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  • AEW Dynamite Live Results: Dynamite Updates & Highlights (5th January 2022) - Page vs. Danielson world title match, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus win tag titles

AEW Dynamite Live Results: Dynamite Updates & Highlights (5th January 2022) - Page vs. Danielson world title match, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus win tag titles

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 06, 2022 03:49 GMT

Who will walk away with the gold tonight?


03:12 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

03:11 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

That does it. Dynamite was a fun show. The world and tag title matches stood out. Stay tuned for the full results of the show.

03:09 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

03:03 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

03:03 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

The show ends with AEW's tag team division lining up on the ramp to stare down Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus as they celebrate with Christian Cage, with "Tarzan Boy" plays in the background. Malakai Black and Chris Jericho are also seen observing the scene.

03:01 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

03:01 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

03:00 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

03:00 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

02:59 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

Jungle Boy goes for the Killswitch but it is countered. After another counter, he rolls up Penta for three! That's it!

Jurassic Express defeat Lucha Brothers to win the AEW World Championship

02:58 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

02:57 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

A table is set up at ringside. Fenix is chokeslammed through the table by Luchasaurus after he nearly went through it himself. 

02:56 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

The lights are out but when they come on, nothing has changed. Fenix hits a huge dive on Luchasaurus on the outside, while he and Penta hit Jungle Boy with a combination Fear Factor but he kicks out!

02:55 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

Fenix hits Luchasaurus with a Canadian, while Penta gets a near-fall on Luchasaurus.

02:54 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

Luchasaurus spikes Fenix and hits Penta with a big boot. Jungle Boy jumps over his big partner to hit a Canadian Destroyer, while Luchasaurus hits a driver of sorts.

02:53 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

Penta and Fenix floor Luchasaurus with a double superkick. They perform a double team move for a two-count.

02:52 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

He takes them down after a corner attack. 

02:52 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

Jungle Boy hits a lariat on Fenix in desperation. He tags in Luchasaurus, who goes crazy on Fenix and Penta.

02:51 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

02:50 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

02:50 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

Jungle Boy misses a dive on the outside and meets a kick from Fenix as he climbs back in.

02:48 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

02:48 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

Luchasaurus hits a German suplex on Penta. Jungle Boy returns to the match, as he tries to combat both tag champs.

02:47 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

Jungle Boy and Fenix hit rope-assisted arm drags on Penta and Luchasaurus respectively. They aren't even the legal men.

02:46 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

Penta gives Luchasaurus the Zero Miedo taunt.

02:45 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

Fenix hits a dropkick on Jungle Boy and tags in Penta. Luchasaurus also gets in the match, who kicks Fenix in the face.

02:44 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

Jungle Boy and Fenix kick things off. The former hits a Northern Lights Suplex, before getting a hurricanrana for a near-fall.

02:43 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

02:42 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

Lucha Brothers vs. Jurassic Express for the AEW World Tag Team Championship

02:41 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

It's main event time, as Jurassic Express come out for their AEW World Tag Team Title shot.

02:40 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

02:39 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

Ruby Soho is interviewed after her TBS Title defeat but is interrupted by Dr. Britt Baker DMD, who mocks her inability to get the big job done. Ruby attacks her but is outnumbered. Riho tries to help her but Baker gets the upper hand.

02:37 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

02:37 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

02:37 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

02:37 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

02:37 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

02:36 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

The Lucha Brothers approach the ring to confront Malakai Black. The lights go out. When they come back, Black is on the ramp.

02:34 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

Pillman messes up a springboard dive and runs right into the Black Mass. Black puts his foot on his chest.

Malakai Black defeats Brian Pillman Jr.

02:33 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

Pillman grabs Black's leg and mounts a comeback. He chops him before hitting a Jackhammer-type move.

02:32 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

Black hits a roundhouse kick. He is setting up for the Black Mass.

02:31 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

02:31 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

02:28 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

02:28 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

Pillman hits a dropkick in the ring and hits another one to the outside.

02:28 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

Black nearly hits the Black Mass but Pillman ducks.

02:27 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

Malakai Black vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

02:27 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

02:25 (GMT)6 JAN 2022

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