105/8 (13)
Match Abandoned
WI vs BAN 1st T20I: No result

That is pretty much it for both sides at they are past the cut-off time for the 5-over contest and the umpires called the game off.  This has been me, Lavil Saldanha alongside my colleague, Pragadessh as we bid adieu to you from this contest. Do check Sportskeeda for the latest sports new and live match coverages. Toodles for now as we look to catch up with you soon. SEE YA!
Oh no, the inevitable has happened! The game has been called off and both sides are shaking hands. The sun is shining bright out in the middle and it is very, very odd to see them shaking hands when the conditions look kind off fit for play
Bangladesh end on 105/8 after 13 overs

Shakib Al Hasan: 29(13b) | Nurul Hasan: 25(16b)
Romario Shepherd: 3/21(3 overs) | Hayden Walsh: 2/24(3 overs)

The showers bring curtains on what has been a dismal show of batting from Bangladesh. They are not entirely to blame as they were sent back and called back on the pitch again and again, but this is not a performance they would have liked.

They had a horrendous start as they lost the wicket on the third ball of the innings. Later, Shakib Al Hasan steadied the ship first with Anamul Haque and then with Liton Das. The latter two batters had short stays at the crease and couldn't contribute much with the bat in hand. Shakib too succumbed to the pressure piling on him and with his wicket, it was the first time that the players went off the field as rain interrupted play.

From then on, it was just one wicket after another falling like a domino. Afif Hossain played a rash shot and threw his wicket away. Mahmadullah looked to get some runs under the belt but instead played on straight to the man at point. Mahedi Hasan failed to strike the ball cleanly and towards the end, it was Nurul Hasan who struck the ball well but fell looking to add another maximum to his boundaries tally. At the end of the 13 overs, the rain came back to interrupt, thus calling it the end of the innings for the visitors.

It was a clinical bowling effort from the bowlers as they picked up wickets at regular intervals and disrupted the momentum for the visitors. Akeal Hosein, Obed McCoy and Odean Smith picked up a wicket each. Hayden Walsh Jr, returned with 2 wickets and it was Romario Shepherd who was the highest wicket-taker for them as he picked up 3 wickets.
The rain is coming down hard again and the players are walking back into their pavilions. This will be the end of the Bangladesh innings it has crossed the cut of time and we might see the West Indies in action once the downpour stops
Big and a much-needed over for Bangladesh as they get two maximums from it, but in the process lose the wicket of Nurul Hasan. They will be boosted by the fact that they have gone past the three figures and now will be looking to score a minimum of 15-20 runs in the last over against Obed McCoy
105 /8 score
cricket bat icon Nurul Hasan
25 (16)
cricket bat icon Nasum Ahmed *
7 (4)
cricket ball icon Odean Smith
1 /22
12.6 Odean Smith to Nasum Ahmed, length delivery angling just outside off, Nasum swings it down to mid-off but a misfield from Pooran allows the batters to take a couple of runs
Shoriful Islam, LHB, walks out to the middle and will be down at the non-strikers end
12.5 Odean Smith to Nurul Hasan, GONE! Length delivery bowled outside off, Nurul moves to the off-stump and tries to use Smith's pace again to clear deep mid-wicket but he ends up skiing it straight to Brandon King. Good comeback from Smith
12.4 Odean Smith to Nurul Hasan, BANG! The sweet sound of the bat though. Length delivery middle and off, Nurul swings cleanly over deep mid-wicket for a mighty six
12.3 Odean Smith to Nurul Hasan, length delivery middle and off, Nurul moves to his off-stump, bends low and heaves it towards square on the leg side for a couple of runs
12.2 Odean Smith to Nurul Hasan, SHOT! Length delivery angling middle and off, Nurul shuffles across and scoops it over fine leg for a maximum. 
12.1 Odean Smith to Nurul Hasan, length delivery just outside off, Nurul swings across the line and misses
Odean Smith (1-0-6-0) comes back into the attack and will be bowling to Nurul Hasan on strike
Another 8 runs over for Obed McCoy. Barring that slip-up delivery, he has been clinical with the way he has operated with the ball in hand. He will be trusted with the task of bowling the last over and there might be a barrage of yorkers on display from him
89 /7 score
cricket bat icon Nurul Hasan *
11 (11)
cricket bat icon Nasum Ahmed
5 (3)
cricket ball icon Obed McCoy
1 /16
11.6 Obed McCoy to Nurul Hasan, fuller delivery on the pads, Nurul clips it behind square on the on-side for a single
11.5 Obed McCoy to Nurul Hasan, slow delivery angled across, Nurul was early into the shot and gets beaten
11.5 Obed McCoy to Nurul Hasan, OH, THAT'S A BEAMER? Full toss above the waist height, Nurul opens the bat face and guides it over short third for a boundary. No ball was called by the umpire. Free hit loading
11.4 Obed McCoy to Nasum Ahmed, slow ball dipping in at the last second, a bit straight as well, Ahmed carves it on the off-side for a single