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103/10 (19.4)
104/1 (17.1)
West Indies won by 9 wickets
Player of the match: Jason Holder
That brings an end to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the first T20I between the West Indies and England. Both these teams go head to head in the next 24 hours and you can follow our ball by ball coverage of this second T20I from 1:30 AM IST on 24th January. Do check Sportskeeda for all the latest sports news and the live match comemnatries. This is Lavil Saldanha alongside my colleague Pratyush Rohra signing off, SEE YA!
Kieron Pollard: Happy for the boys. This is Jason Holder's ground and he knows how he should bowl here. It feels good that the younger guys are coming out in the middle and finishing the game for our side. The batters know that it is important to stay at the crease and continue to bat along and that is what they precisely did today. Hosein did well in Pakistan and carries his confidence on coming into this series. Pooran has been finishing games for us for quite some time now and happy that he did it today. We go head to head again in 24 hours, we will be looking to put up a similar kind of performance. We know when our backs are against the wall we don't have to crumble and stick together as a unit.
Eoin Morgan: Not the start, it is quite opposite to the conditions we played to a couple of days ago. West Indies dominated up throughout the game and credit to them. Tomorrow will be a new day and will be looking to come in with a new game plan. The bounce wasn't consistent, but then that is the nature of international cricket when you will get exposed. There is light at the end of the tunnel for us. We have always had a great amount of support in the West Indies, today too there were many fans. We had a game this Saturday and Sunday and will be having a couple of games more on Saturday and Sunday so we will be looking to make our fans proud
Jason Holder (Player of the match): It feels good to perform for the team. It was a tough series, the last one against Ireland. Personally, I wasn't very happy with my performance but it's good to bounce back like this. That's what we talk about in the dressing room - to face the adversity front on. Really proud of the effort of each and every individual today. I was happy to see the ball going through the way it was. Just hope it remains consistent, that's the key for pitch preparation. Outstanding, not much I can pinpoint we did wrong. I'm up for a hectic schedule. The schedule is what it is. Recovering well and being up for every challenge.
West Indies win the match by 9 wickets and lead the 5 matches T20I series 1-0

A comprehensive victory for West Indies as they win the match by 9 wickets and take the early series lead. The win was very well set up by the bowlers and then the batters did exceptionally well to bat on a tough surface, score the runs and take their side home.

There isn't much to talk about the batting. The opening duo of Hope and Brandon King started off well. They saw through the new ball phase and batted through the powerplay, stitching a 50 run partnership. The only wicket, Shai Hope, was dismissed when he tried to get too cute against Adil Rashid's bowling. West Indies vice-captain, Nicholas Pooran, walked out to the middle and stitched an excellent partnership with Brandon King. They batted along and put together 52 runs and took their side home.

England ran out of luck with the bat in hand and with the ball too. Adil Rashid was the only wicket-taker for England in this contest. Liam Dawson tied down the batters but they managed to negotiate him by tapping him around for singles and doubles. Chris Jordan and Tymal Mills took pace off the ball but didn't get the desired results. Mahmood was a bit too expensive in this match and will be looking to come back well in the next game. Let's now head to the presentation to see what the captains have to say.
17.1 Tymal Mills to Brandon King, KING WINS IT FOR THE WEST INDIES! Full delivery outside the off-stump, King makes some room to drive this through point to score ends and wrap up the proceedings. Not the result anyone so coming tonight. Moreso, the manner of it. For now, it's all smiles for the Windies. West Indies win by 9 wickets to take a 1-0 lead in the five-match series.
Final formalities remain in this contest as West Indies now only need 1 runs to win in 18 balls. This has been an excellent performance from the West Indian batting line up and they have shown that they can bat well out in the middle on the toughest of the surfaces
103 /1 score
cricket bat icon Brandon King *
51 (48)
cricket bat icon Nicholas Pooran
27 (29)
cricket ball icon Saqib Mahmood
0 /24
16.6 Saqib Mahmood to Brandon King, nails the yorker outside off-stump, King digs out a drive to mid-off to get to the other end and level the scores
16.5 Saqib Mahmood to Nicholas Pooran, short of a length delivery once more, Pooran swats it away to deep mid-wicket for another single 
An excellent 50 for Brandon King, his second in T20Is. He has batted really well and has shown that this surface is an easy one to bat on if you bat for a long time
16.4 Saqib Mahmood to Brandon King, full delivery on the off-stump line, King clips it down to long-on for a single and bring up his half-century 
16.3 Saqib Mahmood to Brandon King, FOUR! SHOT! Back of a length slower delivery outside off, sat up nicely for King as he smears this past extra-cover to find the boundary. Moves to 49*
16.2 Saqib Mahmood to Nicholas Pooran, back of a length delivery into the body, pulled to deep mid-wicket for a single 
16.1 Saqib Mahmood to Nicholas Pooran, FOUR! Back of length delivery angling across Pooran, stands tall to scythe this away through backward point to find the ropes. Right on time for the Sweet Caroline to hit as the ball races away to the ropes. Talk about timing!
Saqib Mahmood (2-0-12-0) comes back into the attack. He will be bowling to Nicholas Pooran on strike
Another good over for the batting side. Mills took pace off the ball throughout the over and King and Pooran dabbed it around the corner and ran the singles and doubles really well. 6 runs come in that over. West Indies need 13 runs to win in 24 balls
91 /1 score
cricket bat icon Brandon King *
45 (45)
cricket bat icon Nicholas Pooran
21 (26)
cricket ball icon Tymal Mills
0 /19
15.6 Tymal Mills to Brandon King, back of a length slower delivery angling into King, swatted towards fine leg to pick up a couple 
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