NXT 2.0 Results: Top Champions attacked; Mandy Rose secures clean win over former RAW Superstar

Mandy Rose continues to gain momentum on NXT 2.0
Mandy Rose continues to gain momentum on NXT 2.0

Toxic Attraction kicked off NXT 2.0, and we were heading for the first match right away between Mandy Rose and Ember Moon.

Mandy Rose vs. Ember Moon on NXT 2.0

Moon got the early advantage and taunted Mandy in the ring before hanging her up in the Tree of Woe in the corner. Jacy and Gigi dragged Mandy to safety before Ember hit a dive on them on the outside.

Moon powerbombed Mandy onto the apron off a counter before going after Dolin from ringside. Rose took advantage of the ring and slowed things down with a series of holds. Mandy dodged the Eclipse and hit a knee to the face before picking up the win.

Result: Mandy Rose def. Ember Moon

Grade: B

Legado del Fantasma was backstage and said that Hit Row escaped their fate by being drafted to SmackDown before Escobar challenged 'Swerve' Scott to a title match for the North American title.

What do you say, @swerveconfident?Defend your #NXTNATitle against @EscobarWWE before you head to #SmackDown? #WWENXT

LA Knight vs. Odyssey Jones on NXT 2.0

An intense @oshow94 tosses @LAKnightWWE around the ring like a rang doll on #WWENXT!

LA Knight got the first punch, but it angered Odyssey, and he started tossing Knight around the ring and then outside. The former Million Dollar Champion came back in and took Jones to the ropes for a few shots to the head before getting a near fall.

Knight tried to lift Jones for a slam, but he was too heavy, and Knight fell to the mat instead. Andre Chase interrupted the match and got on the apron to distract Odyssey.

Knight took advantage and hit the neckbreaker before Chase pushed Jones' foot away from the ropes so he couldn't break the pin on NXT 2.0.

Result: LA Knight def. Odyssey Jones

A distracted @oshow94 leads to a victorious @LAKnightWWE on #WWENXT!Hey, @AndreChaseWWE 🤔

Grade: B

Cameron Grimes was being interviewed backstage on NXT 2.0, and he was sad that everyone has a love interest except him. He was interrupted by Pete Dunne, and Ridge Holland and Dunne challenged Grimes to a match before Cameron walked off to talk to some ladies.

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Edited by Alan John
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