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Sydney Thunder 166/6 (20 ov)
Sydney Sixers 132/5 (12.4 ov)
Sixers won by 5 wickets (D/L)
Player of the match: Steve O'Keefe
That's it from me (Sameer Deodhar) and my colleague, Prashanth Satish from Match 38 of the Big Bash League. Stay tuned at SportsKeeda to follow the remaining games!
Josh Philippe was the story of the innings for the Sydney Sixers, who literally guided them to the finish line before faltering with just 1 run to go! He attacked every bowled he faced and raced off to 64 off just 36 balls. He hit some glorious shots, out of which 7 were fours and 2 went over the ropes! He batted at a strike rate of 177.78 and never gave the Thunder side a chance to win the game.

Justin Avendano scored 17 off 10 balls at the top of the order with a couple of fours and a six. Jordan Silk also contributed with 13 runs off as many balls before Dan Christian hit two big sixes to drag the Sixers to the closer line faster. He remained not out on 15 off 5 balls in the end as Carlos Brathwaite came out to hit the winning runs.

Daniel Sams was brilliant despite the smashing his teammates received. He picked the wickets of Silk and then Philippe, albeit too late. Nathan McAndrew, Tanveer Sangha and Ben Cutting picked a wicket each too as the Sixers won with 8 balls to spare and 5 wickets in hand.

They now extend their lead at the top of the table as Thunder remain at the second spot!
12.4 Daniel Sams to Carlos Brathwaite, FOUR! SIXERS WIN BY 5 WICKETS! Good-length ball outside off-stump and Brathwaite just waits for the slower ball to arrive to him and just punches this off the back foot past covers to the boundary.
Carlos Brathwaite, right-handed batsman, comes out to complete the formalities!
12.3 Daniel Sams to Josh Philippe, OUT! BOWLED! Slower ball on stump line and it completely outfoxes Phillipe who is beaten by the lack of pace. He has to go with just one run to win!
12.3 Daniel Sams to Josh Philippe, BOUNCER! Short ball well above head height and that's called a wide. Scores level now!
12.2 Daniel Sams to Josh Philippe, short of a good-length outside off-stump and Phillipe cuts this one away past covers for a couple of runs again. Just 2 needed now!
12.1 Daniel Sams to Josh Philippe, full and in the block hole and Phillipe plays that one out to the leg side and they will get back in time for the second.
The two sixes from Dan Christian have sealed the deal for the Sydney Sixers here in Canberra! Formalities remain as the Men in Pink need 6 runs off the final 2 overs!
Over: 12 | Summary: 1 6 1b 1 1w 6 0 Bowler: Nathan McAndrew Score: 123/4
11.6 Nathan McAndrew to Daniel Christian, short of a length angling into the batsman and Christian gets inside the line of this one and tries to help it on it's way but fails to get contact.
11.5 Nathan McAndrew to Daniel Christian, SIX! SHOT! Full and wide of off-stump and Christian has absolutely smothered this over the extra cover boundary for a maximum. What a hit that is!
11.5 Nathan McAndrew to Daniel Christian, WIDE! Length ball angling down the leg side this time and he will have to bowl that one again
11.4 Nathan McAndrew to Josh Philippe, good-length ball outside off-stump and Phillipe shuffles across and plays it over to the leg side for another single
11.3 Nathan McAndrew to Daniel Christian, good-length ball cuts into the batsman just goes over the stumps and Billings fumbles as well and they take a single
11.2 Nathan McAndrew to Daniel Christian, SIX! BOOM! Full and in the blockhole and Christian has whipped this one away wristily straight down the ground for a maximum. That would make some spot of bother disappear for the Sixers!
11.1 Nathan McAndrew to Josh Philippe, full-length ball on off-stump and Phillipe digs this one out to the off side for a single this time
Daniel Sams has conceded 9 in that POWER SURGE over! Good stuff from the left-hander. Alright then, Sixers need 22 runs off the last 18 balls!
Over: 11 | Summary: W 1 3 4 0 1lb Bowler: Daniel Sams Score: 107/4
10.6 Daniel Sams to Josh Philippe, slower ball again on the off-stump and Phillipe gets an inside edge onto the pads an Christian calls him through for a quick single
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