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WWE NXT Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT after TakeOver 31 (7th October 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedOct 08, 2020 02:37 GMT

What will Ember Moon have in store for us?


02:15 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

That's all for tonight's show, everyone. Thank you all for reading along and I hope all of you, wherever you live and whoever you are, are staying safe and healthy and are taking care of each other. Keep checking back with Sportskeeda for more WWE news and I will see you guys next Wednesday!

And with that said.... I'm outta here.

02:12 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

02:11 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Ember Moon and Rhea Ripley defeated Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez
Shotzi Blackheart defeats Xia Li
Ridge Holland defeated Danny Burch (Holland apparently suffered a serious injury afterwards)
Dexter Lumis defeated Austin Theory 
right after...
Austin Theory defeated Leon Ruff
Killian Dain and Drake Maverick defeated Ever-Rise
Tomasso Ciampa defeated Kushida via DQ after interference from Velveteen Dream

02:04 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

So.... let's take a look at the match results.... bear with me....

02:03 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Ripley and Moon celebrate in the ring as the show comes to a close

01:59 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Moon with the Eclipse on Kai.....

RESULT: Ember Moon and Rhea Ripley defeat Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez

01:59 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Ripley and Gonzalez out of the ring, Moon nails Kai with a pop up powerbomb.... and doesn't get all of it,

01:53 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

01:51 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

01:50 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Ripley dives off the apron, saving Moon from an attack by Kai. The two slap hands and we head into a commercial break.

01:47 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

01:47 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

New music for Ember, too.

01:46 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Gonzalez and Kai are already in the ring as Rhea Ripley makes her entrance.... followed by Ember Moon's NXT re-debut.

01:44 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

According to my sources (aka my fellow SK writers) that handsome Asian gentleman was BOA. Who is awesome, so I'm psyched to see him in a story.

01:42 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

A very tall and, let's admit it, quite handsome Asian gentleman comes to the ring and hands Xia Li a letter. Li isn't very happy about the contents of said letter and heads back to the back with the courier.

01:40 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Xia Li has slowly been evolving her character and is now showing no mercy against Shotzi....

Blackheart gets the upper hand, however, and nails Li with a top rope senton.

RESULT: Shotzi Blackheart defeats Xia Li

01:38 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Shotzi Blackheart drives her adorable tank to the ring, and it's all decked out with pumpkins and spider webs and shiz... and she's facing Xia Li. Who doesn't have the Halloween thing going on.

01:36 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Ridge Hollans being stretchered out..... he's legit hurt.

01:35 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

We get another segment of "Timothy Thatcher attempts to murder people"

01:30 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Back at the Garganos, Johnny is watching the TV Indi Hartwell sent them... along with a USB drive with video footage of her protecting Candice during a battle royale.

Strange things are afoot.

01:28 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Burch with a sign of disrespect, slapping Holland's hat off his head. Holland goes bananas.

Oney Lorcan hits the ring to protect his partner and now the two are destroying each other.

Rather than destroying Oney, it's a pretty back and forth fight. I'm sensing a match next week.

01:26 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Burch with a pinfall and then moves into a crossface but then Ridge just picks him up and says "nah"

RESULT: Ridge Holland defeats Danny Burch

01:24 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Ridge Holland is taking on Danny Burch because of course he is.

01:20 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

01:19 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Another look at the Balor/O'Reilly match from Sunday. Finn's got two fractures in his jaw.

Meanwhile, we try to get a word with Ridge Holland, who attacked Adam Cole following the main event on Sunday, as to why he did it, but Ridge isn't very forthcoming.

But he's got a match next so... we'll find out? I guess?

01:14 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Grimes is asked why he attacked Dexter Lumis and gives the same "answer me when I ask you a question" speech, and even calls out Ridge Holland. That's probably a poor decision.

01:12 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

01:10 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

01:09 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Cameron Grimes hits the ring and lays out Lumis.

"When I ask you a question, you ANSWER me," Grimes says

01:08 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Lumis with an inverted Rock Bottom into a chicken wing sleeper hold. And Lumis wins!

RESULT: Dexter Lumis beats Austin Theory

01:06 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Dexter Lumis gets the upper hand and whips Theory into the corner. Monkey Flip!

It's like Lumis is a really tall Brian Pillman right now?

OK, maybe not.

01:03 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Theory has had the firm advantage since the ad break ended, but just can't put Lumis away.

00:58 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

00:57 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

00:55 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Dexter Lumis is here and apparently he's got a match with Austin Theory!

00:52 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Austin Theory is in the ring and he's taking on the legend Leon Ruff. And after Ruff look like he's maybe going to pull off the upset...

RESULT: Austin Theory defeats Leon Ruff

00:50 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

After the break, we get a fun DID YOU KNOW about Johnny Gargano, and then a segment with Gargano and Candice Larae walking their puppy and complaining about losing their matches on Sunday.

They get home and.... apparently Indi Hartwell has given them a TV? Okaaaaaaay....

00:47 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Before the break, we get one of WWE's amazing (and I'm not being facetious) video packages reintroducing Toni Storm to the NXT audience.

Seriously, have you ever seen a WWE video package of that type that wasn't, at the very least, just OK? Like, maybe some of the mid-to-late-80s stuff (looking at you, video packages for Akeem the African Dream), but from the Attitude Era onward, just exceptional work for decades.

00:45 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Maverick tries to get Dain to celebrate with him, but Dain is too cool for school and punches Drake in the mouth.

It's like Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau all over again.

00:43 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Dain bodyslams Maverick onto... one of the guys from Ever-Rise.... and...

RESULT: Killian Dain and Drake Maverick defeat Ever-Rise

00:40 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

After taking a beating from Ever-Rise, Dain grabs Maverick's arm and pulls him towards him and forcibly tags himself in.

00:38 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

00:37 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Ever-Rise makes their way to the ring and then the theme music Drake Maverick had been going on about begins to play... and it makes Bray Wyatt's Firefly Funhouse theme sound like an early Cure tune.

00:36 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

After we get some sort of comment from Io Shirai backstage, we get a quick look at the end of the main event of TakeOver, where Ridge Holland attacked Adam Cole.

Adam Cole's my favorite wrestler, by the way. Just throwing that out there,

00:34 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

00:30 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Speaking of dysfunctional teams, Drake Maverik is met outside and asked about his plans for the evening. He's still psyched about the team he's formed with Killian Dain - whether Dain likes it or not - and when the big man comes out to tell him to knock it off, the former Rockstar Spud informs him that the two of them have a match against Ever-Rise later.

00:29 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Before the champ can say anything, Rhea Ripley comes out, too.

And Ripley gets five words out before Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai attack her.

William Regal books Gonzalez/Kai vs Moon/Ripley for later in the night.

00:26 (GMT)8 OCT 2020

Ember Moon is gonna do what Ember Moon wants to do, and "Mama wants some gold."

Apparently she said the secret word because here comes Io Shirai.
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