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By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 21, 2024 02:01 GMT

Check out the live results for AEW Collision right now.

02:01 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Post-match, The Elite look for a post-match beatdown, but Daniel Garcia runs out for the save. After a brawl, PAC, FTR, and Daniel Garcia stand tall to end the show.

02:00 (GMT)21 APR 2024

After some back-and-forth, PAC connects with the Black Arrow on Matthew Jackson to get the win for himself and FTR.

PAC and FTR win

01:59 (GMT)21 APR 2024

The Young Bucks connect with the Shatter Machine on PAC, but only a two-count. They then hit the EVP Trigger, but Wheeler breaks the count.

01:58 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Dax Harwood hits a superplex on Matthew Jackson and Cash Wheeler follows up with a splash. PAC comes in with a 450-splash, but they don't get the three-count.

01:57 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Towards the end, The Young Bucks hit a double enziguiri and The Elite get a two-count after a series of moves.

01:56 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Dax Harwood and Kazuchika Okada are the legal men. Harwood gets some strikes in, but Okada makes his comeback. Harwood escapes a Rainmaker attempt.

01:54 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Okada comes in, but Harwood drops him with a brainbuster. FTR hit the tree of woe on The Young Bucks. Nicholas Jackson gets triple teamed and Cash Wheeler gets a two-count.

01:53 (GMT)21 APR 2024

PAC turns things around and hits a backbreaker on Nicholas. He makes the tag to Dax Harwood. Harwood comes in with a flurry of offense. He hits some strikes and chops on Nicholas.

01:52 (GMT)21 APR 2024

The Elite isolate PAC this time around. Nicholas gets a two-count after a leg drop, assisted by the ropes.

01:50 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Kazuchika Okada has the ref distracted and The Young Bucks assault PAC at the ringside area.

01:49 (GMT)21 APR 2024

PAC and Dax Harwood double team Okada to get a close two-count. PAC goes for the Black Arrow, but The Bucks stop him. Okada takes PAC down with a kick.

01:48 (GMT)21 APR 2024

After some back-and-forth, Wheeler makes the tag to PAC. He gets some offense in, but The Elite outnumber him. PAC takes The Young Bucks out with a dive to the outside.

01:45 (GMT)21 APR 2024

The Elite dominate Wheeler and Okada hits a drop kick on the former WWE star. Matthew Jackson comes in as CM Punk start in the arena.

01:44 (GMT)21 APR 2024

All six men get into a fight at ringside and FTR and PAC get the upperhand in that exchange. Back in the ring, Wheeler unloads on Nicholas Jackson, but Matthew Jackson and Kazuchika Okada trips him and pull him into the ring post.

01:41 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Kazuchika Okada and Dax Harwood battle in the ring. After some back-and-forth, PAC comes in with a stomp from the top. He then applies a Rings of Saturn, but The Bucks attack him.

01:39 (GMT)21 APR 2024

The Elite vs. PAC and FTR

PAC gets the jump on Kazuchika Okada and he connects with some kicks. Cash Wheeler comes in and connects with a chop. The Young Bucks save Okada, but FTR and PAC hit baseball slides.

01:37 (GMT)21 APR 2024

We have the main event up next as The Elite take on PAC and FTR.

01:28 (GMT)21 APR 2024

After a miscalculation from Leyla Hirsch, Skye Blue gets the win by applying the Dragon Sleeper.

Skye Blue wins

01:26 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Leyla Hirsch is on the turnbuckles, but Skye Blue stops her and kicks her on the face. Hisrch connects with a suplex from the turnbuckles and gets a two-count.

01:25 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Blue has the upperhand and she slams Hirsch on the turnbuckles. Blue follows up with a cartwheel and elbow strike in the corner. Hirsch makes her comeback with a couple of suplexes.

01:23 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Julia Hart vs. Leyla Hirsch

The two stars have a back-and-forth early on. Skye Blue escapes to the ringside, but gets a strike on Leyla Hirsch. She then hits a swinging neckbreaker on the floor.

01:21 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Kris Statlander and Willow Nightingale appear in a backstage segment. Statlander says they are fired up. FU. Stokely Hathaway says FU to Brody King and Julia Hart.

Willow vows to defeat Julia Hart for the TBS Title at Dynasty.

01:17 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Post-match, Bryan Danielson says he did the bunkhouse brawl match because of his love for the business. He also puts Will Ospreay on notice ahead of Dynasty.

01:14 (GMT)21 APR 2024

He hits a lariat on Kyle Fletcher and Bryan Danielson follows up with a Busaikuu Knee. He then applies a Labelle Lock with the help of the steel chain on Fletcher for the win.

