176/5 (20)
180/4 (19)
IRE won by 6 wickets
Player of the match: Curtis Campher
That'll be the end of our coverage of this game. There's another T20 World Cup game coming up - the West Indies will take on Zimbabwe to stay alive in the competition, click here to follow our coverage of the same. For now, this is Rajarshi, signing off on behalf of myself and Bidipto. Have a nice day!
Andrew Balbirnie, Ireland captain: It was pretty special, I can't remember an important partnership as that. All year we've played pretty good cricket. There's been times we've been out of the game, we've come back strongly and maybe just fell short. Has to get over the line with that sort of a punch thrown, that was a pretty special knock from Curtis (Campher) and George (Dockrell) as well, we're just delighted and hope we can take that momentum onto Friday. None of us were budging at the viewing area upstairs until we needed one to win! We started the tournament pretty disappointingly, got away from us in the first innings and a bit in the first half of the second innings. To be able to drag it back and stay in the competition is very important for us.
Richard Berrington, Scotland captain: Yes Michael Jones was superb today all the way through the innings, we were good with the bat today, maybe could have got a few more but it was a good score to defend. We did indeed get the early wickets, but then we have to give credit to that partnership between George and Curtis. We will now have to make sure we get back to our best on Friday, we have a day to think about it and get into the groove. 
Curtis Campher has been adjudged the Player of the Match! 

It was my day thankfully. I was trying to hang in there and make it count by taking it deep, made sure I put away the bad balls, and that pressure told on the bowling of theirs, and finally, the inventive shots too got us over the line. It's great now that we are still in the tournament, and this win will surely give us a lot of confidence heading into our last game. 
It is time for the post-match presentation!
Match summary:
Scotland won the toss and opted to bat

Scotland 1st innings 176/5 (20 Overs)
Michael Jones 86(55) | Curtis Campher 2/9 (2)

Ireland 2nd innings 180/4 (19 Overs)
Curtis Campher 72*(32) | Michael Leask 1/16 (2)

Ireland win by 6 wickets with 6 balls to spare

What a remarkable turnaround this was for the Irish! Curtis Campher, who suffered a personal setback a few days ago, has roared back wearing the Ireland shirt, this has been a knock for the ages from him! George Dockrell gave him ample support as the duo raised a match-winning, match-defining 119-run partnership to get Ireland home and dry with a complete over to spare!

When Paul Stirling and Andrew Balbirnie departed in quick succession, it seemed like we were in for a rather familiar, sorry tale yet again. Lorcan Tucker and Harry Tector came together for a third wicket stand but the boundaries were just not coming for Ireland. The Scotland spinners were doing a great job in curtailing the runs in the middle overs once again, and when both Tucker and Tector departed things were awry for the Irish.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and that's what Curtis Campher showed us today. It wasn't all brute force from him, he timed the ball through the gaps with sheer precision, went for the slogs right when the ball was in the slot, and joining forces with George Dockrell, the duo ran exceptionally well between the wickets, stealing every possible run right when the opportunity came along. The complexion of the game started to change from over number 12, after which Ireland got runs in double digits almost every over. The 14th over from Watt opened the floodgates for Ireland, 18 came off it as Campher and Dockrell found and cleared the boundary, ran hard, and gained some momentum. There was not a single over that went by cheaply, as the duo brought the equation down to a run-a-ball in the penultimate over and Campher went on to finish things off with a over to spare.
This is Ireland's highest score in T20 World Cup cricket! Curtis Campher has the highest score by an Irishman in T20 World Cup cricket! He lets out a roar as soon as the ball pierced the gap on the off-side, he, George Dockrell and the rest of Ireland rejoice, they are still in this T20 World Cup!
180 /4 score
cricket bat icon Curtis Campher *
72 (32)
cricket bat icon George Dockrell
39 (27)
cricket ball icon Josh Davey
0 /46
18.6 Josh Davey to Curtis Campher, THAT IS THAT! IRELAND WIN COURTESY CURTIS CAMPHER AND A GOOD SUPPORTING ROLE BY GEORGE DOCKRELL! Fuller outside off, Campher leans forward and square drives it through the gap to the left of point, all along the ground, for the winning boundary! 
The field comes in. Scores level.
18.5 Josh Davey to Curtis Campher, FOUR RUNS YET AGAIN! Full outside off, Campher makes some room and SMASHES it over cover off the front foot, and finds the big gap down to the sweeper cover position! WHAT A SHOT, WHAT A PLAYER! 
18.4 Josh Davey to Curtis Campher, FOUR MORE HERE! Over the wicket, full and wide outside off, and Campher frees his arms to slice it away over the gap between short third man and backward point, for a boundary from the crease! 
18.3 Josh Davey to George Dockrell, full on leg, another good yorker, drilled down to long-off again, but for a single only on this occasion! 
18.2 Josh Davey to George Dockrell, full on middle, inch perfect yorker, drilled out to long-off from the crease, but still, they complete two runs! 
18.1 Josh Davey to George Dockrell, over the wicket, full outside off, Dockrell tries to carve it away through point, but misses out! Dot ball. 
Josh Davey (3-0-31-0) is back into the attack
Stunning, absolutely stunning batting from Curtis Campher! The 100-run partnership came up for the 6th wicket! Some energetic running between the wickets to add to some superb placement of the cricket ball mean Ireland need 12 at a run-a-ball in the last couple of overs!
165 /4 score
cricket bat icon Curtis Campher *
61 (29)
cricket bat icon George Dockrell
36 (24)
cricket ball icon Safyaan Sharif
1 /32
17.6 Safyaan Sharif to Curtis Campher, FOUR RUNS! Full on off, Campher goes deep in his crease and lofts it hard and over the right of mid-off, for a well struck boundary straight down the ground to the right of long-off! 
17.5 Safyaan Sharif to Curtis Campher, HUNDRED PARTNERSHIP UP BETWEEN CAMPHER AND DOCKRELL! Full outside off and well time to the right of deep point off the front foot to bring up another two runs!