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  • RR vs DC Live Score, IPL 2023: Rajasthan Royals thrash DC by 57 runs courtesy an exceptional all-round effort

RR vs DC Live Score, IPL 2023: Rajasthan Royals thrash DC by 57 runs courtesy an exceptional all-round effort

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedApr 08, 2023 19:35 IST

RR vs DC Live Score, IPL 2023, Match 11 Updates. The Rajasthan Royals registered a comprehensive victory by 57 runs. After a great effort with the bat, it was the spinners who ruled the roost and won it for them. Follow RR vs DC Live Score at Sportskeeda for IPL 2023.


19:35 (IST)8 APR 2023

That's all from our end for tonight, we hope you enjoyed the live coverage of this match. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda as we will be back tomorrow with another exciting game of IPL.

19:19 (IST)8 APR 2023

A comprehensive victory for the Delhi Capitals by 57 runs. A terrific final over from Sandeep Sharma, also bagging the wicket of Anrich Nortje with a beautiful slower delivery. A hat-trick of losses for the Capitals. They have to turn it around in the next few games or else they could be staring at early elimination.  

19:12 (IST)8 APR 2023

David Warner goes for the switch hit and misses it completely. It turned back in and struck him right on the front leg. The umpire raised the finger after pondering on it, Warner reviewed it but the ball was crashing onto the middle stump. This has been a below-par effort from the Capitals, it will be their 3rd loss on a trot.   

19:07 (IST)8 APR 2023

A dozen deliveries left only and it has gone nowhere close to the plan of the Capitals. 137/6 at the end of the 18th over with Jason Holder bowling another fine over. Abhishek Porel played a delightful extra cover drive which fetched him a boundary.  

18:59 (IST)8 APR 2023

There seems to be some confusion there. Warner could be called back here, Jaiswal was standing outside the ring and it will be called a no-ball. Drama unfolds but it is unlikely to have a bearing on this game. At the point of release, Jaiswal was just outside the 30-yard circle. This is schoolboy error from the talented youngster. 

18:58 (IST)8 APR 2023

David Warner's struggles come to an end. He did score a half-century but couldn't get any flow to his knock. Murugan Ashwin with a length delivery a shade outside off, Warner backed away and tried to muscle it over extra cover, ens up slicing it straight down the throat of the cover fielder just at the edge of the circle. 

18:48 (IST)8 APR 2023

That should be the game done here. Rovman Powell tries to take on Ashwin towards the larger pockets in Guwahati and holds out at deep square leg. This has been exceptional bowling from the experienced spin duo of Ash and Chahal. The umpires have called for the final strategic time out of the game. 

18:44 (IST)8 APR 2023

Spinners ruling the roost as Chahal gets rid off Axar Patel. With the form Axar was in, it wasn't a bad ploy to send him ahead of Powell but Chahal with a bagful of trick lures him into a false shot. It was a length delivery and Axar came dancing down the track, couldn't quite reach to the pitch of the ball and missed it completely. Sanju Samson with an easy stumping. 

18:38 (IST)8 APR 2023

A top class over from Sandeep Sharma, going for just 6 runs in the 14th over. He mixed his slower ones with the yorker-length deliveries as the required rate keep climbing at an alarming rate. DC haven't struck a six yet, they need a whole heap of boundaries here to get back in the game. For now, RR well in control. Need 94 more runs in 6 overs. 

18:33 (IST)8 APR 2023

Trent Boult has the last laugh. A big hoick from Lalit Yadav to a length delivery angling into the right-hander, misses it completely and it strikes timbers. The partnership was just building and threatening to take the game deep. Lalit was the one striking the big blows. He clubbed one down the ground for a boundary, tried to go for one more but the inside edge sneaks in and hits the timbers. 

18:29 (IST)8 APR 2023

This partnership is giving some hope to the Delhi Capitals. The required rate still looks steep and boundaries are the order of the day. Jason Holder mixed his pace well in the 12th over but still conceded 10 runs. A flurry of boundaries here and DC could be up and running but for now the required rate is close to 14.   

18:23 (IST)8 APR 2023

The partnership is just starting to grow. Yuzvendra Chahal going for a few in the 11th over. Lalit Yadav connected the reverse sweep on a couple of occasion. The first one went over the backward point fielder while the next sped across the turf and beat the point fielder. 15 runs coming off that over. 