Blackpool Combat Club win

01:13 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Jon Moxley appears and he battles with Hobbs in the crowd. Towards the end of the match, Claudio unloads with uppercuts on Takeshita and Fletcher with the steel chain wrapped around his hand.

01:12 (GMT)21 APR 2024

They then unload with hammer and anvil strikes before applying synchronised Labelle Locks on the Don Callis Family members. Powerhouse Hobbs comes out to attack Danielson and Claudio.

01:10 (GMT)21 APR 2024

The Don Callis Family members almost get the win after brainbuster on the BCC members. Fletcher brings out a steel chain, but Danielson and Claudio apply chokes on their opponents.

01:09 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Kyle Fletcher holds onto Bryan Danielson's leg and Konosuke Takeshita connects with a thrust kick. Takeshita takes Claudio Castagnoli down with a suplex.

01:08 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Danielson and Claudio double team Takeshita as The American Dragon hits a jumping knee strike. He then hits some kicks as Claudio is sent over the barricades by Fletcher.

01:06 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Bryan Danielson is looking to make his comeback as Claudio Castagnoli takes care of Kyle Fletcher at ringside. Danielson avoids a brainbuster and drop Takeshita with a DDT on the ramp.

01:04 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Kyle Fletcher throws some powder at Claudio Castagnoli to blind and follows up with a powerbomb for a two-count. Don Callis Family members are in total control.

01:03 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Bryan Danielson comes in with a dropkick. Claudio applies a Boston Crab on Takeshita, but Danielson gets taken down with a flying steel chair. He is busted open.

01:02 (GMT)21 APR 2024

The action spills to the ringside area and there is a lot of violence. Claudio and Takeshita are in ring as Danielson dominates Fletcher at ringside. Takeshita bites Claudio's forehead, but the Swiss star hits a giant swing.

01:01 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli vs. Kyle Fletcher and Konosuke Takeshita.

The BCC members and Don Callis Family members battle in the crowd. Claudio handles Takeshita while Danielson clashes against Fletcher.

00:58 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli make their entrance, but get attack by Kyle Fletcher and Konosuke Takeshita.

00:56 (GMT)21 APR 2024

We see a video of Toni Storm putting Thunder Rosa on notice ahead of AEW Dynasty.

00:52 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Bryan Danielson is in a backstage segment and says he wants revenge on Don Callis Family. Will Ospreay comes in and says he has nothing to do with the attacks on Danielson.

The American Dragon is not too convinced.

00:50 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Towards the end of the match, The Gunn steal the win with a roll up after Jay White assists Austin Gunn with the baseball bat.

The Gunns win

00:48 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Caster slams Colten on the mat and looks for a high-flying move, but Austin stops him. Bowens comes in with thrust kick. The Gunns almost steal the win with a Mic Drop on Caster.

00:47 (GMT)21 APR 2024

The Gunns continue their sneaky ways in the match and get some near falls on Anthony Bowens. They look for the 3:10 to Yuma, but Bowens escapes. Max Caster makes a blind tag, but gets hit with a nasty Northern forearm strike.

00:46 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Austin Gunn briefly distracts Bowens. After a mix-up between Caster and Bowens, Colten almost steals a win with the help of the ropes, but the ref sees it.

00:44 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Bowens hits some rolling spinning elbow strikes and gets a two-count with Fameasser.

00:43 (GMT)21 APR 2024

The Gunns double team Max Caster before Colten Gunn applies a single leg Boston Crab. Caster fights Colten off before tagging in Anthony Bowens.

00:42 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Austin with some right hands in the corner before tagging Colten in. Caster has been isolated by the heels. Austin chokes Caster make quick tags with his brother.

00:40 (GMT)21 APR 2024

The Acclaimed get some offense early on, but Colten Gunn turns things around with stomps and a suplex on Max Caster. Austin Gunn comes in and he throws Austin out of the ring.

00:39 (GMT)21 APR 2024

The Acclaimed vs. The Gunns

Tony Schiavone takes the mic and says as per Tony Khan, The Gunns cannot walk away from this match. Otherwise the Dynasty match will be canceled.

00:37 (GMT)21 APR 2024

The Acclaimed and The Gunns are in action next.

00:35 (GMT)21 APR 2024

Chris Jericho appears in a backstage segment and apologises to Hook and Taz for his actions on Dynamite. He then says a match for the FTW Championship is made official.

Jericho says he is going beat Hook and it will hurt him a lot.

00:34 (GMT)21 APR 2024

We see a recap of Chris Jericho shoving Taz and Hook shoving him on Dynamite.

00:30 (GMT)21 APR 2024

We see a video package hyping up Will Ospreay and Bryan Danielson's match at Dynasty.
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