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WWE NXT Live Results (8th February): Mandy Rose retains; Io Shirai saves Kay lee Ray

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedFeb 09, 2022 03:32 GMT

What will happen at NXT tonight?


03:08 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Tune in next week for NXT: Vengeance Day! Thanks for following along with us at Sportskeeda this week!

03:08 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Full results for NXT 2.0 for 8 February 2022.
The Creeds defeat GYV by pin.
Tiffany Stratton defeats Wendy Choo by pin.
LA Knight defeats Sanga by pin.
Pete Dunne defeats Draco Anthony by pin.
Sarray defeats Dakota Kai by pin.
MSK defeats Edris Enofe/Malik Blade by pin.
Mandy Rose defeats Kay Lee Ray by pin.

03:06 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

03:05 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

After the match, Toxic Attraction gets KLR's bat. Jacy and Gigi hold KLR but Io Shirai's music hits and she comes out. She clears the ring of the Champs. KLR hits Rose with a bomb. Looks like Shirai and Kay Lee Ray will team up for the Women's Dusty Cup.

03:03 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Rose goes for a move but KLR counters out. Ray hits a superkick for two. KLR goes to the top but Jacy Jayne appears to distract the ref. It allows Gigi to push Ray off the top. Rose hits a running knee for the win.
Result - Mandy Rose defeats Kay Lee Ray by pin.

03:01 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Ray hits a moonsault for two, but Rose kicks out. KLR locks Rose in the Koji Clutch submission but Rose gets out by turning it into a pinning combination. KLR goes for the KLR Bomb but Rose counters it into a Sunset Flip for a near fall. 

03:00 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Rose gets back into control by catching a kick from KLR. She shoves her head-first into a turnbuckle and kicks her a few times. Rose hits a spinebuster for two. She locks KLR in an abdominal stretch but Ray gets out of it.

02:57 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Rose goes for a flying knee right off the bat but misses. KLR slaps her and tries to hit the KLR Bomb. Rose counters out but gets DDT'd by Ray. KLR goes to the top but Rose rolls out of the ring. She hits a suicide dive instead.  

02:52 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

As Mandy Rose heads out for her title match with Kay Lee Ray, Indi Hartwell and Persia Pirotta attack Gigi and Jacy. Fit Finlay breaks things up and tells Mandy to head out for her match.

02:52 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Upon further review of the "Weaponized Steel Cage Match" next week, the name implies that the cage itself is "weaponized" somehow, not that there are weapons inside of it. Watch out for that cage attacking you!

02:42 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

02:42 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

02:41 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Lee and Carter turn the tide, hitting kicks on Enofe. They hit their finisher on Enofe for the win.
Result - MSK defeats Malik Blade/Edris Enofe by pin.

02:40 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Blade has Carter in a headlock in the middle of the ring. He battles out and tags Lee in. Blade tags Enofe in. Lee lands some kicks and chops and an exploder suplex. Lee follows that up with running double knees and a slingshot superkick. Carter hits a Meteora off the top for a near fall after Blade breaks the pin up. Blade lands a Torpe Con Giro before he and Enofe hit a tandem move on Carter. Enofe hits a splash for a two-count.

02:34 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Enofe hits a headscissors move on Carter but he remains standing. He tags Wes Lee back in and they go on a run of tandem moves. Off to the commercial break!!

02:33 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Geez, Blade and Lee are super athletic dudes. They keep trying to one-up each other until Lee tags Carter in. Carter hits the Bronco Buster on Blade. Blade tags Enofe in and he hits a back body drop for a two count.

02:31 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Up next is the last semifinal match in the men's Dusty Cup between MSK and the duo of Edris Enofe and Malik Blade. Will MSK make it two finals in a row or will the Cinderella ride continue for the new tag team?

02:29 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

We get another vignette from Nikkita Lyons saying that she's a master of all, from fighting to singing. She had to "grow up on the road" because people would break into her family's van all the time. Strange vignette. After that, we get the high schoolers Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs trying to ask out Kayden and Kacy. What is with all this relationship stuff???

02:24 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

02:24 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

02:22 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Trouble in Paradise shows up as Indi and Persia argue over Duke Hudson wishing Indi luck next week. Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne show up to rub it in their faces, providing a picture of Indi and Duke from the past. Oh these relationships are tough!

02:19 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

A brief segment trying to be like Barbershop follows the Sarray win. They talk about the title match with Cameron Grimes. It's basically a bunch of trash talk against Grimes. 

02:17 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Sarray counters a move into a double stomp on Kai. She goes to the top and lands a Missile Dropkick for a two count. Kai hits a Scorpion Kick and a spinning DDT for her own near fall. Sarray counters a move into a roll-up. The two then trade pin attempts before Kai kicks Sarray in the face. She goes for her finishing kick but Sarray hits a spinning heel kick to stop her. She hits her basement dropkick and then the T-Bone Saito Suplex for the win.
Result - Sarray defeats Dakota Kai by pin.

02:13 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Dakota Kai is in control early on but Sarray locks in a single-leg Boston Crab. With Kai in the ropes, Sarray goes for her dropkick but Kai moves. Kai then hits several kicks to Sarray.

