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WWE NXT Results, LIVE Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT (21st October 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 22, 2020 02:34 GMT

Tag team gold is on the line in the main event of tonight's NXT!


02:13 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

There's our show! Did you guys dig it? I dug it. 

Very excited for Halloween Havoc next week, hosted by Shotzi Blackwell and her amazing teeth.

I hope each and every one of you are staying safe and healthy and thank you so much for not only coming to check out these LIVE NXT reports but just coming to Sportskeeda in general. The full results report by our own Greg Bush will be up on this page shortly. 

Until next week.... I'm outta here

02:10 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch defeat Breezango to become new NXT Tag Team Champions
Timothy Thatcher defeated Anthony Greene
Kacy Catanzaro defeated Xia Li
Ever-Rise defeat Killian Dain and Drake Maverick via DQ
Legado del Fantasma defeat Isiah "Swerve" Scott, Ashante Adonis, and Jake Atlas
Bronson Reed defeats Austin Theory... twice
Ember Moon defeated Jessie Kamea
Kushida defeated Tomasso Ciampa and Velveteen Dream

02:05 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

Let's be honest.... how great is it to see Oney Lorcan finally holding gold in NXT? 

I'll tell you how great. SO great! That's how great! Congratulations, Oney!

Give unto me a moment and I shall provide you with the match results.

02:03 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

02:02 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

02:01 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

The new champs celebrate in the ring and our mystery man makes his way into the ring.

It's friggin' Pat McAfee.

02:00 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

Fandango gets laid out... by a cameraman? What just.... Oh man... low blow by Burch onto Breeze. and... BOOM

RESULT: Burch & Lorcan defeat Breezango for the NXT Tag Team Championships

01:57 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

Fandango with an Alabama Jam onto Burch but only gets a two count. Breezango are starting to show some serious frustration.

01:56 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

Fandango, Breeze, Lorcan, Burch... all four are probably some of the most underrated guys in the entire company. And this match they're putting on is a prime example why. 

01:53 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

01:50 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

01:48 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

01:43 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

01:43 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

We get some comments from NXT North American Champion Damian Priest regarding his match next week with Johnny Gargano, and then head into an ad break as NXT Tag Team Champions Breezango begin to make their way to the ring.

01:41 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

01:41 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

I'm such a dumb jerk. That was Anthony Greene. My apologies, Mr. Greene.

01:40 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

Tim is really putting Geddy through the ringer, and eventually the student has had enough and fights back. Thatcher calls for a ref and the two have a match which Thatcher wins convincingly and sadistically.

RESULT: Timothy Thatcher defeats Mustache Mullet

01:35 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

Back from break, and we're getting another Thatch as Thatch Can from Timothy Thatcher. His student this evening is apparently Geddy Lee from Rush.

01:34 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

01:30 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

Before this story can progress any further, Raquel Gonzalez hits the ring and beats everybody up. Then trash talks Rhea Ripley, nearly forgets how to say "Halloween Havoc" and then leaves.

On the other hand, McKenzie catches up with Cameron Grimes backstage and informs the cocky, annoying bastard that his match with Dexter Lumis next week will be a Haunted House of Terror match. Grimes looks terrified. Lumis looks at Grimes through a window from behind a door.

01:27 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

01:26 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

Meanwhile, the Xia Li/Kacy Catanzaro match is on... and before you can say "how do you pronounce that? Zee-ah?", Kacy gets the pinfall.

RESULT: Kacy Catanzaro defeats Xia Li

01:24 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

William Regal tells Kyle he's promised the crowd a tag title match tonight and encourages him to pick a new partner. O'Reilly sounds despondent and tells Regal to give the match to Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. Burch and Lorcan try to talk him out of it, insisting that Kyle use one of them as his partner. Kyle just walks out of the room really super sad. Burch and Lorcan shrug and shake hands with Breezango and we have a new main event for tonight.

01:22 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

01:22 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

On the other hand, someone's attacked Roderick Strong backstage. 

01:20 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

01:20 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

01:20 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

01:19 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

Dain is locked in a half crab, and following some bad taunting by the Canadians, Drake snaps and lays into their opponents with a chair.

He gets his team DQ'd by Killian is THRILLED with this show of aggression from Maverick. Not thrilled enough to dance with him to that goofy theme music Maverick picked out, but it's a start,

RESULT: Ever-Rise defeated Killian Dain and Drake Maverick via DQ

01:15 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

Anyway, it's time for this week's episode of the Drake and Dain Show, as Killian Dain and Drake Maverick are taking on Ever-Rise, who unwisely decided to attack the mismatched duo following their match last week.

01:11 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

01:09 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

01:09 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

Johnny Gargano and Candice Larae are at home, spinning a homemade game show wheel as they prepare for their Spin The Wheel, Make The Deal matches at Halloween Havoc.

Johnny keeps getting death-related matches - Buried Alive, Casket Match.

That dude really hates wheels.

01:07 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

Meanwhile, Wilde nails Adonis with a running kick and gets the pin.

RESULT: Legado del Fantasma defeat Isiah Scott, Jake Atlas and Ashante Adonis

01:05 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

01:05 (GMT)22 OCT 2020


Wilde hits the ropes and goes for a plancha onto the crowd on the arena floor. Atlas leaps to the apron, jumps in the air, catches Wilde and drops him onto everyone with a Spanish Fly.

Just.... wow.

01:01 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

00:56 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

Swerve off the top turnbuckle with a corkscrew plancha onto LdF! It looked amazing but it also looked like Swerve nearly bent his leg much the same way Ridge Holland did two weeks ago. Thankfully, Isiah is back on his feet and none the worse for wear - unlike my nerves.

Commercial time.

00:53 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

Anyway, Legado del Fantasma is taking on the team of Ashante Adonis, Jake Atlas, and Isiah "Swerve" Scott.

So far it's a good match, but nothing to jump out of your seat about.

00:51 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

00:51 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

We come back from break with some backstage footage of Austin Theory sulking away to his car, dragging his tiny little suitcase behind him. The voice behind the camera asks him for a comment and Theory just says "I quit."

He probably didn't really quit,

00:48 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

Xia Li is backstage, being interviewed along with Kacy Catanzaro. Last week, Li asked - desperately asked, actually - William Regal for a match this week. That was following BOA approaching her following her loss that week and showing her a piece of paper that, apparently, has the angle's plot written on it. Well, it looks like Kacy will be that opponent. Li calls this the most important match of her career and then walks off.

Six Man Tag Team Action Is Next! 

00:44 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

Reed nails Theory with a Samoan Drop and wins... again....

RESULT: Bronson Reed defeats Austin Theory... twice

00:43 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

Theory grabs the mic and says some mean stuff and demands to fight Reed again.

00:42 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

Bobby Fish has been transported to a Local Medical Facility and Kyle O'Reilly will take his place in the main event tonight.

Also, Bronson Reed smashed Austin Theory and won.

RESULT: Bronson Reed defeated Austin Theory

00:39 (GMT)22 OCT 2020

I'm just kidding, Austin Theory.
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