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UFC Fight Night 157 Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from UFC Shenzhen (31st August 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 31, 2019 15:15 GMT

Will Zhang upset Andrade?


12:38 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

42 seconds is all it took to crown a new UFC Women's Strawweight Champion.

12:37 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

12:35 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

This is the second fastest finish in UFC Strawweight history. Zhang Weili has a 20-fight win streak. This is incredible in every way. 

12:35 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

12:34 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

12:34 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

The fight starts with Weili coming out fast. Jessica is searching for the left hook. Andrade hits several shots to Weili. WILI CATCHES ANDRADE! KNEE FOLLOWED BY KNEE! WHAT ARE THESE SHOTS? WEILI HAS WON! JUST LIKE THAT THE FIGHT IS OVER!

Zhang Weili defeats Jessica Andrade via TKO! She is the new Champion. Make that record 20-1. 

12:21 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Now the main event of the night:
Jessica Andrade vs Zhang Weili for the UFC Strawweight Championship

12:16 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Li Jingliang was so enthusiastic to celebrate with his family. He jumped over the cage, but instead of going to his wife, he hugged security. 

12:15 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

12:13 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

The shots as he was falling down were more than enough for Li to get the win. What a win.

Li Jingliang defeats Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos via KO!

12:12 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Li catches Dos Santos' leg and takes him down. Li lands a shot and drops him, but he gets back up. Elizeu tries an elbow but is blocked.  LI LANDS AN ENORMOUS SHOT! Elizeu falls back. He gets on him and hits a couple of big shots to the head of Elizeu. This is a big win. WHAT A WIN IN THE LAST SECONDS!

12:09 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Elizeu blocks the jabs from Li. Neither man has been able to get the better of the other at this point. 

12:08 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

12:08 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

The third round sees them both matching each others' offense to begin with. Li is managing to keep dos Santos away. Li avoids several big shot attempts by Santos. 

12:05 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

The second round ends in a clinch. Zaleski dos Santos: 10-9

12:04 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Elizeu is attacking a lot. He lands a knee and Li lands a shot to the head. 

12:04 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

12:03 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Elizeu pushes off Li again and again. This fight is going back and forth. Li is staying on his toes. Things can change any second. Now Li lands some blows of his own.

12:01 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Zaleski boxes Jingliang into the corner. Both men land shots but Elizeu manages to get some heavy shots. Li lands shots of his own. Now the two are trading blows.

11:59 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Elizeu trips up Li and he backs up. Both men are still throwing stiff shots in the center. Neither man is connecting. They clinch and then return to center. The first round has been an examination of both fighters. 

JINGLIANG DROPS DOS SANTOS! HUGE RIGHT HAND! He manages to get up and clnches. This round goes to Jingliang: 10-9

11:56 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

They are back up and fighting in the middle of the Octagon, with Jingliang looking for some big haymakers. Neither man has yet warmed up. 

11:56 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

There is extra tension here. Both men are being careful, but Li catches the kick and drops dos Santos. 

11:55 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Li Jingliang is keeping Elizeu Zaleski Dos Santos an arm away from the very start of the night. Zaleski is backing up as Jingliang evaluates him. 

11:52 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Li Jingliang vs Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos

11:45 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

11:39 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

11:38 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

The Judges award it to Kai Kara-France via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

11:37 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

11:36 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

11:36 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Mark seems unable to land any shots. Both men are bleeding and they are boxing now. This is all about the love of the fight. They hug as the fight ends.
Mark De La Rosa: 10-9

11:35 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Kai is landing some heavy shots now and some leg kicks. Mark's eye might be hurt. The two continue to stand facing. Mark is not doing anything at the moment but Kai is keeping the shots coming. 

11:33 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Mark sends Kai back and then another volley, but Kai lands his own combination on the inside. Mark has control of this round so far. He has Octagon control. Kai lands a big kick and then comes back with body shots and head shots and volleys. DE LA ROSA URGES HIM ON! A KNEE!
Mark is unaffected despite having cuts all over. 

11:32 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Mark lands a couple of heavy shots. Kai hits a jab of his own. Mark follows with a volley that sees Kai retreat. Both men are exploding with shots and standing back again and again.

11:30 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Kai tries a Superman punch but it does not work. Mark tries a spin kick but misses. 

Second round 10-9 Kai Kara-France

11:29 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

The fight sees Mark get hit by a number of jabs. He fires back a couple of jabs of his own. Kai Kara-France hits another big leg kick. Both men are tired now. Kai is bleeding, and is retreating. Mark is wobbling a bit, but Kai is not letting down his guard. Mark hits a huge shot to Kai and he retreats!

11:27 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

11:27 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

11:26 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Kai lands a leg kick and Mark is down. They get back on their feet again. Kai hits another leg kick. This fight has turned completely in the favour of Kai Kara-France. 

11:25 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Kai comes out searching for jabs. De La Rosa takes a few shots. HUGE SHOT BY KAI. Mark goes down but blocks. Both men are on their feet again, but Mark is shaken up. 

11:23 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Mark tries a takedown, but Kai blocks and reverses. Kai has this round by a landslide. 10-9 Kai Kara-France

11:22 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Kai is on the frontfoot now. That slam shook up Mark, but he keeps trying to get back in to the action. His coach might be the loudest person in the building. 

11:21 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Kai turns him around drops him in a second. A ground and pound followed, but both men got back to their feet and to the center. 

11:20 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Kai lands a jab. De La Rosa backs him up to the fence. He tries to slam but Kai blocks. De La Rosa is blocking him from getting up as well. Kai already looks out of his depth.

11:19 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Action gets underway as Kara-France and De La Rosa face off. De La Rosa's coach is larger than the whole crowd. 

11:18 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

11:11 (GMT)31 AUG 2019

Up next, it's time for the Flyweights. Kai Kara-France vs Mark De La Rosa
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