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AEW Dynamite Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from All Elite Wrestling Dynamite after Double Or Nothing (27th May 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 28, 2020 07:37 IST

What does Iron Mike Tyson have in mind for the AEW fans?


07:37 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Thank you for tuning into our live coverage of AEW Dynamite! We'll see you next week for another edition. Catch our latest live coverage next for SmackDown

07:35 (IST)28 MAY 2020

07:31 (IST)28 MAY 2020

All hell breaks loose and there's a big brawl on the horizon! Referees and talent are out to stop it all! It's all broken down. Pandemonium inside the ring and Vitor Belfort and Rashad Evans try holding Tyson back! This isn't the end. What a night!

07:29 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Sammy Guevara was supposed to havea cheese platter and a little bit of bubbly, but the platter is empty and so is the bottle.

Mike Tyson is out and along with him some combat sports legends and top names, including Olympic Gold Medalist and 2-time UFC Champion Henry Cejudo, Vitor Belfort, and Rashad Evans

07:26 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Sammy asks Jericho what he really wants and he says "Mike Tyson's head on a platter". He refers to the incident from early 2010 where Tyson knocked Jericho out on RAW!

07:25 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Jake Hager recites a poem! He gets carried away in spite before Jericho stops him and Guevara, Santana and Ortiz calm him down.

07:25 (IST)28 MAY 2020

07:24 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Jericho tells Sammy Guevara that he's too good to look like a nerd with crutches, so he gives him a "hit me up" scooter

07:23 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Sammy Guevara says they didn't win, but they participated. He hands them all trophies and Jericho receives a "King of Dad jokes" trophy. The start handing out gifts to each other, including a discount pair of shoes for Jake Hager, a photo frame of Mark Anthony? What's going on?

07:21 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Chris Jericho has official stadium stampede merchandise where The Inner Circle are seemingly declared "Champions". They start throwing the shirts and have a few thrown back at them!

07:19 (IST)28 MAY 2020

It seems as though Vickie Gerrero is a cheerleader now, welcoming Jake Hager and The Inner Circle

07:12 (IST)28 MAY 2020

07:11 (IST)28 MAY 2020

It's Cassidy vs Jungle Boy and the latter nearly wins but Cassidy hangs on to the rope with one hand. Jungle Boy manages to eliminate him and is Cody's first title challenger!

Jungle Boy wins the Battle Royal and will be Cody Rhodes' first TNT Championship opponent

07:09 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Jungle Boy is still in the match and so is Wardlow, MJF...and ORANGE CASSIDY? When did he come in? MJF gets eliminated by Jungle Boy! Cassidy and Jungle Boy eliminate Wardlow! WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?

07:08 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Christopher Daniels is eliminated and Wardlow proceeds to eliminate Jungle Boy. MJF is choked by Luchasaurus and gets into a confrontation with the big man Wardlow. Luchasaurus starts to get the better of him but MJF attacks him by attacking his lower leg. He still makes the comeback and goes face-to-face with Billy Gunn. MJF and Wardlow eliminate Luchasaurus and Billy Gunn

07:06 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Wardlow is dominating so far, but all 3 members of Jurassic Express are still in.

07:01 (IST)28 MAY 2020

MFJ is using Wardlow as his human shield. Sonny Kiss gets eliminated by Wardlow. MJF rolls under the bottom rope to hit some unnecessary damage.

06:59 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Battle Royal - winner challenges Cody Rhodes for the TNT Championship

06:54 (IST)28 MAY 2020

MJF is outraged that he's been undefeated for over a year and hasn't earned a Championship opportunity.

06:52 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Kazarian fights back and takes out Sabian before focusing on Jimmy Havoc. He tags Scorpio Sky in and looks to finish it but Penelope Ford holds Kazarian's leg, causing the distraction. A piledriver combination gives Sabian and havoc the win

Kip Sabian & Jimmy Havoc def. SCU. Sabian & Havoc will take on Adam Hangman and Kenny Omega for the Tag Team titles next week

06:50 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Frankie Kazarian finally shows signs of life after getting beaten down and tags in Scorpio Sky, whose energy surges through the building. He decimates Sabian and Havoc before focusing on the former who is the legal man. Incredible movement from Scorpio Sky sees him lock the Dragon Sleeper before Havoc breaks it up

06:45 (IST)28 MAY 2020

It's Havoc and Sabian who are seemingly ahead on points, dominating Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian

06:44 (IST)28 MAY 2020

06:41 (IST)28 MAY 2020

SCU get taken out early on by Sabian and Havoc, who try to get a quick start. They're stopped in their tracks and Scorpio Sky starts dominating Havoc before tagging Frankie Kazarian in.

06:39 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Kip Sabian (w/ Penelope Ford) & Jimmy Havoc vs SCU

06:34 (IST)28 MAY 2020

06:33 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Cody Rhodes says he'll be out weekly and issues an open challenge. He said that despite us being in the pandemic era, he'll give it his best and he's obligated to do so for fans. What a great promo.

06:32 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Cody Rhodes is out to to talk about his TNT Championship win. He said that he was never the "first pick" or eve the second or third pick. He says that if anyone thinks that his story is one of nepotism. He speaks about how he debuted on TV in 21 when he could hardly run the ropes. He continues to cut an incredible promo about his work ethic leading him to where he is today.

