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  • WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (11th January 2022) - Styles silences Waller as LA Knight returns.

WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (11th January 2022) - Styles silences Waller as LA Knight returns.

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedJan 12, 2022 09:01 IST

Will Waller topple The Phenomenal One?


08:43 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Tune in next week for the start of the Men's Dusty Classic. This is Matt Serocki, signing off for this week!

08:43 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Full Results for NXT for 11 January 2022.
Santos Escobar defeats Xyon Quinn by pin.
Cameron Grimes defeats Damon Kemp by pin.
Edris Enofe/Malik Blade defeat Harland/Joe Gacy by DQ.
Tony D'Angelo defeats Pete Dunne by pin.
Persia Pirotta/Indi Hartwell/Wendy Choo defeat Kacy Catanzaro/Amari Miller/Kayden Carter by pin.
Boa vs. Solo Sikoa ends in a double count out.
AJ Styles defeats Grayson Waller by pin.

08:40 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Styles and Knight hug each other before celebrating in the corner as the show goes off the air for this week. 

08:39 (IST)12 JAN 2022

08:39 (IST)12 JAN 2022

08:38 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Styles takes the mic and says Waller was good but not Phenomenal. He then says he wants to introduce Waller to one of his friends, and out comes LA Knight. Waller had attacked Knight before stealing his car a few weeks ago. They had to make someone so unlikable in order to get them to cheer Knight. I think it was accomplished cuz the CWC was cheering for Knight.

08:35 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Both men are on the top turnbuckle but Styles drops Waller. He hits the Pele Kick and a brainbuster. He lines Waller up for the Phenomenal Forearm and hits it for the win.
Result - AJ Styles defeats Grayson Waller by pin.

08:33 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Waller gets one near fall and another after a LowDown variant move. He lines Styles up for a Styles Clash but Styles hits him with a back body drop. Waller goes for a Phenomenal Forearm but Waller rolls out of the ring. He hits his rolling Cutter for a two-count.  

08:31 (IST)12 JAN 2022

He lines up for another one but Waller rolls out of the ring. waller hits a rolling forearm before going to the top. He goes for his flying elbow drop but only gets a two-count. Waller goes for a splash but Styles evades it. He rolls into the Calf Crusher but Waller gets to the ropes.

08:29 (IST)12 JAN 2022

After holding Styles in a Cravat in the middle, Styles recovers and hits his combo of strikes before a sliding forearm. He hits another forearm in the corner before hitting a shoulderbreaker. He hits a Phenomenal Forearm on Waller in front of the announce table.

08:26 (IST)12 JAN 2022

08:25 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Waller gets control for a few moments and lands some weak chops in the corner. Styles knocks Waller out of the ring with a dropkick. He goes for a springboard move over the rope but Waller hits the leg to drop Styles on the apron. Waller hits a neck breaker to knock Styles down. He also lands a sliding clothesline that drops Styles before the commercial break starts.

08:22 (IST)12 JAN 2022

After a lot of back and forth early on, Styles works on Waller in the corner. He kicks his hamstring and hits a backbreaker on his knee.

08:19 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Melo and Trick leave the CWC and try to get the keys from the doorman. He reveals he doesn't have them, as Cameron Grimes does. He's sitting on Melo's car and says he's coming for the North American Championship.

08:14 (IST)12 JAN 2022

As Melo and Trick celebrate in the ring, AJ Styles' music hits. They have some words as Styles heads to the ring.

08:12 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Melo comes out with Trick Williams. They mock that Roddy isn't the Cruiserweight Champ anymore with a shirt and an empty 40. Melo says he's the most scintillating Champ in NXT history. 

08:09 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Vic Joseph reveals that Von Wagner's suspension has been lifted and his fine has been paid. Could it have been Robert Stone??? He's been interested in Wagner's actions the last few weeks.

08:08 (IST)12 JAN 2022

As the show returns from the ad break, Sikoa and Boa continue to fight each other backstage. Boa blows a fireball in Sikoa's eye to end things. He stands up with the Tian Sha facepaint.

08:07 (IST)12 JAN 2022

08:04 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams arrive at the CWC in a white sports car. They're both wearing jackets with no shirts. Good thing Melo is in Florida instead of Massachusetts, where he cut his teeth for some of his career. There were 10 inches of snow this weekend.

08:02 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Mac Mitchell interviews AJ Styles before his match with Grayson Waller. He says he's going to shut Waller up before winning the Royal Rumble. Could WM 38 be both STUPENDOUS AND PHENOMENAL???

08:00 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Boa goes for a kick but Solo catches it and turns the tides. He lands a Senton before both men spill out of the ring with an over-the-top clothesline. Solo tosses Boa into the steel steps and then Boa drops Solo onto the announce table. Both men are counted out for their efforts. They continue fighting to the back.
Results - Boa vs. Solo Sikoa ends in a double count-out.

07:58 (IST)12 JAN 2022

07:58 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Boa lands three knees to the but before hitting a double under hook suplex. 

07:57 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Sikoa attacks Boa from the mount. He gets up and lands more strikes. They go outside of the ring and Boa shoves Sikoa into the ring post head first. Boa tosses Solo back into the ring and works on his hamstring.

