Kolkata Knight Riders 187/6 (20 ov)
Sunrisers Hyderabad 177/5 (20 ov)
Kolkata Knight Riders won by 10 runs.
Player of the match: Nitish Rana
Right then, that concludes our live coverage of this game of the IPL. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Join us back tomorrow at the same time as the Rajasthan Royals lock horns with the Punjab Kings at the Wankhede stadium. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest news as well as the live commentaries from matches from all across the globe. Till then, this is me, Maanas Upadhyay, and my partner, Shashwat Kumar, bidding you adieu. Stay home and stay safe!
Nitish Rana has been awarded the Man of the Match for this 56-ball 80 blitzkrieg.

(translated) I though that the ball was in my slot and tried and luckily, I got a four off my first delivery. There is only thing in my mind, to play my shots and hit the balls that are in my arc. I was backing my instincts and smacking the balls that were in my slot. I have been playing spin since childhood and somewhere, that has helped me. 
David Warner (losing captain): I did not think that there were many runs in the wicket. They adapted very well and we mis-executed a bit. The way we lost two wickets early but fought hard was good. Good momentum going into the tournament but there are plenty of games to come. We have four games at this venue so we should get used to it

Eoin Morgan (winning captain): Yeah I am delighted. Obviously the build up has been good and the guys have gelled well. The guys batted brilliantly at the top of the order and set up the game nicely for the middle order. Have a fantastic head coach in McCullum and a great back-room staff. Main job is to get the best results. Bhajji starting really well in the first over but not playing a part later and used his experience to guide the guys. Nice to start like this, obviously a long tournament. We were happy with the score, thought if we bowled decently we should get over the line.
Kolkata Knight Riders edge past Sunrisers Hyderabad by 10 runs!

The SRH innings got off to a rocky start as they lost their openers in quick succession. David Warner, on his second life, edged one to the keeper and walked back for just 3 runs while Wriddhiman Saha could not make an impact, scoring only 7 runs before chopping one back onto the sticks. 

After that, it was Manish Pandey and Jonny Bairstow who steadied the innings and stitched together a brilliant partnership of 92 runs which gave SRH a glimmer of hope in this contest. Just when things were starting to get out of hand for the Kolkata franchise, they brought in their ace bowler and boy, he did not disappoint. Cummins bowled a game-changing thirteenth over as he gave away only 2 runs and also picked up the wicket of Bairstow, sending him back for a well-compiled 40-ball 55. 

Mohammad Nabi joined Pandey at the crease and struck a couple of boundaries but was undone by a slower delivery by Prasidh Krishna and had to walk back for a 11-ball 14. Vijay Shankar could not make much an impact in this contest as he could manage only a 7-ball 11. Abdul Samad walked in at 7 and struck a few lusty blows off Pat Cummins to keep SRH's hope alive in this contest but some fantastic execution at the death from Andre Russell saw the Knight Riders secure a 10-run win.

As for the bowlers, there was no respite for them as they were taken for runs. Krishna picked up a couple of wickets while Al Hasan, Cummins and Russell chipped in with a wicket each. In the end, there was just too much left to be done for the SRH finishers. All-in-all, a comprehensive performance from the Knight Riders see them beat the Sunrisers by 10 runs in a match that ebbed and flowed. 
Over: 20 | Summary: 2 0 1 1 1 6 Bowler: Andre Russell Score: 177/5
19.6 Andre Russell to Manish Pandey, SIX! DOES NOT CHANGE THE RESULT THOUGH! Length delivery outside off stump. Pandey goes deep into his crease and slugs that one over mid wicket for a maximum! Probably needed a few more of those in the 18th and the 19th over! Nevertheless, KKR get off the mark in IPL 2021, while a few old problems resurface for SRH! 
19.5 Andre Russell to Abdul Samad, low full toss outside off stump. Samad is late on the shot and scuffs that one towards the fielder in the ring at extra cover before trudging across to the other end
19.4 Andre Russell to Manish Pandey, very full delivery just outside off stump. Pandey lays back and drills that one down the ground towards long on for a single. That should be that then!
19.3 Andre Russell to Abdul Samad, low full toss just outside off stump. Samad looks to mow that one over mid wicket but only gets an inside edge that rolls towards short fine leg for one
19.2 Andre Russell to Abdul Samad, slower delivery on a back of a length well outside off stump. Samad goes across his stumps and swipes at it but only manages to connect with fresh air. Not called a wide!
19.1 Andre Russell to Abdul Samad, excellent yorker outside off stump. Samad walks across his stumps and digs the ball out towards the sweeper at long off for a couple of runs
Abdul Samad you beauty! He has walked out to bat in a pressure situation and has deliveries for his side. Clobbers a couple of huge maximums off Pat Cummins and breathes fire into this contest! 

Sunrisers Hyderabad need another 22 runs from the last over which will be bowled by Andre Russell
Over: 19 | Summary: 1 6 2 6 1 0 Bowler: Pat Cummins Score: 166/5
18.6 Pat Cummins to Manish Pandey, dug into the track at the batsman on middle and off stump. Pandey does not pick up the length and is awfully late on his stroke as the ball whistles past his bat
18.5 Pat Cummins to Abdul Samad, back of a length delivery on leg stump that hurries onto the batsman. Samad is cramped for room as he turns the ball towards deep square leg for just a single
18.4 Pat Cummins to Abdul Samad, SIX MORE! WOW! In the slot on middle and leg stump. Samad goes deep into his crease and absolutely clatters that one over long on for another maximum! SRH STILL IN IT! 
18.3 Pat Cummins to Abdul Samad, very full delivery on middle and leg stump. Samad gets his front foot out of the way and clips that one off his toes towards deep mid wicket for a couple of runs
18.2 Pat Cummins to Abdul Samad, SIX! WELL WELL! In the slot outside off stump. Samad stands tall on the back foot and absolutely mousses that one over wide long on for a maximum!
18.1 Pat Cummins to Manish Pandey, back of a length delivery on middle and leg stump. Pandey gets inside the line of the ball and heaves it towards deep square leg for a single
Abdul Samad, right handed batsman, walks out to the middle
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