India at the Commonwealth Games Results, 29 July 2022: Day 1 - Shuttlers, paddlers shine on opening day of CWG

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India thrash Barbados and RSA 3-0 each in TT; Srihari Nataraj qualifies for 100m backstroke semis


01:31 (IST)30 JUL 2022

Right then, that brings us to the end of the coverage from Day 1 of the Commonwealth Games 2022. Indian shuttlers and paddlers had a good outing on the opening day of CWG, while the Indian Women's Cricket Team lost against Australia in their opening encounter. Meanwhile, the Women's Hockey Team defeated Ghana 5 - 0. Squash players Abhay Singh and Anahat Singh registered victories in their Round of 64 matches. Swimmer Srihari Nataraj qualified for the semifinal, whereas the other athletes had a poor run on 29th July.

This is, Farzan signing off on behalf of Team Sportskeeda. See you guys tomorrow as we bring you the live coverage from Day 2 of the Commonwealth Games 2022.

01:28 (IST)30 JUL 2022


India's Srihari Nataraj finished 4th in the Men's 100m Backstroke Semi-Final with a time of 54.55 seconds. He qualifies for the Men's 100m Backstroke Final.

01:21 (IST)30 JUL 2022


Srihari Nataraj will be in action during the Men's 100m Backstroke Semi-Final 2. The match will begin in 5 minutes!

00:45 (IST)30 JUL 2022


Abhay Singh defeated Joe Chapman 3 - 0 in the Men's Singles Round of 64 match. He won all three rounds with identical scores of 11 - 5 and has progressed to the next round of the competition.

00:40 (IST)30 JUL 2022


Massive win for the Indian side in the Men's Pairs - Section C - Round 2 as they defeat the Falkland Islands 36 - 4 in a one-sided encounter. Meanwhile, the Women's side registered a win against the Cook Islands in Round 2 of the Women's Fours event. They won the game 15 - 9. 

Both Indian lawn bowls teams finish their opening day's performance on a positive note. 

00:37 (IST)30 JUL 2022



Sathiyan Gnanasekaran wins 11 - 7, 11 - 5 & 11 - 8 against a clueless Zhe Yu Clarence Chew in the Singles round of the Team event. With this win, India clean sweeps Singapore 3 - 0 in their group stage match. 

00:29 (IST)30 JUL 2022


India's Ashish Kumar Singh finishes last in the event, with a time of 1:18.21. 

00:21 (IST)30 JUL 2022


Indian Para swimmer Ashish Kumar will represent India a few minutes from now. The players are getting ready for the event. Meanwhile, Ashish will look for a podium finish as India eyes their first medal at the Commonwealth Games 2022.

00:17 (IST)30 JUL 2022



Sharath Kamal Achanta wins three games against Yew En Koen Pang to hand India their second point. He won 11 - 8, 11 - 9 & 11 - 9 and registers a clean sweep against his opponent.

23:38 (IST)29 JUL 2022



Indian paddlers Harmeet Desai / Sathiyan Gnanasekaran defeated Shao Feng Ethan Poh / Zhe Yu Clarence Chew in the Doubles round. They won the 1st & 2nd game 11 - 5 and then lost the next game 9 - 11. However, the Indian side bounced back with an 11 -2 victory in the 4th game to pick up the lead in the Men's Team event.

23:32 (IST)29 JUL 2022


Men's Singles Round of 64 - Abhay Singh - 11:45 PM
Para-swimming: 100m Men's Backstroke S9 - Ashish Kumar - 12:18 AM

23:24 (IST)29 JUL 2022


Anahat Singh defeats Jada Ross 3 - 0 in the Women's Singles Round of 64 match. She won 11 - 5, 11 -2 & 11 - 0 and has progressed to the next round of the competition. 

21:57 (IST)29 JUL 2022


India succumbs to defeat against England in the Women's Fours - Section D - Round 1 match. They lost the game 9 - 18 and will next take on Cook Islands at 10:30 pm IST.

21:37 (IST)29 JUL 2022


India lost 14 - 17 to Malaysia in their Men's Pairs Round 1 match. They are next up against Falkand Islands at 10:30 pm IST.

