161/10 (38.1)
167/5 (25.4)
IND won by 5 wickets
Player of the match: Sanju Samson
Well then. That's that. India have taken an unassailble 2-0 lead to seal this three-match series. A rest day tomorrow for the visitors before they look for the clean sweep on Monday. Expect a few changes for the side in that contest. That's all we have for the coverage of this game. This is Pratyush Rohra, signing off on behalf of my partner, Pradeep Somashekhar. Bye bye!
KL Rahul (Captain, India): (About Zimbabwe's chances in the game) Not really, we do bat deep, it's good some of the guys to get some time in the middle, the change room was relaxed and wasn't a big total. (About him opening) Didn't work (chuckles), I mean I do need some time in the middle, obviously, playing in the series, coming in here and getting some runs under the belt, hopefully some runs in the next game. They do have some quality attack, they are a quality team, we've seen in the previous series as well, they beat Bangladesh. I've said this in the interview as well, I was back home sitting and watching it on the Television, was great to watch how they played against Bangladesh, how they chased down the totals, the bowlers come hard and they bat well. It's a total rest day tomorrow, we're here to play good cricket and every opportunity, we look to do well and put up a good performance. It's a great turn out today, it's a weekend, wherever we go in the world, we get good support and would like to thank them for turning up in good numbers.
Sanju Samson is the Player of the Match. Here is what he has to say: It's very special and touching for me (to sign the match ball). How much ever time you spend in the middle, it feels really good. Feels really special when you do it for the country. I did take three catches but I missed a stumping too. As keepers, we are used to listening to things we didn't do well. Our pacers picked up the lengths much quicker and better. I felt great keeping wickets for the great fast bowlers we have.
Regis Chakabva (Captain, Zimbabwe): I think we had a really good fight in the field, the last two games we didn't pick up early wickets and we did that today. We were short of plenty of runs but we made it tough for the opposition in the end. (About the toss) It would but it's not in our hands, we were up with the challenge, the execution was good later in the end. The bowlers came off charging, they went on well till the end.
India won by 5 wickets

Sanju Samson - 43* (39) | Shardul Thakur - 3/38
Sean Williams - 42 (42) | Luke Jongwe - 2/33

Another comprehensive victory for the Indians as they seal the series without breaking much sweat. After the bowlers ran riot to bundle out the hosts for a measly total, the batters ensured they don't make a meal of this run chase.

In need of some gametime ahead of the Asia Cup, KL Rahul opened the batting but couldn't make much of an impact. Dhawan showed plenty of intent but couldn't convert it into a meaningful start either. Kishan had a scratchy knock, not making the most of his opportunity at number four.

Shubman Gill looked in supreme touch though, getting off to a good start but even he couldn't convert it into a significant score. However, the job was half done by the time he was dismissed. 

Samson and Hooda looked to tip-toe their way to the finish line but the latter was yorked out by Raza, giving the hosts something to smile about in the end. Axar joined the Indian wicket-keeper in the middle to wrap things up and give India an unassaible 2-0 in the series.

It was an encouraging start for the hosts with the ball but they never had enough runs on the board to create a sustained spell of pressure on the Indians. Nyauchi, Chivanga and Jongwe were all impressive with the new ball and could ask some questions of the Indians if they get the new ball in the morning in the next match.

Stick around the for the presentations.
25.4 Innocent Kaia to Sanju Samson, SIX! BOOM! FINISHES IT IN STYLE! India seals the series, 2-0 with one game to go still but Zimbabwe will be mighty pleased with the effort with the ball as they made India fight for their runs. Floated delivery, in the arc as Samson plants his front foot forward and DISPATCHES it way over long-on fence for a maximum.
25.3 Innocent Kaia to Sanju Samson, slides the length delivery on the stumps, Samson on the backfoot pushes it to the cover fielder for another dot.
25.2 Innocent Kaia to Sanju Samson, tossed up delivery, short on the stumps, Samson on the backfoot defends it down the pitch.
25.1 Innocent Kaia to Sanju Samson, OH! Short delivery, that skids on the outside off, Samson reaches to cut but bottom edge's it into the off-side.
Innocent Kaia, right-arm off break, comes into the attack
India are one hit away now. Will Samson score the winning runs?
161 /5 score
cricket bat icon Sanju Samson *
37 (35)
cricket bat icon Axar Patel
6 (7)
cricket ball icon Wesley Madhevere
0 /7
24.6 Wesley Madhevere to Sanju Samson, short on the pads again, Samson on the backfoot works it to deep mid-wicket for one. Scores are level now!
24.5 Wesley Madhevere to Sanju Samson, short on the middle and leg, Samson on the backfoot punched it to short mid-wicket fielder for no run.
24.5 Wesley Madhevere to Sanju Samson, WIDE! Fires the length delivery from around the wicket, strays it down the leg-side and called a wide. Just 2 needed now!
24.4 Wesley Madhevere to Axar Patel, short and slides into Axar on the off-stump, on the backfoot he punched it back past Madhevere who slides  to his right for a single.
24.3 Wesley Madhevere to Axar Patel, quicker one, slides the short delivery into Axar, on the backfoot he turns it into the on-side.
24.2 Wesley Madhevere to Axar Patel, FOUR! Drops it short, just outside off, Axar gives himself some room and cuts it hard, through the backward point region and races to the fence for a boundary.
24.1 Wesley Madhevere to Axar Patel, good length that drifts into Axar on the stumps, lunges and defends it back to the bowler.
Wesley Madhevere, right-arm off break, comes into the attack