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AEW Bash at the Beach Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from Bash at the Beach (15th January 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 16, 2020 08:33 IST

What will be Cody's response to MJF?


08:33 (IST)16 JAN 2020

That's it for AEW Dynamite this week, folks. Tune in next week for the conclusion to this epic AEW Title match tournament at sea!!

08:31 (IST)16 JAN 2020

08:30 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Moxley says one eye or no eyes, he'll be there next week to drop Pac and emerge as #1 contender. 

08:29 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Before Pac can finish his promo, Schiavone cuts away to see Moxley breaking out of an ambulance. One eye bandaged up, he makes his way to ringside to meet Pac. 

08:28 (IST)16 JAN 2020

After the match, Tony interviews Pac, who calls himself the new #1 contender to Jericho's AEW Championship. 

08:26 (IST)16 JAN 2020

08:26 (IST)16 JAN 2020

The Black Arrow puts Allin away. Pac moves on to face Moxley on the Jericho Cruise. 

08:25 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Pac counters a Coffin Drop with a German suplex and spikes him with a powerbomb!! Allin still kicks out!! 

08:25 (IST)16 JAN 2020

A cradle from Allin nearly gets a surprise pin!! Pac barely escapes!! 

08:24 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Allin's baseball slide is blocked when Pac raises the apron skirt, catching him in the back of the head with a kick afterward. On the inside, a lariat turns him inside out. 

08:22 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Pac sets up for a superplex, but Darby turns it into a crucifix bomb! Pac rolls outside but is met by a Coffin Drop!! 

08:21 (IST)16 JAN 2020

08:21 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Darby's been out on is feet since the steel steps. This is Pac's match to lose. 

08:20 (IST)16 JAN 2020

08:19 (IST)16 JAN 2020

08:19 (IST)16 JAN 2020

08:18 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Pac catches Darby and swings him face first into the steel steps! Nasty stuff! 

08:17 (IST)16 JAN 2020

It's crazy how Darby throws himself like a weapon. He just doesn't care about his body as long as he hits his target. 

08:16 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Pac gets shot into the corner with a shotgun dropkick. On the outside, a suicide dive sends him into a fan's popcorn. What a waste. 

08:13 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Moxley's opponent is about to be decided. Who will move on to face him for a shot at the AEW World Championship? Pac or Darby Allin? 

08:08 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Okay. Second greatest. 

08:08 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Drunk Adam Page may be the greatest character in wrestling right now.

08:06 (IST)16 JAN 2020

MJF defeats QT Marshall via pinfall. 

08:06 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Just as QT rolls back inside, MJF catches him with a roll-up. He and the Butcher & Blade may look worse for wear, but they walk out with the W. 

08:05 (IST)16 JAN 2020

DDP follows QT Marshall, diving onto the Butcher & the Blade from the top rope!! 

08:04 (IST)16 JAN 2020

MJF counters the Diamond Cutter and low blows DDP while distracting the ref. Rhodes tags in for the Canadian Destroyer! DDP hits the Diamond Cutter and QT tags in while the Butcher & Blade are taken care of on the outside. 

08:03 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Diamond Cutter to the Butcher!! 

08:03 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Dustin manages to knock off MJF and the Butcher & Blade! Butcher takes out Marshall, but Blade gets caught with a snap power slam as he tags in! DDP manages to get in and batters all three opponents!!

08:01 (IST)16 JAN 2020

08:01 (IST)16 JAN 2020

07:59 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Butcher and Blade have cut off the ring and are taking Rhodes apart piece by piece. 

07:58 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Dustin Rhodes rolls in but is caught with a shot from MJF, who was wearing the ring from DDP. The ref is distracted, allowing Bunny and Wardlow to batter the elder Rhodes. 

07:56 (IST)16 JAN 2020

QT Marshall looks like a bald Ethan Page. 

07:56 (IST)16 JAN 2020

07:55 (IST)16 JAN 2020

QT Marshall tags in, so MJF gets back in as well. 

07:55 (IST)16 JAN 2020

DDP and MJF are starting? Oh no, wait, it's the Butcher. Boo. 

07:53 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Next up is the Butcher & Blade and MJF vs QT Marshall, Dustin Rhodes, and DDP!!

07:51 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Jake Hager rarely talks. Man of few words...he also just "Arrr'd" like a pirate. 2020 is odd. 

07:49 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Backstage, Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle were interviewed about their heinous assault on Moxley. Jericho says that they're going to be keeping an eye on him because he's only got one left anyway. 

07:46 (IST)16 JAN 2020

07:42 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Jericho stabs Moxley in the eye with one of the spikes off his jacket!! 

07:41 (IST)16 JAN 2020

The Inner Circle has all the time in the world to beat down Moxley, because he's made no friends since coming to AEW. See? Power of Friendship is very important. 

07:39 (IST)16 JAN 2020

After the match, the Inner Circle jumps Moxley, battering him in a five-on-one assault! 

07:39 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Jon Moxley defeats Sammy Guevara via pinfall. 

07:39 (IST)16 JAN 2020

07:38 (IST)16 JAN 2020

07:38 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Sammy fights off a super Paradigm Shift for an Avalanche Spanish Fly, followed by an alpine knee strike!! Mox breaks out of the pin and catches Guevara coming off the ropes for a rear naked choke!! 

07:37 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Mox avoids several kicks and drops Guevara with the O.G. Dirty D...Paradigm Shift. 

07:36 (IST)16 JAN 2020

Mox catches Sammy with a superplex, but the blue chipper responds with a running shooting star! 

07:33 (IST)16 JAN 2020

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