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AEW Dynamite Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from All Elite Wrestling Dynamite (3rd June 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJun 04, 2020 02:02 GMT

Can Cody keep hold of his newly-won AEW TNT Championship?


02:02 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Well, that's it for tonight. What a match and what a night of wrestling! Thanks for joining us today! Join us again for SmackDown! Till then, stay tuned on Sportskeeda for the full results for the night, and all the news from the world of wrestling!

02:00 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

That's it. Cody wins.

Cody defeats Jungle Boy

Cody and Jungle Boy hug, there's only respect here.

02:00 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Cody hits  a huge spiking Cross Rhodes. 

01:59 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:59 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:58 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:58 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Jungle Boy kicks Cody out of the Figure Four. Both men go to the top rope. Cody and Jungle Boy both fall backwards through a table. Oh my. Both men are hurt as they fall backwards through a table from the top rope. Cody is up and drags Jungle Boy in. 

01:57 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:57 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:57 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Cody comes back with a Stalling Superplex. Jungle Boy still kicks out. That's what this match means. 

01:56 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:55 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Jungle Boy comes back with a clothesline turning him inside out. 

01:55 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

That's a huge shot from Cody. It looks like it really hurts.

01:55 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Jungle Boy is going for the open wound, apologetically. He hits the dropkick on Cody and almost get the win with the inside cradle. And another, but he comes back with a big boot, the blood is still pouring down. 

01:54 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:54 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Cody throws Jungle Boy into the audience and this is not looking good. Jungle Boy and MJF are face to face. 

Cody is badly hurt. He has been really badly busted open when his head ran into the wall/ 

01:53 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:51 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Cody hits a Powerslam as well, but this match is far from one-sided at this point. 

01:50 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Jungle Boy is able to come back with a huge DDT to the Champion. This is looking like a contentious match. 

01:50 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:50 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:48 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Cody is focusing on the left arm of Jungle Boy, he seems to be looking to use that later. He wrenches the arm, but Jungle Boy reverses and looks good doing it. 

01:47 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Cody chops the chest of Jungle Boy in the corner as he looks to have the match in hand. 

01:47 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Jungle Boy's speed is his trump card in this equation. 

01:46 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Cody goes for the waist lock and brings down Jungle Boy, 

01:45 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Jungle Boy and Cody face off early in the match, with a lot of cheers for both sides. 

01:39 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Up now: First-ever TNT Championship defense - Cody (c) vs Jungle Boy

01:37 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:36 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

FTR are confronted by Butcher and Blade and promise that what happened last week was business. But it appears they are facing each other next week. 

01:34 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

They say that they don't want to face The Young Bucks when they are softened up and want to face them when they are in their best form. 

01:33 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

They promise to teach the Lucha Bros tag team wrestling, and their ultimate goal is Omega and Page. 

01:32 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

FTR are backstage with Tony Schiavone being interviewed. They say that they are for the Revolution. FTR says there are a lot of tag teams they want to face. 

01:30 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:27 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Britt Baker threatens Swole with the golf cart, but Swole grabs a steel chair and chases her away. 

01:27 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:26 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Rose comes back with a huge Spinebuster, and that's about it from Swole. Little she could do to stop that.

Nyla Rose defeats Big Swole

Big Swole says that it's still good to be back, and she is going to continue to fight. 

01:25 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Swole tries the big cutter, but is stopped. Swole fights back, but is stopped with a Spear. Nyla goes for the Beast Bomb, but Swole rolls up for a near-fall. 

01:24 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:24 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Everything Nyla does to Swole looks like it hurts. Swole hits the big boot, and that's a near-fall. 

01:23 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Nyla has Swole on her knee, stretching out her abdomen, that looks very uncomfortable. 

This is a rather weird night of wrestling. 

Swole gets her knee up and stops Nyla, and hits a big headbutt then. Nyla throws her over the shoulder, but Swole hits the sudden cutter. 

01:22 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:20 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:19 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Nyla is able to get out of it and immediately starts throwing her weight around, before then throwing Swole. She drives Swole into the apron and this is not looking good.  

01:18 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:18 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:17 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Nyla Rose and Big Swole are battling, and Swole is finally able to take down Nyla with the Side Headlock. She is maintaining her grip ferociously. 

01:16 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

Big Swole is coming out now.
it's Big Swoie vs Nyle Rose

01:12 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:12 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

01:08 (GMT)4 JUN 2020

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