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WWE NXT 2.0 Live Results: NXT 2.0 Updates & Highlights (5th October 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 06, 2021 08:12 IST

What will happen on this week's episode of NXT 2.0?


07:42 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Thanks for tuning in with us this week. This is Matt Serocki, signing off.

07:41 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Full results for NXT 2.0, October 5th, 2021.
Mandy Rose defeats Ember Moon by pin.
LA Knight defeats Odyssey Jones by pin.
Joe Gacy defeats Ikemen Jiro by pin.
Cora Jade defeats Franky Monet by pin.
Pete Dunne defeats Cameron Grimes by pin.
Tony D'Angelo defeats Malik Blade by pin.
Indi Hartwell defeats Mei Ying by pin.
MSK defeats GYV, Brooks Jensen/Josh Briggs, and TrickMelo by pin.

07:40 (IST)6 OCT 2021

07:37 (IST)6 OCT 2021

After the match, Brooks and Briggs grab the titles from the ref. They hand them to the Champs before departing. As MSK look on, Imperium blindsided the Champs. Jensen and Briggs eventually make the save.

07:35 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Lee is left in the ring, Briggs hits a strong leg to the face of Lee for a two count. Briggs tags Jensen in and they hit a double chokeslam. They go for their finisher again but Carter takes Briggs out. Lee reverses out of a powerbomb to land a pin on Jensen.
MSK eliminates Brooks and Briggs.
Result - MSK defeats, TrickMelo, Brooks and Briggs, and GYV by pin.

07:33 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Gibson continues to work on Lee. He tags Drake in again, but Lee evades to tag Carter. Carter hits several moves, including an exploder suplex. He hits a running Shooting Star press but Gibson pulls him off of Drake. Carter then lands a moonsault on GYV. Gibson grabs Carter's leg. Jensen tags himself in off of Carter, and GYV hits Ticket To Mayhem on Carter. Gibson goes for the pin but doesn't realize Carter isn't legal. BB hits their finisher on Gibson to eliminate GYV.
Brooks and Briggs eliminate GYV.

07:29 (IST)6 OCT 2021

GYV and MSK are in the ring back from the commercial. Gibson clotheslines Lee and pushes Carter off of the apron. He tags Drake in and he gets a near fall.

07:29 (IST)6 OCT 2021

07:29 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Poor Ember . . .

07:27 (IST)6 OCT 2021

07:26 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Jensen tags Wes Lee in and he hits a torpe con giro on Trick and Melo. MSK lands their finisher on Williams to eliminate TrickMelo.
MSK eliminates TrickMelo.

07:25 (IST)6 OCT 2021

GYV and MSK start out. After controlling the action, Melo tags himself in off of Gibson. Melo hits some high-flying moves before tagging in Trick. Trick pins Carter and gets one. Brooks Jensen tags himself in. He and Trick exchange strikes before Trick hits a jumping clothesline. Williams tags in Melo and he lands a move before Jensen tags in Briggs. Drake then tags in off of Briggs.

07:22 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Time for what should be a bonkers main event. The graphic for Carmelo Hayes says WITH Trick Williams, not AND Trick Williams. Ouch.

07:20 (IST)6 OCT 2021

The female Champs try to powwow but are interrupted by Persia and Indi. They try to touch the NXT Women's Tag belts but Io swats Indi's fingers. She says the only gold she'll have is the one on Indi's finger and the stuff in her ear. Oh, Io. 

07:17 (IST)6 OCT 2021

The main event is next. Since it's four teams with eliminations, I may need to abbreviate team names. MSK will be MSK, Brooks and Briggs will be BB, Trick Williams and Carmelo hayes will be TrickMelo and GYV is, well, ya know, GYV.

07:16 (IST)6 OCT 2021

07:13 (IST)6 OCT 2021

The girls surround the ring to pounce on Gonzo before Io Shirai and Zoey Stark show up to even the odds. Toxic Attraction walks away after the Champs show up. They should have a winner takes all match with these two trios.

07:10 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Raquel Gonzalez addresses the attack from Toxic Attraction last week. She calls out Mandy Rose. Before she can talk about Gigi and Jacy, TA comes out.

07:08 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Diamond Mine cuts a brief promo to introduce us to all of its members. They don't want you to get in their way.

07:04 (IST)6 OCT 2021

07:03 (IST)6 OCT 2021

After the match, we have Lash Legend talking herself up to a bunch of random people. Tony D'Angelo says she should have him on her show to get big ratings, especially after his big win. She thinks he is from the new Sopranos movie. Apparently, she has another episode of Lashing Out next week.

07:02 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Ying and Indi are back-and-forth early on, but Mei Ying takes control. Indi gets out of a submission hold and hits Ying a few times. She no sells it before grabbing Indi by the chin. The two women fall out of the ring due to the impact. Ying drives Indi into the ring post before trying to hit her again. Persia pushes Indi aside and takes the move for Indi. Indi then hits a flying elbow drop off the top for the win.
Result - Indi Hartwell defeats Mei Ying by pin.

