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KKR vs DC Live Score Updates IPL 2024, 47th Game: KKR lock horns with DC in crucial Eden Gardens battle

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 29, 2024 23:28 IST

KKR vs DC Live Score Updates IPL 2024, 47th Game: Get the latest updates on KKR vs DC live score for today's IPL match. Follow Sportskeeda for top-notch ball-by-ball commentary from the Eden Garden in Kolkata for Live Score Updates


23:28 (IST)29 APR 2024

A performance of some authority from the Kolkata Knight Riders which will give them a lot of confidence after the tough loss against the Punjab when they chased down 262 with 8 deliveries to spare. This was a fairly different pitch to be honest but certainly not a 153 surface. The Capitals didn't get enough runs on the board and the way Phil Salt came out blazing, it was always going to be a cakewalk for the hosts. The Capitals have a week off from now on and they will be hoping to get themselves up and running and spend some time off the field. For KKR, it's time to consolidate on their impressive performances in the competition. KKR faces Mumbai Indians in their next game on May 3. The IPL carnival continues tomorrow with the Lucknow Supergiants locking horns against the Mumbai Indians. Join us then and for all other sporting actions but for now this is me (Arya Sekhar Chakraborty) bidding adieu on the behalf of my fellow commentator and good mate Pragadeesh. Goodnight! Cheers!

23:22 (IST)29 APR 2024

Varun Chakravarthy (Player of the Match): It was holding a bit and as the game  like that, when the first catch was dropped I knew that was a better ball. When I got the wicket it would have gone for a six in any other ground. The Tristan Stubbs wicket was my favourite. My plan was to bowl the leg spin and it worked. Silence is our communication between me and Narine (chuckles). The whole team environment is great. Abhishek Nayar and even Shahrukh Khan spoke to me. That gave me a lot of confidence as losing after scoring 262 is always a tough pill to swallow. 

23:19 (IST)29 APR 2024

Shreyas Iyer (KKR captain): Not at all considering the last few matches (on whether he thought the pitch would behave in the manner it did). Again we thought 200 will be a par score but after the powerplay the pitch became tacky and the pitch was helping the spinners. It helped us a lot while chasing. Salt is always engrossed in the game and it's a pure bliss to watch him. He (Chakravarthy) wasn't at his best in the last few games but have come back strongly today. The way he turned up today was simply brilliant. Absolutely we have been thinking right from match one to qualIfy as early as possible as anything can happen at the business end and see we can deliver at crunch situations.

23:16 (IST)29 APR 2024

Salt comes back for the 4th time and gets the award for hitting the most fours in the match. 

23:16 (IST)29 APR 2024

Salt gets the 3rd in row for most sixes in the match. 

23:16 (IST)29 APR 2024

He also gets the ultimate fantasy player or the match award.  

23:15 (IST)29 APR 2024

Phil Salt gets the Electric Striker of the Match Award. 

23:09 (IST)29 APR 2024

Philip Salt - It's good to be contributing. Bounced back from a tough game and we are very much pleased with our performance. It's high-risk at times but it is also putting the odds in your favour. You have to keep backing yourself and take the right options. The keeper has an extra advantage assessing the conditions. (On Sunil Narine) Off-field, we have a laugh and on-field we don't do it much. Sunil is a deep-thinker and stays calm always. It also part of our communication - If one us gets going the other batter gives the strike

23:05 (IST)29 APR 2024

Rishabh Pant (Delhi Capitals Captain) - I think that was a good option to bat first but we didn't bat well. 150 was below par but it's part and parcel of the game. We learn from our mistakes. The way we were progressing as a team is quite good but it happens in T20 cricket, we can't get away every time. Anything above 189-210 will be a good score but as a batting unit we didn't give enough runs for the bowlers work around

23:04 (IST)29 APR 2024

Kolkata Knight Riders won by 7 wickets (with 21 deliveries to spare)

Philip Salt 68(33) | Varun Chakravarthy 3/16(4)
Kuldeep Yadav 35(26) | Axar Patel 2/25(4)

It was a stroll in the park for the Kolkata Knight Riders as they romped home against the Delhi Capitals by 7 wickets and with 21 deliveries left to register their 6th win of the competition and also solidify their second spot. The target of 154 was never going to challenge the Knight Riders until the Delhi Capitals bowlers picked early wickets. However, that was sold down the river with Lizaad Williams getting smashed for 23 runs in the opening over. 

Phil Salt was all over the South African pacer, smashing him to different parts of the Eden Gardens. It was a good first couple of overs from Khaleel Ahmed but the carnage was happening at the other end. Boundaries kept flowing from the blade of Phil Salt. Sunil Narine also joined in the act in the 5th over bowled by Rasikh Salam Dar. Khaleel was given a 3rd over and that didn't go in DC's favour. 

