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AEW Dynamite Live Results (February 1, 2023): Samoa Joe vs Darby Allin for the TNT Championship

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 02, 2023 10:10 IST

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08:36 (IST)2 FEB 2023

08:34 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Thanks for joining us for this loaded episode of AEW Dynamite, folks! We'll see you back here next week!

08:32 (IST)2 FEB 2023

08:32 (IST)2 FEB 2023

08:32 (IST)2 FEB 2023

08:31 (IST)2 FEB 2023

08:31 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Joe barely escapes before the Powerbomb Symphony, but he's now the prime target of Wardlow! Will this reign be a short one?

08:31 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Wardlow's back! Wardlow rushes the ring and attacks the new TNT Champion!

08:29 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Joe sends the ref into the ropes as Darby goes for another Coffin Drop. He follows Darby to the top, hitting an avalanche Muscle Buster onto the exposed wood!

Samoa Joe defeats Darby Allin via pinfall. 

08:27 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Darby cuts part of the apron off the ring and exposes the wood of the canvas. As Joe rolls to the floor, Darby looks for a dive only to fly into the table. Back in the ring, a powerbomb to the thumbtack jacket leaves Darby in a bad way. 

Darby breaks away from a jacket-assisted choke by digging his thumbs into Joe's eyes!

08:25 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Darby counters a powerbomb by powdering Joe, countering with a Code Red. Joe kicks out but is caught with Stundog Millionaire! Darby puts the jacket of tacks back on, looking for a Coffin Drop. He hits it, but Joe is able to barely kick out. 

08:23 (IST)2 FEB 2023

08:23 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Joe's got two chairs set up back to back and drives Darby's spine into them with a back suplex!

08:22 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Samoa Joe sets up a table by the barricade, but when he comes back to the ring he's met with a series of chops by Darby. Joe shrugs them off, grabs Darby by the neck, and choke tosses him over the ropes onto the floor!

08:21 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Joe's got a bald spot now, but I'll never be the one to tell him. 

08:21 (IST)2 FEB 2023

08:21 (IST)2 FEB 2023

08:20 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Back in the ring, Joe is choking out Darby. Commentary is telling us that Darby landed on his head when he hit the cement during the commercial break. 

What doesn't help that is the uranage slam Joe spikes Darby with out the corner. Somehow, he kicks out at two. 

08:19 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Joe walked Darby up and down the arena stairs, and all TNA/IMPACT fans shared a unified sigh of relief when he didn't decide to jump down them.

08:17 (IST)2 FEB 2023

08:15 (IST)2 FEB 2023

08:14 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Darby rushes Joe with a splash in the corner, and the King of Television is already covered in holes! Joe is able to tear the jacket off, but when he goes for a table the TNT Champion hits it with a suicide dive! As Darby sets up some stairs near the barricade, Joe slings him into them. Darby hits the steps, flips over them, and flies over the barricade into the crowd!

08:12 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Darby Allin is out for his No Holds Barred TNT TItle Match with Samoa Joe...and he's wearing a thumbtack-covered jacket!

08:09 (IST)2 FEB 2023

08:09 (IST)2 FEB 2023

08:07 (IST)2 FEB 2023

08:07 (IST)2 FEB 2023

08:03 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Leila Grey interferes in the match and is attacked by another former Baddie, Kiera Hogan. The ref is distracted by the action on the floor, and she's unable to see Velvet get a clear three-count on Jade. Velvet goes for a modified kimura lock, but Jade is able to stand out of it. 

Jade blocks a sunset flip attempt, and plants Velvet with Jaded!

Jade Cargill defeats Red Velvet via pinfall. 

08:01 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Cargill has taken over and taunts Velvet with push-ups while the challenger recovers in the corner. 

08:00 (IST)2 FEB 2023

07:59 (IST)2 FEB 2023

07:59 (IST)2 FEB 2023

07:58 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Velvet rolls Cargill up for a two-count. Cargill blocks a wheelbarrow facebuster, countering with a suplex. 

07:57 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Red Velvet fires up quickly, hitting a Thesz Press and rocking the champion with rights to the jaw. Jade shrugs her off and responds with an elbow, but is sent to the floor for a wrecking ball dropkick!

07:54 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Rush responds, with some attitude, and MJF says that it sounded longer than "we have a deal." Looks like Rush doesn't much care for MJF either.

07:54 (IST)2 FEB 2023

07:54 (IST)2 FEB 2023

MJF meets Rush backstage, giving him a briefcase full of cash "free of charge." He'll get five more cases next week if he can destroy Bryan Danielson.

07:51 (IST)2 FEB 2023

07:51 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Next up is the TBS Championship! Will Red Velvet be the one to end Jade Cargill's undefeated streak, or will Jade go to 50-0? Considering how they both started in AEW, it would be poetic for Velvet to put an end to this reign.

07:48 (IST)2 FEB 2023

07:47 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Backstage, MJF and Takeshita are torn apart by AEW officials and referees. Renee Paquet says that Tony Khan has made a huge decision. 

Next week, MJF faces Konosuke Takeshita!

07:46 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Busaiko Knee connects! Danielson defeats the aggressive Timothy Thatcher in an excellent fight. 

Bryan Danielson defeats Timothy Thatcher via pinfall. 

07:45 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Thatcher and Danielson run into ref Stephon Smith, giving MJF a chance to interfere. The AEW World Champion comes down and points to the Dynamite Diamond Ring before being attacked by a hooded's Konosuke Takeshita! Takeshita saves his hero Bryan Danielson, leaving the American Dragon alone with Toothless Timmy.

07:43 (IST)2 FEB 2023

07:43 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Danielson's finally firing off on Thatcher! A series of kicks take Thatcher to the mat. When he counters a roundhouse, Danielson escapes a submission for a roll-up. Thatcher rolls through and is rocked with a hellacious roundhouse to the face. Danielson follows with repeated elbows to the shoulder and neck. 

07:40 (IST)2 FEB 2023

07:39 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Danielson finally catches Thatcher with some shots, but Thatcher targets the shoulder again, putting a halt to any of Danielson's momentum. 

07:38 (IST)2 FEB 2023

Thatcher is just brutalizing Danielson in this match. He's been hammering and stretching Danielson for the better part of five minutes now, and the American Dragon has barely gotten any offense in of his own. 

An over-the-rope arm trapped back suplex plants Danielson, and Thatcher continues to zero in on that injured shoulder.

07:36 (IST)2 FEB 2023

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