07:56 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Back from the break and we see Kay Lee Ray looking for Mandy Rose in her photo shoot area. She says "so Mandy can show up for a photo shoot by not for a title match. She then proceeds to bash everything with a bat. Boa and Sikoa are already in the ring for their match.

07:54 (IST)12 JAN 2022

07:51 (IST)12 JAN 2022

MSK is perving on the Dusty Cup trophy as Dakota Kai comes over. She says nothing divides friendships more than success.

07:50 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Team Lil Ladies hit a few high-flying moves off the top. Choo is now resting on the top turnbuckle. Carter and Hartwell are back in the ring and Carter gets a near fall. Hartwell and Carter deck each other and tag in Choo and Miller, respectively. She's also in slippers, but she made Mei Ying work. Choo hits a suplex and a cartwheel into the corner. Kacy breaks up a pin but gets powerbombed. Miller lands a move on Hartwell, leaving herself and Choo sleeping in the middle of the ring. She tags Persia in and they hit a tandem move for the win.
Result - Wendy Choo, Persia Pirotta, and Indi Hartwell defeat Kacy Catanzaro, Kayden Carter, and Amari Miller by pin.

07:46 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Choo leans on her pillow in the corner. She's the best already. Miller and Hartwell start off for their teams.

07:45 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Choo, Pirotta, and Hartwell take on Amari Miller, Kacy Catanzaro, and Kayden Carter. Carter and Kacy enter via the crowd.

07:44 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Yes, Choo brought her body pillow out in pjs. 

07:41 (IST)12 JAN 2022

07:39 (IST)12 JAN 2022

07:38 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Six-woman tag match incoming!! Wendy Choo makes her in-ring debut, and it might be in her pjs.

07:37 (IST)12 JAN 2022

07:36 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Dunne locks in a Triangle Choke on D'Angelo, who has the crowbar in his hands. The two slug it out before Tony drops Dunne onto a chair in the corner. He tosses Dunne into the corner with the pole before whacking Dunne in the face with the crowbar for the win.
Result - Tony D'Angelo defeats Pete Dunne by pin.

07:35 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Tony puts Dunne's hand under the crowbar and stomps on it. He slams the hand into the mat with the crowbar again. he goes for another neck breaker with the crowbar but Dunne escapes. He lands three kicks in the corner before grabbing the crowbar. He drops Tony and locks in a Crossface with the crowbar in Tony's mouth. Tony gets out of the submission and retrieves a chair. The ref takes it away.

07:33 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Tony holds Dunne down on the announce table, looking to hit Dunne's other hand with the crowbar. He gets out of the hold and slams D'Angelo into the steel steps. With the crowbar in hand, Dunne enters the ring. He puts it in Tony's mouth but D'Angelo ends up with it out of the corner. He hits a neck breaker with the crowbar in Dunne's throat. Two-count.

07:31 (IST)12 JAN 2022

D'Angelo works on Dunne's injured hand but Dunne turns it around by stomping on Tony's hand. these "on a pole" matches are hard to take seriously because Dunne has had his hands on the crowbar three times but didn't pull it down. Tony goes up for it once and grabs it with no problem. He goes to swing it but misses a bunch of times. Dunne kicks him in the arm and forces Tony to drop it. Dunne picks it up and whiffs a bunch of times as D'Angelo rolls out of the ring. He hits a side suplex on Dunne on the apron.

07:25 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Dunne locks in an armbar and takes D'Angelo down. He goes for the crowbar but Tony stops him. Dunne goes for the crowbar again, but Tony stops him and lands an Exploder Suplex. The crowbar dangles in front of Dunne but Tony stops his ascent again. He brings Dunne back into the ring with a Falcon Arrow.

07:23 (IST)12 JAN 2022

07:18 (IST)12 JAN 2022

07:14 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Gacy "explaining" Harland's actions and moves is like a politician trying to get out from under a serious allegation. Good for Blade and Enofe, who are into the tournament via the win.

07:14 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Enofe and Blade land a few tandem moves for a one-count. Enofe misses a move and Gacy tags Harland in. Enofe tags Blade in and Harland attempts a choke. He then puts Blade face-first into the bottom turnbuckle and crushes his knee in the back of Blade's head. He clotheslines Enofe on the apron before overworking Blade in the corner. It gets him disqualified.
Result - Edris Enofe/Malik Blade defeat Harland/Joe Gacy by DQ.

07:11 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Enofe and Gacy start off for their teams. Gacy lands a spinning Uranage before tagging in Harland. Enofe stops the tag and gets a near fall. He tags in Blade instead. Blade hits a dropkick as the crowd chants his name. 

07:09 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Blade has been a low-key MVP of the NXT 2.0 reboot. He's taken a lot of losses in making other prospects look good.

07:08 (IST)12 JAN 2022

Vic Joseph announces that Von Wagner has been fined and suspended for his actions of having no charisma last week. It's actually for attacking Andre Chase and some random folks last week. 

07:05 (IST)12 JAN 2022

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