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WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results: NXT 2.0 Updates & Highlights (2nd November 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 03, 2021 02:35 GMT

What will be the fallout from Halloween Havoc?


02:02 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Thanks for following along this week! This is Matt Serocki signing off!

02:01 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Full Results for NXT, November 2nd, 2021.
Dakota Kai defeats Cora Jade by pin.
Xyon Quinn defeats Robert Stone by pin.
Legado Del Fantasma defeats Kyle O'Reilly/Von Wagner by pin.
Bron Breakker defeats Andre Chase by pin.
Solo Sikoa defeats Jeet Rama by pin.
Boa defeats Grayson Waller by pin.
TrickMelo defeats the Way by pin.

01:59 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Gargs and Hayes chop each other before leveling each other. Gargs tags in Lumis and Lumis lands a Flatliner into his submission. Williams gets up and distracts Gargano. The ref tries to get Gargs out of the ring, leaving Williams to whack Lumis with his dang shoe. Hayes goes to the top and lands his flying leg drop for the win.
Result - TrickMelo defeats The Way by pin.

01:57 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Gargs and Lumis land stereo offense, including fists and superkicks. Lumis pins Williams but Hayes breaks it up. Hayes and Gargs enter the ring.

01:55 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

01:55 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Back from the break and Hayes pulls Lumis off the apron so he can't get the tag. TrickMelo works Gargano in their corner before Gargano escapes and tags in Lumis. Lumis tosses Williams out of the ring and lands a side suplex on Hayes.

01:50 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Lumis creeps both opponents out early on. The Way uses some quick tags for early control. Melo and Gargs have a stand-off of moves before Gargs hits a slingshot spear.

01:45 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

01:40 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Hayes says he's the A Champion of NXT. Yeah, especially since he hasn't defended the title. Trick tries to mouth off to Ciampa but gets decked in the mouth for his chirping. Nice.

01:39 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Ciampa says that it's a new era with NXT 2.0 except for the fact that he's still the NXT Champion. He is interrupted by Carmelo Hayes. He says he's the face of the new breed.

01:35 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Boa goes backstage to find Mei Ying but she is not on her throne . . . . She must be upset with his loss.

01:31 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

01:30 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

01:30 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Back to Hudson's Poker Room and the stand-off between Cameron Grimes and Hudson. Grimes wins with twos. TWOS THE MOOOOON!!! Drinks are on Grimes!! Hudson flips the table in anger.

01:29 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

In terms of fairness, if Waller defaced Knight's car last week, he simply got the karma that was coming his way.

01:28 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

A lot of back-and-forth early on. Boa gets in some offense before Waller takes over. He goes to the top but Knight gets up from the commentary table to distract Grayson. Boa kicks him off the ropes and then kicks him in the head for the win.
Result - Boa defeats Grayson Waller by pin.

01:25 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Briggs and Jensen have a segment where they act tough and play cornhole and horseshoes. Briggs said he beat someone with his helmet. Umm . . . that is assault, sir. Time for Grayson Waller vs. Boa with LA Knight on commentary.

01:23 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

01:22 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

01:18 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Solo Sikoa debuts against Jeet Rama. He overpowers Rama early on, including hitting the hip attack in the corner a la Papa Rikishi. Sikoa goes to the top and lands the Uso Splash for the win.
Result - Solo Sikoa defeats Jeet Rama by pin.

01:15 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Legend critiques some costumes from last week before bringing Tony out. Lash says that Mark is in the studio and he shows up and is CLEARLY scared by Tony. Tony namedrops Mark's wife, kids, house, i.e., he knows where he lives. D'Angelo essentially calls out Pete Dunne, Dexter Lumis, the fugazi Italian Johnny Gargano, and the NXT Champ.

01:10 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

01:10 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Tony D'Angelo is the guest on Lashing Out after the break.

01:08 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Imperium addresses their title win last week. They say they don't compromise with the American ideals. Gigi and Jacy come up to them saying that Imperium should watch their six-woman tag match next week. Barthel says "the mat IS sacred but America has its benefits" as he and Fabian like watching Toxic Attraction leave.

01:05 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Breakker takes to the mic to say that Ciampa is definitely the man in NXT after beating him last week. He says he'll get another shot at the title or die trying.

