deep point for a single. Not sure if RR would mind that outcome though! AB is the danger man here! If Archer can slip in a few dots at the start, the tide could turn again!
18.5 Jaydev Unadkat to Gurkeerat Singh Mann, FOUR! YOU ARE THE MANN, GURKEERAT! Slower delivery that is banged into the track way outside off. This time, Gurkeerat waits on it and slaps it over extra cover for four!
18.5 Jaydev Unadkat to Gurkeerat Singh Mann, short delivery that is dug too deep into the track. It also slides down the leg side and is called a wide!
18.4 Jaydev Unadkat to AB de Villiers, yorker on off stump and AB does well to dig that one out to the sweeper on the point fence for a single. Right then, Gurkeerat, your time in the Dubai sun now!
Carnage in Dubai, courtesy Mr.360! HATTRICK OF MAXIMUMS!
18.3 Jaydev Unadkat to AB de Villiers, THREE IN A ROW! AB ON FIRE! Another short delivery outside off stump and AB just waits on it before absolutely clattering it for a flat six over square leg! MY WORD! OH MY WORD!
18.2 Jaydev Unadkat to AB de Villiers, SIX MORE! INTO THE DUBAI SKY! Right in the slot outside off stump and AB hangs deep in his crease before bludgeoning it way over long on for a maximum!
18.1 Jaydev Unadkat to AB de Villiers, SIX! AB YOU BEAUTY! Slower delivery on a length on off stump and AB has telegraphed the change in pace! He sets up and mousses it over cow corner for a maximum!
Gurkeerat might not have been the right man for the situation, he's struggling big time to rotate the strike but AB de Villiers gets the crucial boundary of that over and runs 3 as well later on to score 10 runs off it! Excellent over from Tyagi.

RCB need 35 runs off 12 balls!
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