Salt picked the change of pace and bashed him for 18 runs to make it a massive powerplay for KKR. A score of 79 in the first six overs while chasing 154 almost put the bowling team out of the contest and that was exactly the case here. Salt raced to a 26-ball half-century but just post the powerplay Axar Patel broke the opening stand by sending back Narine but the damage was already done. 

Salt was eventually castled by an arm ball from Axar after scoring a match-winning 68 off 33 deliveries which included 7 fours and 5 sixes. Rinku Singh was sent up the order but he couldn't quite contribute in the manner he would have wanted. He top-edged one straight up in the air after a run a ball 11 and perished at the hands of Lizaad Williams. Three quick wickets did put the brakes on the scoring rate but that was not going to affect the eventual result of the game. 

The two Iyer's, Venkatesh and Shreyas Iyer took the onus on themselves to take their side home without any further hiccups. Both took their time initially but struck some boundaries in between to never allow the Capitals to claw their way back. While Shreyas remained unbeaten on 33 off 23 deliveries, Venkatesh was undefeated on 26 off 23. There weren't any alarm bells after the three wickets as KKR coasted home by 7 wickets. Axar Patel was the pick of the DC bowlers, bagging a couple of wickets.

23:00 (IST)29 APR 2024

Shorter boundary towards the off side and Venkatesh Iyer finishes it off by drilling that up and over the extra cover fence. What a dominating performance from the Knight Riders as they return to winning ways after a tough loss against the Punjab Kings. The home team did everything right today and on a pitch which again looked a belter, they restricted DC to 153 which proved nowhere close to be enough in the end. 

22:58 (IST)29 APR 2024

16.3 Rasikh Salam to Venkatesh Iyer

SIX! Commanding victory for the hosts. Pitched up on a fuller length angling back, Venkatesh gets underneath the ball and crunches it hard over extra cover for a maximum

22:58 (IST)29 APR 2024

16.2 Rasikh Salam to Venkatesh Iyer

dug it short and it gets big on Venky. He tries to ramp this over the keeper but decides against playing the shot at the last second

22:57 (IST)29 APR 2024

16.1 Rasikh Salam to Venkatesh Iyer

off-pace delivery on a good length, Venkatesh charges down the track and drives it to extra cover

22:57 (IST)29 APR 2024

Rasikh Salam Dar [2-0-24-0] is back into the attack. 

22:57 (IST)29 APR 2024

That's an astonishing shot from Shreyas Iyer to end the over. KKR just 3 runs away from winning this. A terrific shot from Shreyas, a reverse which carries over the deep cover point fence. This has been an utterly clinical performance from the home team and this will give them a lot of confidence going forward. 

22:56 (IST)29 APR 2024

End of over 16 (10 runs), Kolkata Knight Riders 151/3

Shreyas Iyer 33(23)
Venkatesh Iyer 20(20)
Kuldeep Yadav 34/0

22:56 (IST)29 APR 2024

15.6 Kuldeep Yadav to Shreyas Iyer

SIX! It's time for innovation, says Shreyas. He doesn't fancy the reverse hit too ofter but the ball catches the sweet spot of the blade on this occasion. Flighted delivery on a good length, Shreyas reverses and sweeps it over backward point for a maximum

22:56 (IST)29 APR 2024

15.5 Kuldeep Yadav to Venkatesh Iyer

tossed up angling back on middle stump, swept down to deep backward square leg for one

22:55 (IST)29 APR 2024

Umpire review for a run out, Venkatesh Iyer was ambling along and had to scamper back to make his crease. Some part of his bat is behind the popping crease and Venkatesh survives. 

22:54 (IST)29 APR 2024

15.4 Kuldeep Yadav to Venkatesh Iyer

RUN OUT? It's a mix-up but Venky dives forward to drag his bat over the line. Gives good amount of flight, Venkatesh tries to work this on the leg-side but gets a leading edge to backward point

22:54 (IST)29 APR 2024

15.3 Kuldeep Yadav to Shreyas Iyer

tossed up on a good length and it's been turned with soft hands for one

22:53 (IST)29 APR 2024

15.2 Kuldeep Yadav to Venkatesh Iyer

DROPS SHORT! Flighted delivery angling on middle stump, Venkatesh sweeps it uppishly in front of square. Williams dives forward to attack the ball but it falls short

22:53 (IST)29 APR 2024

15.1 Kuldeep Yadav to Shreyas Iyer

tossed up angling across off, pushed down to deep cover for one

22:52 (IST)29 APR 2024

End of over 15 (7 runs), Kolkata Knight Riders 141/3

Venkatesh Iyer 18(17)
Shreyas Iyer 25(20)
Axar Patel 25/2

22:52 (IST)29 APR 2024

14.6 Axar Patel to Venkatesh Iyer

short of a length angling across off, Venkatesh swings across and gets an under edge onto his pads. It rolls behind square

22:52 (IST)29 APR 2024

That's another quick over which ticks by and KKR just 13 runs away from sealing this. Shreyas and Venkatesh happy to nudge it around for singles in that over to get close to the target. The net run rate will come into the equation and it might be time for them to finish it off quickly. 