01:04 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Breakker hits some moves early on. Chase gets in a couple of hits but Breakker hits his Gorilla Press into a power slam for the win.
Result - Bron Breakker defeats Andre Chase by pin.

01:02 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

01:02 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Andre Chase is in the ring to yell loud. His mic doesn't work so he tosses it at the announce table. He says this is a teachable moment and calls anyone out. Bron Breakker answers the challenge, as he has done so far in NXT 2.0.

00:59 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Back to the Poker Room and Hudson is baffled that Grimes is still in the game. It's down to Hudson, Grimes, and a lady (fka Faith the Lioness from WOW Wrestling).

00:56 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

00:55 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

McKenzie Mitchell interviews TrickMelo. They are met by Andre Chase who says he has their back tonight since they had his last week in the Haunted House. They head off as Mitchell says social media was calling Chase a coward after last week. He's incensed and says someone is getting an a** whipping.

00:53 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Legado uses a lot of quick tags. Wilde lands a springboard plancha as Mendoza kicks Wagner off the apron. KOR gets to Wagner and Wagner goes off. He plants Wilde with a Flatliner and gets a near fall. Wagner hits an Angle Slam before tagging KOR in. KOR hits a knee but the pinfall is broken up by Mendoza. Kyle tags Wagner in to do some tandem work but Mendoza breaks it up. They roll Wagner up for the win.
Result - Legado Del Fantasma defeats Kyle O'Reilly/Von Wagner by pin.

00:49 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Back from the break. Wilde holds onto Wagner's foot but both teams get the fresh man in. O'Reilly goes for a move but Elektra Lopez impedes him from that as she is standing on the ring apron. Mendoza uses that to get the upper hand.

00:44 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Mendoza kicks Wagner right into KOR. Wilde comes in and they attempt to overtake Wagner but he double suplexes them as we head off to the commercial break.

00:43 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Legado is decked out with LDF shirts akin to the LWO shirts from the 90s WCW. KOR works on Wilde first and then Mendoza. He tags in the hoss and he drops Mendoza a few times. Wagner hits a few power moves before tagging KOR back in. Wagner hits a leapfrog jump over KOR after tagging out.

00:38 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Legado heads towards the gorilla position before their upcoming tag match, led by Elektra Lopez. They encounter Xyon Quinn. Lopez says she didn't know he had that side. Quinn says he has a lot of sides. Lopez finishes with "I can work with that." Where is this heading???

00:37 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

00:36 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

00:35 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

00:35 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Quinn holds off on fighting until Stone slaps him in the face. Quinn goes to town on Stone hitting several moves, including a Jackhammer for the win.
Result - Xyon Quinn sings "Sexy Boy" and defeats Robert Stone by pin.

00:34 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Stone tries to "outsing" Quinn first, mimicking Franky Monet's entrance theme. In a lavender romper. It's hilarious. Stone says "do you think you can do a better job?" Quinn says that's great, but I only came out here to kick your butt. Quinn sings "Sexy Boy", aka Shawn Michaels' theme. 

00:30 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Xyon Quinn shows up in a suit for his match with Robert Stone. Stone called him out after an altercation last week at Halloween Havoc. Should be a quick squash. 

00:29 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

After the Kai match, we get a segment featuring MSK sitting on a park bench. They ponder losing the titles last week. They're waiting to "meet the person who came up with the idea of MSK" or whatever that means. As usual, as they explain stuff, a bus pulls up to block what they are saying.

00:23 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

00:22 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

After the match, Kai drags Jade out of the ring by her hair. She drags her halfway around the ring and pulls a table out from under the ring. Kai puts the table on top of Jade and gets up on the ring apron as if she will land a stomp. She stops but then grabs Jade's skateboard. It is left on Jade's prone body as Kai walks off slightly possessed.

00:20 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Jade goes for a pin but Kai's shoulders are not down. Kai then lands her kick in the corner on Jade for the win.
Result - Dakota Kai defeats Cora Jade by pin.

00:18 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Kai attacks Jade right off the bat and tosses her through the ropes. Jade fights back and lands a Hurricanrana and a flying knee in the corner. Two count.

00:17 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

00:16 (GMT)3 NOV 2021

Before the match, Cameron Grimes shows up to Duke's Poker Room to be loud, hilarious, and probably lose money and/or hit on random ladies. Stay tuned.
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