02:12 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

02:06 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Ziggler mocks Ciampa saying that "this is his home" by saying that it's the same 100 people from Florida cheering him every week. He wants to know when the "gloves and arm pads come off" and that causes Ciampa to deck Ziggler. Legado then attacks Bron in the ring, with Bron dispatching off Wilde and Mendoza. He goes to power bomb Escobar through the table in the ring, but Legado comes back and Bron goes through the table instead.

02:05 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

02:04 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Santos says after he wins the title, he'll take care of both Ziggs and Ciampa. 

02:03 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Ciampa says Dolph Ziggler as NXT Champ is a "hard pass." He then sits down right next to Ziggler and says you can't walk into my home. Escobar stops everything by asking what the heck is going on???

02:02 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Ziggler lists his accolades and says the one title he hasn't held is the NXT Championship. He says all he has to do is stay in Bron's head, and then Tommaso Ciampa comes out. The promo parade in the middle of the show???

02:00 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Dolph takes over for Barrett, sitting in the chair between the two men. He says he works Tuesdays now, thanks to a bonus from Ace. Ziggler asks who Breakker is, and Bron yells that he's the Champ to him while also saying that he'll take care of Ziggler after beating Escobar.

01:57 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Breakker doesn't waste any time, saying that he respects Santos but is going to beat him anyways next week. Since they both know how these contract/summits go, so let's just flip the table. Escobar says that he expected that sort of reaction from the newbie like Breakker. Escobar holds his cool, saying that he is already planning ways to end Bron's career before it starts.  Right after that, Dolph Ziggler's music hits and out comes the Showoff!!

01:54 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Legado Del Fantasma is in the ring as we come back from the commercial. Wade Barrett lends his booming British voice to the "Championship Summit" between Santos and Breakker.

01:51 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

01:51 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

01:50 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

After the match, Waller tries to attack him but Knight hits his finisher on Waller. Mac Mitchell interviews Duke Hudson, claiming that Dante Chen didn't show up after challenging him to a match. Hudson says he's not here for a reason. Before he leaves for good, Hudson wishes luck to Indi Hartwell next week. Trouble between the friends cuz this is high school 2.0???

01:48 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Knight recovers and tries to knock Sanga done with a series of clotheslines. Knight hits a springboard basement dropkick for a near fall. Sanga tosses him off over a foot in the air. Waller takes the buckle pad off of one of the turnbuckles. Knight rakes Sanga's eyes with the ref's back turned. Sanga runs into the exposed buckle, allowing Knight to hit his finisher for the win.
Result - LA Knight defeats Sanga by pin.

01:46 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Knight gets a dropkick in but Sanga throws him into the corner. He kicks him a few times and lands a European Uppercut. Waller's voice in the background is louder than the crowd. Sanga drops him out of the ring and puts Knight on his shoulders for a ride into the ring post. Knight counters out, sending Sanga headfirst into the post. Knight goes for his finishers but Sanga picks him up and throws him.

01:44 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Grayson Waller accompanies Sanga to the ring. He must shop at the same nonsense store frequented by Seth Rollin and Becky Lynch.

01:40 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

01:39 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Zoey Stark and Io Shirai talk backstage about the Women's Dusty Cup. Zoey says that since she can't compete yet, they need to find someone just as crazy and fearless as Io. Io says okay, but doesn't tell us who she has in mind. Up next, LA Knight takes on Sanga.

01:37 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

After the match, Tony D tries to lock a choke in on Dunne but Dunne twists his fingers. D'Angelo escapes as Dunne pulls weapons out from under the ring. I'm glad they didn't use this match to give Anthony a "surprise win" over Dunne like they've done for Cora Jade. Dunne then challenges Tony D to a "Weaponized Steel Cage Match" next week, aka a Full Metal Mayhem fight.

01:35 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

As Dunne is outside the ring, Tony D'Angelo shows up to try and hit him with a crowbar. He whiffs and Dunne shoves him into the ring post. Dunne then hits the Bitter End for the win.
Result - Pete Dunne defeats Draco Anthony by pin.

01:34 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Gacy and Harland look on from afar. Dunne chops Anthony in the chest but he brushes it off. He then lands a thunderous clothesline and a pancake for a near fall. Anthony locks eyes with Gacy and Harland from the random balcony in the arena. The distraction allows Pete to take over as he hits a few moves before locking in an armbar. Anthony gets out with a throw. Dunne then rolls out of the ring.

01:32 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Anthony goes for a suplex and turns it into a deadlift version. Anthony goes to stomp on Dunne's fingers but Dunne pulls them out of harm's way. Dunne then stomps on Draco's hand before wrenching them in directions they shouldn't go. The Bruiserweight then stomps on Draco's bicep before decking him in the face.

01:27 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Joe Gacy tells Draco Anthony to keep his head up after his loss last week. Gacy says he's here to listen to his words and actions. After that brief exchange, Pete Dunne addresses his match with Tony D next week. Draco Anthony comes to shake Dunne's hand before the match between the two, and Dunne says "whatever mate. I'm gonna break your finger in a minute."

01:25 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

01:24 (GMT)9 FEB 2022

Stratton hits a move but gets tossed by Choo. Choo goes for a handstand move in the corner but gets decked in the face. Stratton breaks a nail off the punch and gets angry. She pulls Choo by the hair and does her version of the handstand splits. Stratton lands a basement dropkick and a spinning splash for the win.
Result - Tiffany Stratton defeats Wendy Choo by pin.

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