06:23 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Christie Jaynes is looking good as she removes her wrist tapes. She hits an unusual sunset flip and a kick to the head, but it's only two! Shida lands a vicious strike on Jaynes but it's still two! A Falcon Arrow finally puts Jaynes away, but what an effort!

Hikaru Shida def. Christie Jaynes

What a showing for Christie Jaynes!

06:22 (IST)28 MAY 2020

The Japanese superstar starts to brutalize Jaynes and puts the upper half of her body outside the ring, hitting a running knee strike on her. A backbreaker isn't enough to put her away.

06:20 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Shida starts off dominant but Jaynes seems to be holding her own at first. She hits a fancy arm drag that looked great, but seemed to use unnecessary acrobatics. Either way, she's holding her own against the Champion before the onslaught begins.

06:19 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Hikaru Shida is in action for the first time since winning the AEW Women's Championship!

Hikaru Shida vs Christie Jaynes

06:16 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Chris Jericho is with The Inner Circle and tells Alex Marvez about getting back on track. They spot Orange Cassidy hanging around aimlessly behind them and seems to take offense to that. While he does nothing, he indicates that he will soon.

06:11 (IST)28 MAY 2020

She has a bulletin board filled with photos and linking everyone in the women's division, seemingly linking...referee Aubrey Edwards to all of this? A paranoid Dr. Britt Baker announces that she'll be back at ALL OUT...which is September 5th!

06:08 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Rule #3 is "Don't hurt the role model"

Britt Baker is trashing the "Conspirators" who were against her and responsible for her injury

06:06 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Britt Baker is out in a wheelchair, with Tony Schiavone being the host of "The Rules of being a role model". Britt Baker isn't happy and takes over the mic instead.

06:04 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Post-match, Taz cuts a promo for Brian Cage, telling Jon Moxley that he respects him but that at Fyter Fest, he's fighting a whole different monster. This is going to be exciting!

06:02 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Brian Cage vs Lee Johnson

Brian Cage makes quick work of Johnson, squashing him the way he normally squashes people.

Brian Cage def. Lee Johnson

05:58 (IST)28 MAY 2020

He said that Brian Cage isn't what he expected next, but he admits that nothing in the last few months has been what he accepted.

05:57 (IST)28 MAY 2020

The AEW World Champion Jon Moxley is here! he sits with Excalibur
, Tony Schiavone and JR.

05:52 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Rather than going for The Young Bucks, they assault The Butcher & The Blade and make a statement before leaving. What are their intentions? Are they babyfaces now?

05:51 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Butcher & The Blade come in for the post-match attack and a car pulls up...It's THE REVIVAL! THE REVIVAL ARE IN AEW!! They're going by the name FTR!

05:50 (IST)28 MAY 2020

The Young Bucks and Matt Hardy pic up the win!

The Young Bucks & Matt Hardy def. Private Party & Joey Janela!

05:47 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Janela starts to gain some momentum too but Matt Hardy stalls it, with Janela hanging upside down on the rope with one leg. The Young Bucks land a superkick but are both taken out by Private Party immediately!

05:45 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Nick Jackson is on a tearing spree of his own now, taking Janela and Cassidy out before tagging Matt Hardy. The legend starts to ragdoll Cassidy and anticipates his next move before taking out all three members of the opposition teams. He stacks them like a pile of bodies and hits a beautiful moonsault!

05:43 (IST)28 MAY 2020

05:43 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Cassidy and Janela go on a spree against Jackson, taking him to next to the ring. The chaos sees Nick Jackson take a lot of punishment bt Matt Jackson interjects!

05:41 (IST)28 MAY 2020

The Young Bucs start off strong, with Joey Janela needing to tag in. It doesn't work out for him either and Isiah Cassidy gets smoked by the boot of Nick Jackson.

05:39 (IST)28 MAY 2020

Welcome to our live coverage of AEW Dynamite!

We kick things off with Private Party & Joey Janela vs The Young Bucks & Matt Hardy

12:03 (IST)27 MAY 2020

How much has changed for All Elite Wrestling after Double or Nothing? We'll witness the fallout of the pay-per-view and everything that happened on this week's episode of AEW Dynamite.AEW has put together a very star-studded lineup for this week's show, although not a lot of details have been divulged about the same. One thing is for sure, that this is not an episode that one can afford to miss out on.

Mike Tyson appears on Dynamite

No further details have been mentioned, but one assumes that Mike Tyson and Jake Roberts still have a score to settle. Or will someone new like MJF get in Tyson's face, for a confrontation that could put him on the map?

Britt Baker announces her return timetable

Dr. Britt Baker was scheduled to compete at AEW Double or Nothing, but she was injured right before the event. This week, AEW will broadcast a medical update from the doctor. As one would rightfully expect, this is certainly going to advance her heel character in the right manner.

Battle Royal to determine Cody Rhodes' first opponent as TNT Champion

Cody Rhodes ran through all his opponents in the AEW TNT Championship tournament to be crowned the inaugural winner. But now a host of contenders will slug it out in a battle royal to determine who will face him first. Once again, no details have been provided about the contestants of the said match, and it will be interesting to see if any surprise names show up for the same.

The build to Jon Moxley vs. Brian Cage begins

Yes, Jon Moxley may have put away the biggest threat he's faced thus far as Champion, but an even bigger one has emerged in the form of 'The Machine' Brian Cage. With Taz in his corner, Cage seems absolutely unstoppable. We will hear more about their match at Fyter Fest this week. Maybe even see a scuffle between the two powerhouses take place?
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