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WWE NXT Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT (12th August 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedAug 13, 2020 02:25 GMT

Who will be the next Superstar to book their place into the Ladder Match at TakeOver XXX?


02:08 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Another thank you to all of you following along tonight! Greg will be by in a moment with the full match results. As far me, I will see you right here at SportsKeeda!

Have a great night!

02:07 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Cameron Grimes defeated Kushida and Velveteen Dream
Alyiah and Mercedes Martinez defeat Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter
Bronson Reed defeats Damien Priest
Mia Yim defeats Indi Hartwell
Santos Escobar defeats Tyler Breeze
Drake Maverick and Killian Dain ends in a no contest
Karrion Kross defeats Danny Burch

02:03 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Thank you everybody for hanging out tonight. I'll be right back with the match results...

02:02 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Finn Balor hits the ring to confront Dream, as the show heads to credits.

Pointy finger points from Finn. Pew pew.

02:00 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

I should have known Dream was a heel now, as he had a goatee.

01:59 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Dream comes back to the ring and starts to viciously attack Kushida.

01:58 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

01:58 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Grimes sneaks in with the Cave In and gets the win!

Result: Cameron Grimes defeats Kushida and Velveteen Dream.

01:57 (GMT)13 AUG 2020



01:56 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Kushida with a senton onto Dream from the top rope to the floor onto Dream.

01:55 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

01:52 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

01:47 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Oh, it's Velveteen Dream. Noice!

01:46 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Who's the mystery opponent?

01:46 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Cameron Grimes, the most irritating man on the NXT roster, is now here, as well.

01:45 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Keith Lee has left the Local Medical Facility. 

And it's Triple Threat time. Kushida makes his way to the ring.

01:43 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

01:42 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Result: Alyiah and Mercedes Martinez defeat Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter

01:42 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

01:27 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

01:25 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Robert Stone attempts to recruit Kacy Catanzaro and get her to turn on her partner, but Kacy's not having it. She kicks Stone in the shin and this match is on.

01:22 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

01:21 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Kacy and Kayden are BEEEEEESTEST PALS!

01:17 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

As we head into another ad break, we see the Robert Stone Brand is taking on Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter after... said ad break.

01:15 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Reed catches Priest in a powerslam and goes for a top rope splash, but misses! Priest goes for his finisher but Reed hits him with a double leg takedown and bridges into a pin.... FOR THE WIN!

Result: Bronson Reed defeats Damien Priest

01:13 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Priest manages to get the Broken Arrow on Reed, but Reed still kicks out!

01:12 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

01:11 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Aaaaaaand we're back and Reed and Priest are still trading attacks. HOSS FIGHT.

01:09 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

01:09 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Oh, it's.... a commercial

01:06 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

"Damien" is actually Priest's middle name. His first name is Robin.

01:05 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Priest and Reed are challenging each other via shoulder blocks... very cordial. 

The Priest does some karate stuff and that's the end of wrestling civility for this match.

01:04 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

01:03 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Priest and Reed are... having a wrestling match.

01:01 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

We're back from commercial and Damien Priest/ Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in the ring.

He's facing Bronson Reed.

00:57 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

00:56 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

00:56 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Finn Balor is prepared to take on whoever is left over from tonight's NXT North American Championship Qualifier. Whether it be Kushida, Cameron Grimes, or the mystery opponent, he's ready to run through them. 

00:53 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

And Mia with a submission win.

Result: Mia Yim defeats Indi Hartwell

00:53 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Indi is talking trash and Mia isn't having any of it.

Yim going ham on her Australian opponent.

00:50 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

00:48 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

We're back, and Indie Hartwell is in the ring, and she's taking on a frazzled Mia Yim.

How frazzled? She actually said "hospital"! Oh my!

00:46 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

00:45 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

00:44 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

That's funny.

00:44 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

00:43 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

Video package for Dakota Kai, who keeps hammering home that she can defeats NXT Women's champion by herself... and she doesn't need "friends or former friends" or any of that stuff.

00:42 (GMT)13 AUG 2020

I mean... Fandango still has a busted up arm so, you know, the odds aren't completely even. Whatever.
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