18:18 (IST)8 APR 2023

Ashwin is bowling beautifully here. He has a bagful of tricks up his sleeve and he is using most of them to fox the batters. David Warner and Lalit Yadav has to get a move on here. The required rate has climbed over 13 and it is not looking great for the Capitals. 

18:16 (IST)8 APR 2023

A couple of delightful shots from Warner and Lalit in the 9th over. They have to keep finding the boundaries as the required rate keeps climbing at an alarming rate. Murugan Ashwin has been brought in as the impact sub and he will look to have a say on proceedings. 

18:08 (IST)8 APR 2023

At the end of the 8th over, Delhi Capitals have struggled their way to 48/3 at the end of the 8th over. A couple of superb overs from Yuzvendra Chahal and Sandeep Sharma, The innings is going nowhere at the moment. David Warner had to get a move on here, the required rate is close to 13 and DC needs to find the boundaries consistently. 

17:55 (IST)8 APR 2023

This is falling apart for the Delhi Capitals. One more bites the dust as Ravichandran Ashwin gets another left-hander. Tossing it up in the air and Rossouw had premeditated to play the reverse. He couldn't quite get the connection he was after and ended up cue ending that straight down the throat of the cover fielder.  

17:53 (IST)8 APR 2023

Jason Holder started off well with his opening over but couldn't quite keep it down under 10. Warner smashed him down the ground for a boundary over the mid-off fielder while Rossouw finished it off with a backfoot punch past the extra cover fielder. 32/2 at the end of the 5th over. 

17:48 (IST)8 APR 2023

7 coming of Ravichandran Ashwin's opening over. He mixed it up well with his off breaks and sliders but just when he pitched one short, Warner was quick to transfer his weight on the backfoot and pull it away past the midwicket fielder. The partnership is starting to build here. This is a very important phase in the game and RR will look to keep chipping away with the wickets.  

17:45 (IST)8 APR 2023

Rossouw would consider himself lucky to get away with a false shot over the backward point fielder. Warner was quick to pounce on the width provided and spanked it past the extra cover fielder for a boundary. 14/2 at the end of the 3rd over and Rajatshan Royals are firmly on top. 

17:40 (IST)8 APR 2023

Sandeep Sharma was right on the money there. A brilliant opening over, he got the ball to move away from Warner and beat the bat on a couple off occasions. However Warner was quick to pounce on a fractionally short of a length delivery which was pulled away past the midwicket fielder. DC are in desperate need of a partnership.  

17:32 (IST)8 APR 2023

Two in two for Trent Boult as Manish Pandey walks back for a duck. A trademark inswinger from Boult, tails back into the right-hander and Pandey couldn't quite negate the movement. Struck plumb in front of the stumps, he did go for the review but in vain. That would have clattered onto the leg stump. Can Trent Boult get a hat-trick? 

17:29 (IST)8 APR 2023

The impact player hasn't made any impact whatsoever. A duck for Prithvi Shaw as Sanju Samson takes a blinder behind the stumps. A fuller-length delivery a shade outside off, hint of movement away from the right-hander and Prithvi gets an outside edge as he hangs his bat without moving his feet. Samson dives to his left and holds onto it. What a start for the Rajasthan Royals. 

17:25 (IST)8 APR 2023

We are back with the run chase. Prithvi Shaw will open the innings with David Warner. Shaw has been included as the impact player while Khaleel Ahmed has been substituted. Trent Boult will start with the new ball. Here we go....

17:16 (IST)8 APR 2023

This is what Butter had to say at the halfway stage:

Jos Buttler (Rajasthan Royals): I cut my finger in the last game but a few stitches and it felt fine to play. It's nice to wear and feels nice to get up and running. I think we got a decent score but it's a good wicket and we need to bowl well to defend it. In the power play, it was a fantastic wicket but as the ball got older, the bounce was a little lower. Hopefully, with Ashwin and Chahal in our team, we can do that. All bowlers know how to bowl with the new ball. Trent Boult has been really good for us in the start. I expect Delhi to be very aggressive in the start.

17:11 (IST)8 APR 2023

A sensational end to the innings by Shimron Hetmyer. Nortje missed his lengths in the final over allowing Hetmyer to go berserk. A powerful strike over the midwicket fence which was followed by a straight six. Nortje came back well and bowled a yorker on the final delivery to keep RR under 200. 199/4 at the end of the 20th over.  

