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  • WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (7th September 2021)

WWE NXT Live Results: NXT Updates & Highlights (7th September 2021)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedSep 08, 2021 02:36 GMT

Will we see new Champions crowned on this week's NXT?


02:10 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Thanks for following along with us for NXT!!! This is Matt Serocki, signing off for this week. Tune in next week for two title matches, the rebranded NXT, and a wedding that will certainly be messed up somehow!!

02:09 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

02:08 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Full Results for September 7th, 2021.
Kay Lee Ray defeats Ember Moon by pin.
Santos Escobar defeats Carmelo Hayes by pin.
Zoey Stark/Io Shirai defeat Kacy Catanzaro/Kayden Carter by pin.
Julius and Brutus Creed defeat opponents by pin.
Mei Ying defeats Virginia Ferry by pin.
MSK defeats Oney Lorcan/Danny Burch by pin.

02:05 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

02:04 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

After the match, Dunne and Holland turn on Lorcan and Burch, attacking their former teammates. They lay both men out to boos.

02:02 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Carter breaks both subs up by sending Lorcan into Burch. Ridge Holland and Peter Doone look on menacingly. Lorcan gets up and chops Carter. He goes for a  move in the corner but it gets countered. MSK hits its finisher for the win.
Result - MSK defeats Lorcan/Burch by pin.

02:01 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Lee and Lorcan come in. Lee is so dang quick!! He works on Lorcan and eludes an offense Lorcan throws at him. He hits a German Suplex with a bridge for a near fall. Lee then hits a spinning kick before tagging in Carter. The champs hit one of their tandem moves for a quick count but it's broken up. Lee hits a suicide dive on Burch and Carter hits a moonsault on Lorcan on the other side. Lorcan stops Carter by putting up his knees. He pushes Lee off the apron and locks in an ankle lock on Carter. Burch locks in a Crossface in on Lee.

01:58 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Lorcan and Carter yell at each other as they hit each other. Lorcan stops it by suplexing Carter. He goes to jar in Lee's face before tagging Burch in. A lot of quick tags between the challengers. Lorcan gets sent out of the ring by Carter. He then evens things out by landing a flying knee on Burch.

01:57 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

As we come back from the break, the heels are in control (as usual). Daddy Burch Bod is in the ring with Nash. He lands a suplex for a two-count before tagging in Lorcan. 

01:53 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Lorcan tags back in but Carter lands a Corkscrew Plancha to turn the tides. Lee tags in and MSK lands a tandem move in the corner that sends Burch out of the ring. Off to the ad break!!

01:52 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

The challengers have control early on until Wes Lee tags in. He goes on a tear and gets a one-count. Carter tags in and hits a move. He tries to cover but Lorcan gets out. He gets driven into the corner and Burch tags in. 

01:48 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

01:44 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

01:44 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

This seems like it could be leading to a multi-team tag match for the NXT Women's Tag titles.

01:44 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

01:43 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

01:42 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

01:39 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

That soul is Virginia Ferry, decked out in yellow gear. Ying locks in a chokehold immediately and lands several strikes to the throat of Ferry. She lands a few more strikes before beating Ferry with a chin move.
Result - Mei Ying defeats Virginia Ferry by pin.

01:37 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Up next, Mei Ying makes her in-ring debut to sends someone's soul to oblivion. 

01:37 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Franky Monet and Jessi Kamea are backstage to mock the bachelorette party. Robert Stone shows up out of breath to tell Monet that he has "brokered" a title match with Raquel Gonzalez next week. Zing! Should be a banger. Thought it might have been a tag team title match.

01:34 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

01:33 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

01:30 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

To end the party, Johnny and Dexter high five, but only after Jones pushes Gargs into Dexter's hand. Indi and Candice show up to celebrate and Dexter cracks what I guess could be considered a smile for him.

01:28 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Up next, the boys head to a trampoline room where Jones sends Maverick to the moon after getting $10,000 from Grimes. Laser tag ends the festivities and Dexter chokes out the competition. Johnny then runs around and hits the targets of the opponents. 

01:27 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Up next is ax throwing, and the worker asks if anyone has experience with an ax. Unsurprisingly, Lumis raises his hands. Lumis hits closest to the bullseye and Gargs can't hit it. Lumis coaches him on how to hold it and like every great 80s movie, his help works out. Gargs and Lumis hit each other with a thumbs up.

01:26 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Now it's time for Dexter's bachelor party. Along for the ride are Gargs, Drake Maverick, Odyseey Jones for some reason, Zombie ref, and Cameron Grimes. Grimes is footing the bill. Grimes says the wedding will be paid for by TO THE MOON Industries (kidding). He and Lumis form a truce. The guys hit a go-kart track. It looks like Indi and Candice are there to spy. It also looks like Odyssey Jones is trying to bro-slap Drake into oblivion.