21:30 (IST)29 JUL 2022

Right then, just a few more matches to come to round off the opening day of CWG 2022!

Lawn Bowls:
Men's Pairs Sectional Play - 10:30 PM
Table Tennis: Men's Team vs Singapore - 11:00 PM
Squash: Women's Singles Round of 64 - Anahat Singh - 11:00 PM
Squash: Men's Singles Round of 64 - Abhay Singh - 11:45 PM

21:26 (IST)29 JUL 2022


Sreeja Akula wins her singles encounter 3-0, and with that, India have defeated Fiji 3-0!

A very consistent performance from Akula, who pockets a comfortable 11-7, 11-1, 11-2 win over Grace Yee. 

21:19 (IST)29 JUL 2022


India complete a 5-0 whitewash of Pakistan! This is some statement from the Indian contingent!

Gayatri/Treesa thrash their opponents 21-4, 21-5 to end Pakistan's misery!

21:12 (IST)29 JUL 2022


India take a 2-0 lead ahead of Sreeja Akula's singles game against Fiji! 

Akula/Diya Chitale picked up a 11-8,11-3,11-5 win over Titana/Yee which gave the Indian contingent a massive boost. In the second match, Manika Batra romped home to a 11-2,11-4,11-2 victory over a hapless Li Carolyn.

21:07 (IST)29 JUL 2022


The Indian pair have absolutely decimated their Pakistan counterparts to open their campaign with a 21-4 whipping of their opponents!

20:58 (IST)29 JUL 2022

India's final badminton match for today will feature a women's doubles clash where the pair of Gayatri Gopichand/Treesa Jolly will face off against Mahoor Shahzad/Ghazala Siddique. 

20:53 (IST)29 JUL 2022


Satwik and Chirag whip up a top-notch performance to pick up a 21-12, 21-9 win and make it a 4-0 lead for India!

20:43 (IST)29 JUL 2022


Pragnya Mohan finished 26th, while Sanjana Sunil Joshi finished 28th in the Women's Individual Event. Both players failed to win medals for India.

20:16 (IST)29 JUL 2022



The Indian Women's Hockey Team start their campaign with a convincing victory against Ghana Women. Salima Tete scored the 5th & final goal for India in their season opener of the Commonwealth Games 2022.

20:06 (IST)29 JUL 2022


PV Sindhu wraps up the second game 21-6 to give India an unassailable 3-0 lead vs Pakistan!

Click on this link to recap how Sindhu got the better of her rival!

19:52 (IST)29 JUL 2022


PV Sindhu's thrashes young Shahzad 21-7 in the opening game. A lot of pressure on the youngster to put up a fight against Sindhu. 

19:49 (IST)29 JUL 2022


End of 3rd quarter: INDIA 4 - 0 GHANA

India scores two more goals to extend their lead against Ghana. Sangita Kumar scores the 3rd goal, while Gurjit Kaur converted a penalty to add another goal to India's tally.

19:34 (IST)29 JUL 2022

It's now time for PV Sindhu's clash!

Click on this
LINK to follow all of Sportskeeda's live updates from Sindhu's match! 

19:33 (IST)29 JUL 2022


India take a 2-0 lead!

A strong performance from Kidambi Srikanth against Murad Ali, a 21-7, 21-12 win to bring about another match to India's favour!

19:20 (IST)29 JUL 2022



Men's Pairs Sectional Play - Round 1 vs Malaysia
Women's Fours Sectional Play - Round 1 vs England
Women's Fours Sectional Play - Round 2 vs Cook Islands

Both Round 1 matches commence at 7:30 PM IST, while the Round 2 match against the Cook Islands will commence after the completion of Round 1 against England. 

19:17 (IST)29 JUL 2022


India's lead extends, Kidambi Srikanth wins his opening game 21-7!

India already have a 1-0 lead courtesy of Ashwini/Sumeet's 2-0 win over their opponents in the mixed doubles encounter. 

To follow all the live updates and commentary, click on this link

19:13 (IST)29 JUL 2022


End of 2nd quarter: INDIA 2 - 0 GHANA

The Indian Women's Hockey team extend their lead against the African side. A goal by Neha Goyal in the 28th minute see the Asian country double their lead in Match 1 of the Commonwealth Games.