17:06 (IST)8 APR 2023

Mukesh Kumar conceding 15 runs from the penultimate over but he managed to prize out the dangerman Jos Buttler. Hetmyer started the over by clubbing one back over the bowler's head for a six before Jurel carried on from where he left the other day, slamming a six over midwicket on the very first ball he faced. 

17:04 (IST)8 APR 2023

A huge wicket for the Delhi Capitals against the run of play. Mukesh Kumar with a pin point yorker on middle stump and Buttler ended up jamming that straight back to the bowler. Neither the bowler nor the other DC players were quite sure what happened there. Replays clearly suggested that it wasn't a bump ball and it went straight to the hands of Mukesh.  

17:01 (IST)8 APR 2023

Jos Buttler with a couple of boundaries in the 18th over of Anrich Nortje. A trademark Jos Buttler ramp down the fine leg region for a boundary before ending the over with another boundary. He didn't quite time that but still managed to spoon that just over the mid-off fielder. A couple of big overs from here an RR could still go past the 200 run mark.  

16:56 (IST)8 APR 2023

Rovman Powell bowled a superb opening over but was taken to the cleaners in his second. He started with a no ball but luckily for him, Hetmyer couldn't make full use of the free hit. However he was quick to pounce on the length delivery and dispatched it for a six down the ground followed by an extra cover drive which fetched him a boundary. 157/3 at the end of the 17th over. 

16:49 (IST)8 APR 2023

A tight over from Kuldeep Yadav followed by an expensive over from Mukesh Kumar. He was right on the money on the first four deliveries but it's always difficult to contain someone like Buttler. A nonchalant whip down towards backward square leg followed by a smash down the ground, albeit all along the carpet which race away to the fence. 143/3 at the end of the 16th over. 

16:40 (IST)8 APR 2023

The part-timer Rovman Powell does the trick for the Delhi Capitals. A couple of slower deliveries followed by a seam-up delivery which tailed in back ever so slightly and disturbed the timbers as Riyan Parag tried to slog it towards the midwicket region. Shimron Hetmyer is the new batter and with Buttler, he will definitely look to take Rajasthan beyond the 200 run mark. 

16:31 (IST)8 APR 2023

A massive six from the blade of Buttler as he gets to a half-century. It has been a well-crafted knock from the swashbuckling batter. He played second fiddle to Jaiswal when the opening partnership was on song but has himself scored at over 150. 10 runs coming off the 13th over of Axar Patel as we head into the second strategic time out of the match. 

16:26 (IST)8 APR 2023

The spinners are trying to squeeze in a few tight over. Axar conceding just 4 runs from the 11th as Rajasthan reach 107/2 at the end of the 11th over. Both Buttler and Parag seems to have gone into a shell and not taking too many chances unless they are presented with loose balls. Buttler should look to bat through this innings while Parag has to start taking some risks. 

16:22 (IST)8 APR 2023

A top over from Kuldeep Yadav has brought DC back into the game. 103/2 at the end of 10 overs. Riyan Parag has been sent up the order and he will be looking to grab this opportunity with both hands. He hasn't got enough opportunities in the middle order and should look to build the platform for a blistering finish. 

16:21 (IST)8 APR 2023

One brings two for the Capitals. Kuldeep Yadav tossing that up and enticing Samson to take the aerial route. He couldn't quite get anywhere close to the connection he was after, more of a top edge which has been safely taken by Nortje at long-on. 

16:14 (IST)8 APR 2023

A well-directed bumper from Mukesh Kumar brings about the downfall of Jaiswal. That was a quick one from Mukesh which zipped through the surface and hurried Jaiswal. He went for the pull but was far too late into the shot and spooned that up in the air which was safely taken by the bowler himself. 

16:09 (IST)8 APR 2023

It just keeps getting better for the Rajasthan Royals. Kuldeep Yadav taken to the cleaners by the Jaiswal-Buttler duo. Jaiswal continued his attacking approach, came dancing down the track and lifted Kuldeep back over his head for a six. The chinaman bowler bowled a faster one to end the over which was dispatched towards the backward square leg boundary. 17 runs coming off Kulddeep's opening over. RR scoring at 12 RPO and this is ominous signs for DC. They could be chasing a massive score here. 

16:05 (IST)8 APR 2023

Yashashvi Jaiswal has entertained the crowd with his strokeplay. Reaches a well-deserved half-century in just 25 deliveries. A couple of stupendous shots from the Axar Patel over. A square cut followed by a nonchalant flick of the wrist which was timed brilliantly. DC needs something different to break this partnership. 

