Himachal Pradesh 135/9 (20 ov)
Tamil Nadu 141/5 (17.5 ov)
Tamil Nadu won by 5 wickets
Tamil Nadu have not lost a single game chasing, or even otherwise, a single game in this tournament and they continue their unbeaten run. They are through to the semifinals now and they have survived a mini scare in the middle. They will be pleased but some thinking to do for them with the way the openers failed at the top! Two more quarterfinals to go tomorrow and we shall find out who will join Punjab and Tamil Nadu in the last four stage of this tournament! It promises to be another action packed day of T20 cricket! This has been Rishab and my partner Bala taking your leave. We hope you enjoyed our coverage of this game. Have a pleasant night! 
Plenty of talking points from this game. Himachal started very well but towards the end, they just failed to maintain that pressure when Shahrukh started mercilessly hammering the bowlers. The Tamil Nadu openers succumbing to a rare failure in this game and that brought the middle order to be tested for Tamil Nadu, which also looked like it was going to collapse until of course that terrific partnership from Aparajith and Shahrukh! Then duo showed brilliant composure and as they weren't chasing a lot, they just needed to hang in there, and wait for the time to come when they could attack. Had Himachal gotten that run-out of Aparajith that Prashant Chopra missed, the game could have gone a lot deeper and it could have been a different story perhaps! But only if! Himachal will take away positives from the way they fought in this game but lots of learning of they will have to get better at handling pressure in the death overs.
Himachal had their fair share of moments coming out to defend a low total of 135! They put up a really good fight and they were in it, even sniffing a victory at one point. Only until that fifteenth over from Arora! Shahrukh Khan taking him on and hammering 18 runs of that over, the one big over they needed which turned the game on it's head! Himachal will surely feel that were 15-20 runs short of what could have an even challenging total. 
What a contest this has turned out to be! None would have thought at the beginning of the chase that Himachal would start off like the way they did! Vaibhav Arora was on fire with that new ball picking up three wickets and Tamil Nadu were five down, even with Dinesh Karthik gone, and it really looked like Himachal were in control of the game! But it was Aparajith who played the anchor role, remaining unbeaten on 52 and Shahrukh Khan playing a blistering cameo! 40 unbeaten off just 19deliveries and he completely changed the complexion of this game! A match winning partnership that under tremendous pressure, taking Tamil Nadu past the line pretty comfortably and in grand fashion in the end!
Shahrukh Khan is in a hurry to finish this now! What a brilliant innings this has been from him under pressure, tremendous knock and he's pulled this game for Tamil Nadu. Excellent batting and he's totally changed the course of this game. Tamil Nadu will remain unbeaten and progress to the semifinals now! What a comeback this has been! Aparajith finishing off in style and that will bring up his fifty as well! Terrific terrific win and this is why they are a champion side. Winning by five wickets and 13 deliveries to spare! 
17.5 Pankaj Jaswal to Baba Aparajith, SIX! That's it, Tamil Nadu are through to the semis! And Baba Aparajith brings up his FIFTY as well! Short delivery from Jaswal, Aparajith pulls it away high and handsome over the mid-wicket fence
17.4 Pankaj Jaswal to Shahrukh Khan, full ball on the off-stump, bombards it straight to long-off
17.4 Pankaj Jaswal to Shahrukh Khan, tries to go for the slower wide ball once again but goes past the tramline
17.3 Pankaj Jaswal to Shahrukh Khan, FOUR! Slower ball wide of off-stump, he throws the bat at it and slices it over the head of short thirdman to find another boundary. Tamil Nadu just three runs away from victory now
17.2 Pankaj Jaswal to Shahrukh Khan, FOUR! Straight and full, but not full enough. Shahrukh Khan hammers it straight back and the ball reaches the fence in no time. This is an exhibition of power hitting
17.1 Pankaj Jaswal to Shahrukh Khan, slower ball wide of off-stump, he has to stretch in order to reach that and ends up hitting it straight to extra cover
Excellent batting now! 50 off the partnership coming up as well and this is just what Tamil Nadu needed. This game has changed in just a course of a few overs! Shahrukh is on fire and he is turning the heat on. Boy that is brilliant batting. It's just getting easier for Tamil Nadu now! The chances looking bleak for Himachal and it's certainly gone out of control for them now! Can they do something magical? 11 off 18 needed now. Tamil Nadu are cruising! 

Pankaj Jaswal into the attack
Over: 17 | Summary: 1 4 6 0 1 2 Bowler: Mayank Dagar Score: 125/5
16.6 Mayank Dagar to Baba Aparajith, short and wide outside the off-stump, cuts it through the right of backward point. The fielder at sweeper cover has to run around to retrieve it and they collect a couple
16.5 Mayank Dagar to Shahrukh Khan, shortish delivery outside the off-stump, guides it to short thirdman with an open face
16.4 Mayank Dagar to Shahrukh Khan, length delivery, he tries to back away and cut it but hits it straight to backward point
16.3 Mayank Dagar to Shahrukh Khan, SIX! Into the sight-screen! Full delivery on the off-stump, hits it straight back over the bowler's head and it is a flat six
16.2 Mayank Dagar to Shahrukh Khan, FOUR! Full outside the off-stump, Khan squeezes it past the fielder at backward point and through to the fence
16.1 Mayank Dagar to Baba Aparajith, slightly short outside the off-stump, cuts it away to sweeper cover and takes a single
Poor line to start with from Rishi! Maybe it's the pressure, maybe it's the dew factor! Making it difficult for the bowlers to control their lines and lengths. Good cricket from Tamil Nadu again and they are taking control of this chase now! Shahrukh on fire! Short and lack of pace there. This game is getting out of hands for Himachal now. Tamil Nadu back on track. Pressure on Himachal continuing to build! 25 off 24 needed. 

Mayank Dagar to continue
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