18:58 (IST)29 JUL 2022


India take a 1-0 lead over Pakistan!

Ashwini Ponappa and Sumeet Reddy put up a strong show against Muhammad Bhatti and Ghazala Siddique to seal a 21-9, 21-12 win!

Next up is a singles clash between India's Kidambi Srikanth and Pakistan's Murad Ali. 

18:51 (IST)29 JUL 2022


End of 1st Quarter - INDIA 1 - 0 GHANA

India Women have the lead against Ghana Women in their opening encounter of the Commonwealth Games. They lead the match 1 - 0, courtesy of a goal by Gurjit Singh in the 3rd minute of the game. 

18:42 (IST)29 JUL 2022


Ashwini Ponappa and B Sumeet Reddy make quite a statement in the opening set to pick up a comfortable 21-9 win over their Pakistan rivals.

Follow all the action live through the link here

18:39 (IST)29 JUL 2022


Sanjana and Pragnya Mohan will be in action at 7 PM IST in the Women's Individual event. 

18:37 (IST)29 JUL 2022


Tania Choudhury loses 20 - 21 to Daphne Arthur-Almond in Round 2 of the Women's Singles event. Meanwhile, Scotland defeated India 19 - 12 in the Men's Triples Round 2.

18:34 (IST)29 JUL 2022


The game doesn't even go into the final over. They win the game in the 19th against the run of play given that they were 49/5 at one stage. This is what batting depth gives you, I guess. 

Australia 157/7 in 19 overs [Ash Gardner 52*(35), Grace Harris 37(20), Renuka Thakur 4-18] beat India 154/8 in 20 overs [Harmanpreet Kaur 52(34), Shafali Verma 48(33), Jess Jonassen 4-22] by 3 wickets.

18:30 (IST)29 JUL 2022


Fifty for Gardner, and the Aussies are one shot away from victory.

18:28 (IST)29 JUL 2022


Indian fans may want to look away the way this is going. It feels like only minutes ago that the target looked like it was a little too far for the Aussies to chase. Yet, here we are. 9 to win off 12 balls. They've scored 27 runs in the last two overs.

18:25 (IST)29 JUL 2022


Alana King, of all people, doing the damage in that over. 15 comes off it. The Aussies need 21 to win off 18 balls. Only 3 wickets in hand but they will back themselves for as long as Gardner is around. 

18:24 (IST)29 JUL 2022

There's also another Indian team in action a few kilometers away from the badminton match, with the Indian women's hockey team taking on Ghana! If you're looking for live updates, well, look no further!

India vs Ghana hockey match LIVE, on Sportskeeda! ✨👆

18:21 (IST)29 JUL 2022

We're now only moments away from the much-awaited India vs Pakistan badminton clash! Follow all the action on this link! 👆

18:21 (IST)29 JUL 2022


The required rate is now up to 9 an over for Australia. 36 need in 24 balls. You can find all the ball-by-ball commentary here, of course.

18:17 (IST)29 JUL 2022


The Aussies find themselves at 112/7 in 15 overs. The collapse of wickets starting to take effect now. They need 43 in 30 balls from here.

18:15 (IST)29 JUL 2022


STUNNER! Deepti takes a brilliant catch off her own bowling to send Jonassen packing. 110/7 and the Aussies are reeling again, but they still have Gardner around. And the game isn't over till it's over. 45 to win in 34 balls.

18:08 (IST)29 JUL 2022


Looking more and more like Australia's game now. Gardner joining the party as well. These two dominating any bowler that Harmanpreet Kaur is turning to, at the moment. Just as I was typing that, Harris skies one from Meghna Singh, only to find a backpedaling Harmanpreet in the deep mid-off region. 100/6 in 13 overs. The Aussies need 55 runs in 42 balls. 

18:03 (IST)29 JUL 2022


The Aussies probably said Grace 'cause she is responding, and how! Harris is taking the momentum away from the Indians and dragging her team back into this game. The Aussies are 91/5 in 12 overs. They need 64 to win in 48 balls.
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