01:19 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

01:18 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

As the Chamspscelebrate in the ring, Kacy and Kayden are atop the ramp. All of a sudden, Gigi Dolin, Mandy Rose, and Jacy Jayne blindside the Lil Ladies. They beat down the challengers before staring at the Champs in the ring. Mandy Rose has a mask on a la Sheamus.

01:17 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

The Lil Ladies land a move off the top rope and the pinfall is broken up by Io off the ropes. Zoey regains control and lands a kick on Kayden. She then hits her GTS variant knee strike. Io hits her moonsault for the win.
Result - Zoey Stark/Io Shirai defeat Kacy Catanzaro/Kayden Carter by pin.

01:15 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Io is starting to act arrogantly. It leads to a blind tag for Kacy and the challengers hit a tandem move for a two-count. Carter hoists Io on her shoulders but io hits a German Suplex. Io hits double knees in the corner and Stark tags herself in. Io is not happy. Stark hits a move for a quick count. Kayden eludes a move from Zoey and Zoey inadvertently runs into Io.

01:13 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

01:12 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Back from the break and Zoey Stark is in against Kacy. Carter gets a tag and lands a bunch of moves on the Champs. She hits a kick for a near fall. She goes for another kick but Stark catches it. Zoey kicks Kayden and Shirai tags in. She hits a 619 on Carter and then kicks Kacy off of the ring apron. Shirai gets a near fall.

01:07 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Kacy tags in but Io dominates her. She hits a facebuster in the corner on Kacy as we head off to the commercial. Did Kacy get hurt by the move???

01:06 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Kacy and Zoey start things out but end on even ground. Io and Kayden come in and do the same, but Io says she doesn't need Zoey's help. That gives Kayden an opening she takes, locking in an arm lock on the former Champ. 

01:04 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

At least NXT's women's tag team booking makes sense. Kacy and Kayden won a match to face the Champs. Tegan Nox and Shotzi Blackheart won three different types of matches against Nattie and Tamina, the WWE Women's Tag Champs. Did they get the title match yet??? Nope. Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. won a "Contender's Match" last night on RAW. Huh??

01:02 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Hit Row cuts a brief promo targeting Legado Del Fantasma. They talk trash and are mad at Legado for adding a woman to even the odds in their feud. I know that Hit Row is supposed to be the good guys, but evening the odds isn't disrespectful. It's called fair. Hitting B-Fab with the pipe was justified since she interfered a bunch of times. Just my two cents.

00:54 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

00:53 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Julius hits a Butterfly Suplex and then a T-Bone body slam. He tosses the other guy in the ring for no reason and they slam the jobbers against each other a la the Authors of Pain. Julius lands a few moves and picks up the win after a sliding clothesline.
Result - The Creed Brothers defeat opponents by pin.

00:52 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

We're back to jobbers as the Creed brothers face off against two names I can't even get off the screen. Brutus tosses one guy out of the ring and then hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Julius tags in and they hit a few Firemen Carries.

00:50 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Looks like we'll get Samoa Joe's first challenger in a Fatal Four Way next week. Facing off will be Tommaso Ciampa, LA Knight, Kyle O'Reilly, and Pete Dunne.

00:45 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

00:45 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Malcolm Bivens hypes up his newest recruits, the Creed Brothers. They both have credentials, one in the NCAA and one in the Olympics. Ivy Nile, the former Titan Games contestant, is working on moves in the background.

00:43 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Hayes goes for a springboard move but Escobar hits him with a flying knee. As he goes for the Phantom Driver, Hayes counters out and hits a move. He gets a two-count. As Hayes goes outside, Wilde and Mendoza distract the ref. Elektra Lopez bodyslams Hayes!.Hayes gets back into the ring and Escobar hits the Phantom Driver for the win.
Result - Santos Escobar defeats Carmelo Hayes by pin.

00:41 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Escobar drapes Hayes on the ropes and jabs verbally with the announce table. Hayes takes advantage and lands a reverse leg drop which sends Santos out of the ring. Hayes hits a flurry of moves, including a suplex into a cutter for a two-count. 

00:39 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Santos locks Hayes in a Crossface close to the ropes. Escobar breaks it and stands Hayes up to hit him in the abdomen with a shoulder block. It knocks Hayes out of the ring. Escobar puts Hayes on the steel steps and locks in another Lion Tamer. He breaks it as the ref counts both men out. They get back in at eight.

00:38 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

Escobar locks Hayes in a variation of a Lion Tamer but breaks it. He continues to work the lower back of Hayes. Escobar lands a clothesline in the corner as well as a back elbow. He hits double knees to the chest before hoisting Hayes to the top turnbuckle. Escobar lands another shot to the chest before hitting a Hurricanrana off the top. Two-count. 

00:37 (GMT)8 SEP 2021

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