06:58 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Next, we have Indi Hartwell taking on Mei Ying. Indi and Persia checked on smoke coming out from under a backstage door. It turned out to be Ying on her throne, much to the chagrin of Indi/Persia.

06:57 (IST)6 OCT 2021

06:51 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Blade hits a dropkick to send Tony out of the ring. Tony gets a takedown as they go back into the ring.  D'Angelo locks in an abdominal stretch but Blade gets out of it. He hits a spinning heel kick and then a clothesline in the corner. Blade then hits a crossbody off the top for a two-count. D'Angelo tries to get a time out in the corner. He lands a belly-to-belly suplex and then a spinning fishermen's suplex for the win.
Result - Tony D'Angelo defeats Malik Blade by pin.

06:48 (IST)6 OCT 2021

I'll admit it. He actually looks bigger in the ring than in his vignettes. Blade goes for a crossbody but D'Angelo catches him and hits a backbreaker (not a bronbreakker).

06:46 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Tony D'Angelo comes out in a tracksuit to face Malik Blade. He tries to pay off the ref before the match. I like it already. The crowd is loudly chanting for him.

06:44 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Hit Row cuts a promo after getting drafted to SmackDown. B-Fab still tries to seem tough after she lost clean to Elektra Lopez last week. Keep trying, B-Fab. It'll work wone of these times.

06:40 (IST)6 OCT 2021

06:40 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Holland and Dunne destroy KOR after the match.

06:37 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Dunne lands an enzuguri that sends Grimes into the corner. Holland pulls Grimes out of the ring to attack him, but O'Reilly shows up and attacks Holland and Dunne. Dunne throws him over the announce table. Dunne gets back into the action, evading a move from Grimes. He lands the Bitter End for the win.
Result - Pete Dunne defeats Cameron Grimes by pin.

06:35 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Grimes turns the tides and lands a crossbody off the top for a near fall. Dunne lands some offense, including a German Suplex and finger stomps. He gets a two-count. Grimes flips over Dunne's back and gets a two-count on a German Suplex bridge pinfall.

06:33 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Wow. Beth Phoenix takes some shots at Dunne, saying he never got anything done by himself, not even in NXT UK. Ok, Beth.

06:32 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Grimes lands some head scissors on Dunne and tells him to "kiss my grits" per usual. Dunne lands a hard clothesline on Grimes to get control. Time to work the fingers and joints!

06:30 (IST)6 OCT 2021

The next match pits ultra-serious Cameron Grimes against the overly silly Pete Dunne. Wait, that is the other way around.

06:29 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Joe Gacy confronts Ciampa during his interview with McKenzie Mitchell. He essentially challenges Ciampa for the title. Ciampa says that if Gacy can beat him next week, the title match at Havoc will be a triple threat. Gacy goes to hug the Champ after the exchange but Ciampa stops him and says the ring won't be a safe space for Gacy next week.

06:26 (IST)6 OCT 2021

There was a brief vignette for Duke Hudson as a poker player that you would have missed if you blinked or turned around for 30 seconds.

06:25 (IST)6 OCT 2021

06:23 (IST)6 OCT 2021

MSK and GYV have words backstage, turning the main event into an elimination fatal four-way.

06:21 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Monet bullies Jade early on. Trey Baxter comes down to cheer on his GF. Monet sits on Jade's back and lands a curb stomp on the youngster. Jade gets a breath for a minute but gets speared by Monet. Monet goes for Road to Valhalla but Jade counters it into a roll-up for the win.
Result - Cora Jade defeats Franky Monet by pin.

06:19 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Up next is skateboarding Cora Jade against Virginia Ferry. Before the match can even start, Franky Monet pulls Ferry out of the ring and destroys her. It's now Monet vs. Jade.

06:17 (IST)6 OCT 2021

06:16 (IST)6 OCT 2021

06:14 (IST)6 OCT 2021

06:13 (IST)6 OCT 2021

After the match, Gacy helps Jiro up from the mat and hugs him. Jiro is stunned by the actions. As he leaves the ring, he catches eyes with a tall, bald guy that might be Parker Boudreaux. He smiles and walks off.

06:11 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Jiro turns it around, landing several jacket-assisted punches. Gacy goes to the top but Jiro lands a head scissors to pull him off the ropes. Jiro goes for a kick but Gacy hits his handstand lariat for the win.
Result - Joe Gacy defeats Ikemen Jiro by pin.

06:09 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Joe Gacy will take on Ikemen Jiro and his jacket. The two shake hands before the match. Jiro lands a Hurricanrana and a near jacket-backed punch before Gacy slows things down. They shake hands again but Gacy holds on and throws Jiro into the corner.

06:02 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Joe Gacy is in action next. Still on the fence about his new gimmick. Smug woke guy . . . 

06:01 (IST)6 OCT 2021

Breakker challenges Ciampa again before Ciampa says the kid has three weeks to go from intern to PHD. Are we heading for a quick title swap at Halloween Havoc??
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