15:59 (IST)8 APR 2023

Anrich Nortje with a brilliant over against the run of play. Just 5 runs coming off the final powerplay over as we head into the first strategic time out of the match. Both batters have made it look ridiculously easy and the strokeplay has been of the highest order. How can DC stop this onslaught? David Warner should be a worried man. 

15:53 (IST)8 APR 2023

Yashashvi Jaiswal is absolutely bossing the game at the moment. Accessing every corner of the ground and the Delhi Capitals have their work out. Axar Patel who didn't bowl a single over the previous day started off well with a couple of dot deliveries but was dispatched for three boundaries as he faltered in his lengths. A reverse sweep, followed by a square cut and Jaiswal finished it off with a sweep. 63/0 at the end of 5 overs. 

15:50 (IST)8 APR 2023

50 up for Rajasthan Royals in 4 overs. They couldn't have asked for anything more. Khaleel Ahmed was better with his lengths but still ended up conceding 11 runs. Buttler mistimed an attempted heave across the line and was almost holed out at deep midwicket. Anrich Nortje with a valiant effort but it pops out in the end. Rajasthan on the backfoot. 

15:42 (IST)8 APR 2023

Mukesh Kumar with a tidy 3rd over, conceding just 7 runs. The Delhi Capitals bowlers have to squeeze their opposition or else the duo opening duo can run away with the game within a blink of an eye. Warner is looking for options to find a breakthrough. 

15:36 (IST)8 APR 2023

Buttler showed respect to Anrich Nortje on the first two deliveries but still managed to collect 12 from that over. A punch from the crease past the cover fielder followed by a slash over backward point. However none better than a mere push of the final delivery which fetched him another boundary. Already a rollicking start for the Royals 32/0 at the end of the 2nd over. 8 fours already in the innings. 

15:30 (IST)8 APR 2023

The first over from Khaleel Ahmed has gone for 20. Jaiswal is a class act and he has started off in a blazing fashion. After boundaries of the first three balls, Jaiswal slams one down the ground followed by a glide over the short third man fielder. All Jos Buttler has done is enjoy his mate from the other end. 

15:28 (IST)8 APR 2023

What a start this has been for the Rajasthan Royals. Khaleel Ahmed starting with a couple of short deliveries and Jaiswal showing his full repertoire of shots. Starts off with a pull followed by a cut and a beautiful cover drive. Three boundaries on the first three balls of the match. Sloppy work in the outfield on the second delivery. 

15:24 (IST)8 APR 2023

The two umpires are making their way out in the middle followed by the Delhi Capitals players. The Rajasthan Royals openers Jos Buttler and Yashashvi Jaiswal follow suit. We should in for an exciting contest folks. Both these batters are exceptional strikers of the ball and we can expect some entertainment in the powerplay. 

15:16 (IST)8 APR 2023

This is what the captains said at the toss:

Sanju Samson (Rajasthan Royals captain): Looks a good wicket to bat on. Should be a high scoring game. With the impact rule, we can balance the side both ways. We can kind of manage. Jos is alright, he should be fine to go. We have a couple of changes. I am a bit confused about the changes due to the impact player rule. (Laughs)

David Warner (Delhi Capitals captain): (About the pitch) Don't know what's gonna happen. Hopefully we will start well. Marsh has gone home to get married. It is always difficult for players during this time of the year but all the best to him. There is one forced change with Powell coming in for Marsh. There are other changes too. Lalit and Manish come in for Prithvi and Aman

15:05 (IST)8 APR 2023

The playing XIs are out.

Delhi Capitals: David Warner(c), Manish Pandey, Rilee Rossouw, Rovman Powell, Lalit Yadav, Axar Patel, Abishek Porel(w), Anrich Nortje, Khaleel Ahmed, Kuldeep Yadav, Mukesh Kumar

Rajasthan Royals: Jos Buttler, Yashasvi Jaiswal, Sanju Samson(w/c), Riyan Parag, Shimron Hetmyer, Dhruv Jurel, Ravichandran Ashwin, Jason Holder, Trent Boult, Sandeep Sharma, Yuzvendra Chahal

15:01 (IST)8 APR 2023

Mitchell Marsh has left for Australia for his marriage as mentioned by Warner in the toss. Not sure when he will rejoin the squad but he will be out for this encounter at least. The team lineups coming up very shortly. 
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