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Mirabai Chanu weightlifting Olympics 2021 LIVE commentary: Mirabai creates history, becomes first Indian weightlifter to win Olympic silver

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJul 24, 2021 14:21 IST

LIVE updates from Mirabai Chanu's 49kg weightlifting match in Olympics 2021


12:27 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Mirabai Chanu -- A warrior in her own way

Remember this day "July 24, 2020" --  Saikhom Mirabai Chanu created history by becoming the first Indian lifter to win a silver medal. 

Read about her story and how she overcame the odds to do it.

12:18 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Twitter goes wild for Mirabai Chanu

12:18 (IST)24 JUL 2021

12:18 (IST)24 JUL 2021

12:18 (IST)24 JUL 2021

12:18 (IST)24 JUL 2021

12:04 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Medal winners

Hou Zhuhui (China) -- 210kg
Mirabai Chanu (India) -- 202kg
Cantik Windy Aisah (Indonesia) -- 194 kg

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11:59 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Hou Zhuihui makes another medal lift

Can Mirabai go for gold medal?

11:57 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Olympic record by Mirabai Chanu

Mirabai makes the Olympic record with 115 kg.

11:56 (IST)24 JUL 2021


11:53 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Silver for India assured

Mirabai Chanu is assured of a silver at the Olympics after making a clean and jerk lift of 110kg.

11:51 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Hoi Zhihui lifts 109kg

China continues to dominate. An easy 109kg lift in the first attempt, she is now in gold medal position.

11:50 (IST)24 JUL 2021

USA out of Olympics

With three failed attempts, Jourdan Delacruz, one of the main medal contenders, bow out of the Olympics.

11:46 (IST)24 JUL 2021

USA under pressure

Delacruz fails her 108kg lift in her first and second attempts. She will certainly feel the heat now.

11:43 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Why are some lifts been cancelled?

In weightlifting, a lifter needs to be stable in every movement. In the snatch, the knees and elbows have to be stable and not bent while the lift is being made. In the final movement, when the bar is overhead, the lift needs to stand straight and stable until the buzzer goes off.

It is the same for clean and jerk, where there is an extra movement compared to snatch.

For example, Nina although did everything right in her 101kg attempt, the fact her elbows were shaking in the final posture made her lift invalid.

11:41 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Nina Stercxx continues to defy odds

The Belgium lifter is just 18 and has already impressed everyone. She had moved down to 49kg to compete at the Olympics. And even though her 101kg lift stands invalid due to technicality, the fact she managed to lift it overhead is in itself a big achievement.

11:39 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Tough lift

France's Aneis Michel fails in the second attempt. That certainly was not easy. She was all red making the first movement. For all who love weightlifting, this is what the sports is about -- Adrenaline, strength and hard work.

11:35 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Results so far

11:34 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Last Hurrah?

Another failed attempt. Did not see this coming. It is a sad ending to the Olympic campaign for one of the legendary weightlifters of 49kg. We hope to see her once more in Paris.

11:31 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Hiromi Miyake under pressure

The two-time Olympic medalist has not been at her best. Two failed clean and jerk attempts. She will have to stick at 99kg. An Olympic dream almost over. She gets two minute rest before her third lift.

11:23 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Mirabai registers for 110kg lift

Chanu and Zhuihui will attempt a 110kg, while Delacruz to go for 102kg. Things will change as the competition progresses.

11:21 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Mirabai Chanu's weightlifting journey

Aged just 12, Mirabai Chanu lifted heavy logs of wood which her elder brother couldn't - onlookers thought she had the strength to pursue weight lifting and thus began an incredible journey

Hopefully, the story of this girl from Imphal would get a silver (or golden) lining today.

11:17 (IST)24 JUL 2021


In shooting, Saurabh Chaudhary topped the 10m air pistol men's to qualify for the final eight.

11:13 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Snatch events end

Mirabai Chanu is 2nd on the standings as we head into the break. Clean&Jerk to start shortly. China's Zhihui set a new Olympic Record with 94kg and is in lead. Mirabai, incidentally, has the world best in C&J.


11:07 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Results so far


11:05 (IST)24 JUL 2021

New Olympics Record

Hoi Zhuihui makes the new Olympic record with 92kg lift in her second lift.

11:04 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Mirabai fails third attempt

She fails to lift the 89kg, which means China's Hoi Zhihui is at the top.

11:02 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Delacruz lifts 89kg?

The USA lifted does it but she might not have pulled it. The USA has challenged it.

She has to be stable but she wasn't and that means the lift has been cancelled.

10:59 (IST)24 JUL 2021

World Champion in action

China'sHoi Zhuihui moves down to 88kg from 91kg. It is a very smart move by China. And she lifts is successfully.

10:56 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Mirabai aims 87kg

And she does it. Mirabai is going all out. Great shoulder stability and good balance. Mirabai has just upped the ante.

10:55 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Delacruz attempt 86kg

The USA lifter make a great lift. And she celebrates with a punch in the air. Mirabai has a tough competition in her.

10:54 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Results after Mirabai Chanu's lift

10:51 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Mirabai Chanu in action

Makes the first successful lift and it is uphill from here on. She took her time to balance it out and finally make a successful first 84kg lift.

10:50 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Jourdan Delacruz successful first attempt

The USA lifter makes a perfect first lift. The technique was right, she was stable and made the lift. She is certainly a medal contender.

10:47 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Going Crazy

Its getting crazy as Jourdan Delacruz (USA(, one of Mirabai Chanu's challengers, changes her first attempt lift from 80 kg to 83 kg.

10:44 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Mirabai Chanu will look to lift 80% in the snatch of what she plans for clean and jerk. But can she do it?

Read what is Mirabai Chanu's snatch conundrum

10:42 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Records in weightlifting

10:40 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Japan's snatch over

Japan's Hiromi Miyake ends her snatch event with a best of 74kg lift after two failed attempts.

10:38 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Chinese Taipei, Japan, and France all make a successful first attempt.

Japan fails to make the second attempt of 76 kg in snatch.

10:36 (IST)24 JUL 2021

First attempt list


10:33 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Mirabai to start competition with 84kg

Mirabai Chanu will lift 84kg in her first attempt. China's Hoi Zhuihui, on the other hand, will lift 91kg.

10:32 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Mirabai Chanu lifts 87kg in snatch

India's young weightlifter Jeremy Lalrinnunga says Mirabai Chanu needs to get her first lift right. She has lifted up to 89kg during training.

10:19 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Pride of North East India

The northeastern part of India has been a. regular contributor to Indian sports. Be it the legendary Mary Kom or new India's medal hope Mirabai Chanu; North East has once again produced many athletes, who are part of the Olympics.

Check out the list of northeast athletes who are part of India's Olympic squad.

10:03 (IST)24 JUL 2021

Decoding Mirabai Chanu's tactics

Mirabai Chanu has listed an entry total of 210 kg for the finals of women's 49 kg category. This entry total is the highest among all the lifters that will participate in this weight category on the 24th of July, 2021.

Read more why she took such a decision when her main rivals China and USA have taken lower entry weight.
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