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NFL Week 10 Games Live Score: Latest injury updates, stats, how to watch, channel, standings, news and more

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 14, 2022 02:38 GMT

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02:38 (GMT)14 NOV 2022

What a night of football thus far. The Packers pulling off an extraordinary comeback, Jeff Saturday going on to win his first game as HC, and so much more happening around the NFL. Catch our live coverage of SNF live as we wrap up Week 10 of the 2022 season!

02:37 (GMT)14 NOV 2022

00:23 (GMT)14 NOV 2022

00:23 (GMT)14 NOV 2022

What a game so far in Lambeau Field. The Cowboys once again extend their lead against the Packers. This time it's CeeDee Lamb with the TD. Aaron Rodgers' misery continues to pile 

Cowboys 28 - 14 Packers 

00:21 (GMT)14 NOV 2022

00:20 (GMT)14 NOV 2022

00:20 (GMT)14 NOV 2022

00:20 (GMT)14 NOV 2022

In a tight game thus far, the Cowboys have opened the scoring at Lambeau Field 

Cowboys 7-0 Packers

00:19 (GMT)14 NOV 2022

00:12 (GMT)14 NOV 2022

00:07 (GMT)14 NOV 2022

00:02 (GMT)14 NOV 2022

00:02 (GMT)14 NOV 2022


Lions 24-31 Bears 

23:56 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

23:55 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

The Bears might have actually landed themselves their long waited franchise quarterback. Justin Fields has been phenomenal over the past few weeks and has given this Chicago offense a much needed boost. Tied game at Soldier Field.

Lions 10 - 10 Bears  

23:53 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

23:52 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

23:46 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

The Chiefs are running riot as usual. Urban Meyer's men will need something special to win against Mahomes tonight given how he's playing

Jaguars 0-14 Chiefs 

23:44 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

23:43 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

The Bills have pulled back. It's David Singletary who powers the rock into the endzone! The resulting kick is good. Tie game for now.

Vikings 7-7 Bills

23:42 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

The Giants strike first in New York in what appears is going to be a very long day for the Texans

Texans 0-7 Giants 


23:39 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

Kirk Cousins has done well to prove his doubters wrong this season. Connecting with Justin Jefferson yet again gives the Vikings an early lead against the Bills 

Vikings 7-0 Bills

23:38 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

18:09 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

The next set of Sunday games are now underway. Here are the following matches kicking off in the league - 

Vikings vs Bills 
Lions vs Bears 
Jaguars vs Chiefs 
Browns vs Dolphins 
Saints vs Steelers 
Texans vs Giants 

17:24 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

The Buccaneers have done it! A thrilling end to the game in Germany as Tom Brady and co march on to their fifth win of the season

Seahawks 16-21 Buccaneers (final) 

17:23 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

17:02 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

16:16 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

16:12 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

16:05 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

We're back live in Munich as the Seahawks look to make up lost ground to the Buccaneers. 

Seahawks 0-14 Buccaneers (second half)

16:00 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

15:58 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

It's halftime in Munich as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lead 14-0. The Seahawks will have their work cut out in the second half as they look to make their way back into this game 

Seahawks 0-14 Buccaneers (halftime)

15:44 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

15:44 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

The Bucs extend their lead. It's Leonard Fournette who runs in the rock for the TD! 

Seahawks 0-14 Buccaneers 

15:27 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

15:13 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

The Buccaneers draw first blood! Brady with a pass to Julio Jones running in the slot to take it all the way. What a start to the second quarter

Seahawks 0-7 Buccaneers

15:12 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

15:05 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

End of the first quarter and it remains scoreless in Germany

Seahawks 0-0 Buccaneers

14:55 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

14:52 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

14:52 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

Brady with a dime for Mike Evans which enables the Buccaneers to march into Seahawks territory 

14:40 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

We have kickoff in Germany as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Seattle Seahawks!

14:37 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

14:36 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

14:36 (GMT)13 NOV 2022

Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's LIVE coverage of Week 10 Sunday games from the NFL. We have a few blockbuster ties lined up for today with one coming all the way from Germany! Stay tuned for all the latest game related updates right here.
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