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WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (11th May 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedMay 12, 2021 02:50 GMT

Will Raquel Gonzalez retain her title on NXT?


02:09 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

This is Matt Serocki, signing off for this week! Tune in next week for more great NXT action!

02:08 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Full results for May 11th, 2021
Karrion Kross defeats Austin Theory by ref stoppage.
MSK defeats Breezango by pin.
Pete Dunne defeats Leon Ruff by ref stoppage.
Raquel Gonzalez defeats Mercedes Martinez by pin.
Kyle O'Reilly defeats Oney Lorcan by pin.
Kushida defeats Santos Escobar, 2 pins to 1 in 2-out-of-3 Falls match

02:05 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

02:04 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

02:03 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

The move is still locked in and Kushida suplexes Escobar into the ring buckle. He locks in a submission pin and gets the win.
Result: Kushida 2, Escobar 1.

02:02 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Escobar plops Kushida on the top rope and hoists the Champ onto his shoulders. Kushida changes position and locks in the Hoverboard Lock. He flips off the top rope with the submission locked in. Escobar tries to get to the rope for a break but Kushida falls to the middle of the ring. He eventually gets a rope break.

02:01 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

02:00 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Both men fall down with a double clothesline in the middle of the ring.

02:00 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Kushida tosses Escobar back into the ring and goes for another kick to the shoulder. Kushida gets a near fall and locks in the Hoverboard Lock. Santos counters it into a near fall. Escobar tries to hit another Phantom Driver but gets countered So many near falls!!!!! Like 6-10.

01:59 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Kushida takes to the top rope and hits the elbow of Escobar. He hits his pitch punch and then kicks Escobar's arm. He goes for a sliding dropkick under the ropes and drops Escobar to the ground.

01:57 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Escobar rolls the Champs back into the ring and gets two near falls.

01:57 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

The match spills outside the ring back from break. He locks in an armbar but gets shoved into the ringside barricades. Escobar goes back into the ring with Kushida on the ring apron. He drops Kushida on the ropes and hits the move formerly known as the Spear from the Depths of Hell (in Lucha Underground).

01:54 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

01:52 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

As they attempt to go to commercial, Kushida counters into the arm breaker and gets a tap.
Score: Kushida 1, Escobar 1.

01:51 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Escobar goes for a top-rope Hurricanrana but Kushida counters into a sunset flip for a near fall. He hits some offense but Escobar hits the Phantom Driver for the first fall.
Score: Escobar 1, Kushida 0.

01:50 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Escobar has totally controlled almost every second since back from commercial. He's looking more and more like a future WWE star - IF BOOKED RIGHT.

01:49 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

01:47 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Escobar locks in a Surfboard in the middle of the ring.

01:46 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Santos then hits some of the loudest slaps/chops of the night. He goes to the top rope and puts Kushida on his shoulders. He drops him off his shoulders onto the turnbuckle.

01:45 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

As we return from the ads, Escobar hits Kushida with a dropkick. He locks in a single legged crab in the middle of the ring.

01:41 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

The match kicks off and Legado attempts to distract Kushida. From "outta nowhere" comes MSK to even the odds. The ref then kicks everyone away from ringside. Kushida nails a torpe con hiro as we head to break.

01:39 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Main event time as Kushida defends the NXT Cruiserweight title against former Champ Santos Escobar in a 2-out-of-3 Falls match.

01:38 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

01:38 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

01:37 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

OOOOOO . . . Reed vs. Gargano will be in a steel cage next week!

01:36 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Kyle and Bobby show mutual respect, claiming they each have their own scores to settle.

01:35 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Dunne immediately attacks O'Reilly after the win . . . until Bob Fish returns to make the save.

01:35 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Kyle hits a brainbuster and then goes to the top. He lands a flying knee to the back of Lorcan's head for the win.
Result: Kyle O'Reilly defeats Oney Lorcan by pin.

01:34 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Kyle locks in a heel hook but Lorcan gets a rope break. Back to chops and chest kicks.

01:34 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

The chops wake O'Reilly up and the men trade strikes. Lorcan puts Kyle in the corner but he hits Lorcan's knee to get control. He then hits a bunch of strikes in the clinch.

01:32 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

After a brief commercial break, Lorcan has control, hitting a few chops.

01:31 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

01:29 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Pete Dunne lurks ringside . . . . 

01:25 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

01:24 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

The next match features Baby Cesaro, AKA Oney Lorcan, against Kyle O'Reilly.

01:24 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Next week, we get a rematch between Zoey Stark and Toni Storm!

01:22 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

01:22 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

01:19 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

We next go to an auction featuring Moon Boy Cam Grimes who was outbid by, you guessed it, the Million Dollar Man!

01:17 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

They talk a bunch and pose and say they're tough. 

01:12 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

They all grab mics and Swerve has a chair in the middle of the ring.

01:12 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Swerve comes out with his group, now named "Hit Row"

01:11 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

We come back from the break and Gargano and Theory are coming out of Bronson Reed's dressing room after apparently attacking him.

01:09 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

01:07 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Before we head to the commercials, we see Swerve and Co. arriving.

01:05 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Gonzalez stops a comeback from Martinez with a big boot. She hits her finisher for the win.
Result: Raquel Gonzalez defeats Mercedes Martinez by pin.

01:05 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

01:04 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

The Champ hits a few more moves and goes for her finisher. Martinez gets out and hits a knee to Gonzo's face. She hits a Fishermen's Buster for a two count.

01:02 (GMT)12 MAY 2021

Martinez hits a spear on Gonzo on the ring apron and the women are back in the ring after a 6 count. Mercedes gets a two count. They trade kicks. Gonzalez hits throws Martinez on the rope after a near botched power bomb. Gonzo then works some offense on the outside, including throwing her opponent against the ring post. Two count.
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