22:52 (IST)29 APR 2024

14.5 Axar Patel to Venkatesh Iyer

drags the length back after seeing the batter advancing. Venkatesh checks his shot and Axar collects it on the bounce

22:51 (IST)29 APR 2024

14.4 Axar Patel to Shreyas Iyer

quicker on a good length angling back. Turned behind square for one

22:51 (IST)29 APR 2024

14.3 Axar Patel to Venkatesh Iyer

drops it short, Venkatesh pulls it to long-on for one

22:51 (IST)29 APR 2024

14.2 Axar Patel to Shreyas Iyer

flighted delivery on a good length and it's been worked to the off-side for a single

22:50 (IST)29 APR 2024

14.1 Axar Patel to Shreyas Iyer

FOUR! Fantastic placement. He judges the length delivery, creates room and cuts it in the gap behind square for a boundary

22:49 (IST)29 APR 2024

Axar Patel [3-0-18-2] is back into the attack.

That's another Kuldeep Yadav and KKR meandering along towards their target. Just 20 more required off 6 overs and these two might just look to finish it off with a few big blows. Both are capable hitters and the net run rate will be very important in the context of the tournament.

22:49 (IST)29 APR 2024

End of over 14 (4 runs), Kolkata Knight Riders 134/3

Shreyas Iyer 19(17)
Venkatesh Iyer 17(14)
Kuldeep Yadav 24/0

22:49 (IST)29 APR 2024

13.6 Kuldeep Yadav to Shreyas Iyer

backs away and chops the length delivery to the right of backward point for one

22:48 (IST)29 APR 2024

13.5 Kuldeep Yadav to Shreyas Iyer

pushed quicker through the air outside leg, Shreyas defends it on the front foot

22:48 (IST)29 APR 2024

13.4 Kuldeep Yadav to Venkatesh Iyer

uses his wrists to nudge the length delivery to long-on for a single

22:47 (IST)29 APR 2024

13.3 Kuldeep Yadav to Venkatesh Iyer

spins away from a good length, Venkatesh backs away and gets beaten for turn

22:47 (IST)29 APR 2024

13.2 Kuldeep Yadav to Venkatesh Iyer

tossed up angling on middle stump, Venkatesh tries to flick this but doesn't get his bat down quickly. He cue ends it behind square for a couple

22:46 (IST)29 APR 2024

13.1 Kuldeep Yadav to Venkatesh Iyer

flighted delivery angling on leg-stump, Venkatesh clips it to mid-wicket

22:44 (IST)29 APR 2024

Strategic Time Out! 

There won't be much taking in the Delhi Capitals camp as the game is more or less done and dusted. Phil Salt provided the initial onslaught and the DC bowlers could never really recover from that onslaught. Despite the fall of three quick wickets, KKR is coasting along towards the victory target with Shreyas and Venkatesh rotating the strike and also finding the occasional boundaries. 

22:43 (IST)29 APR 2024

End of over 13 (9 runs), Kolkata Knight Riders 130/3

Venkatesh Iyer 14(10)
Shreyas Iyer 18(15)
Rasikh Salam 24/0

22:43 (IST)29 APR 2024

12.6 Rasikh Salam to Venkatesh Iyer

hits the seam on a good length angling back, pushed down to long-off for a single

22:42 (IST)29 APR 2024

12.5 Rasikh Salam to Shreyas Iyer

yorker length on off-stump, Iyer offers a straight bat and jams it to the left of extra cover for one

22:42 (IST)29 APR 2024

12.4 Rasikh Salam to Shreyas Iyer

off-pace delivery on a good length outside off-stump, Iyer opens the blade and plays it towards backward point

22:41 (IST)29 APR 2024

12.3 Rasikh Salam to Shreyas Iyer

pitched up on a good length. There is inward seem movement, Iyer offers a straight bat and gets an under edge as the ball rolls to long leg. They take a couple

22:40 (IST)29 APR 2024

12.2 Rasikh Salam to Venkatesh Iyer

good length delivery angling back, flicked in front of square for one

22:40 (IST)29 APR 2024

Lizaad Williams is not having the greatest of days. Let's this one through his legs and off to the fence it goes. 

22:39 (IST)29 APR 2024

12.1 Rasikh Salam to Venkatesh Iyer

FOUR! This is sloppy and it's unacceptable. It's Lizaad Williams again. On a good length angling back, driven to the right of deep cover. Williams overruns it and loses his footing and the ball trickles to the fence

22:39 (IST)29 APR 2024

Rasikh Salam Dar [1-0-15-0] is back into the attack. 
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