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WWE NXT Results, LIVE Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT after TakeOver: WarGames (9th December 2020)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedDec 10, 2020 03:52 GMT

Who will step up to challenge Finn Balor?


03:08 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

That's all for tonight, you fine folks! Thanks for coming out! I will see you guys next Wednesday (unless you check out my LIVE coverage of the other weekly shows elsewhere), but until then... I'm outta here.

03:07 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Raquel Gonzalez defeated Ember Moon
Tomasso Ciampa defeated Cameron Grimes
Grizzled Young Veterans defeated Ever-Rise and Imperium
Jake Atlas defeated Isiah 'Swerve' Scott

03:04 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

A pretty eventful episode of NXT tonight. Kross is back, which is cool. And the push for Gonzalez is going full steam ahead.

03:03 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

It looked as if Gonzalez and Ripley were about to throw down, but Raquel smirks and high tails it out of there.

03:01 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Toni Storm hits the ring to help Gonzalez continue the beat down on Moon, but Rhea Ripley (MAH UTHER GURL) comes out to back her up.

03:01 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Moon goes for a Superkick, but Raquel grabs her leg and lifts her up into a powerbomb and gets the win.

RESULTS: Raquel Gonzalez defeats Ember Moon

02:59 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Moon goes for the Eclipse but Raquel grabs her out of mid-air

02:58 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Moon and Gonzalez are fighting it out in a TakeOver-quality level match.

02:57 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

02:57 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

02:47 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Ember Moon vs Raquel Gonzalez is ON!

02:46 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

02:42 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Lorcan and Burch comes to the ring to interfere, and Drake Maverick comes down to head them off. And they come back and attack Drake and Dain comes out to protect him and then goes back to the ring to fight Dunne but Dunne hits the Bitter End and wins

RESULT: Pete Dunne defeats Killian Dain

02:36 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Vic Joseph shouts "Dain is ROLLING!" as Dain goes for a cannonball into the corner... and misses.

02:36 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Killian Dain and Pete Dunne are just destroying each other... as expected

02:30 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Who knew that RAW Superstar Bianca Belair was so knowledgeable about vaping?

02:26 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Dunne and Dain is now ON

02:26 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Tyler Rust is approached backstage by McKenzie as he apparently is heading to the trainer's room. Malcom Bivens approaches him and offers to have a conversation with him.

02:20 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

02:19 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Priest comes out to start some trouble with the Gargano Gang... but Karrion Kross makes his return and destroys Priest with a powerbomb through a table!

02:17 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Gargano presents Candice a trophy for winning War Games. It's got a doll version of Shotzi Blackheart's head on it.

02:12 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Johnny Gargano, Candice Larae, Austin Theory, and Indi Heartwell are all celebrating Gargano's title win in the ring. Wade Barrett calls him "Good News Gargano" and now my night has been made.

02:11 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

This whole "old guy torturing BOA and Xia Li" gimmick kind of makes me nauseous.

02:07 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Ciampa and Thatcher stare down as he leaves the stage, with Thatcher insisting he had nothing to do with Rust coming to the ring. 

Meanwhile, Grimes is pretty upset with Thatcher and tells him so. Thatcher turns to leave, not giving a crud about Cameron Grimes. Grimes grabs him by the shoulder and turns him around - and Thatcher grabs his leg and twists it around in a move that looked so painful, my wife screamed while watching it.

02:04 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

02:03 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Someone comes running to the ring and it looks like it's Tyler Rust? Ciampa takes care of him, and then Grimes with a Widow's Bell and a three.

RESULT: Tomasso Ciampa defeats Cameron Grimes

02:01 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Grimes and Blackheart putting on a really good match, with Cameron reversing a powerslam and nearly getting a three count.

01:58 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

01:56 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

01:55 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Can Cameron Grimes do a Russian accent? I think he'd be perfect for a Rasputin biopic.

01:54 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Ciampa has a headlock on Grimes, and Thatcher comes down to the ring, opens up a folding chair, and sits and watches the match.

01:53 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

01:52 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Grimes is in the ring as we come back from break, being... Cameron Grimes. Tomasso Ciampa comes out to the ring wearing a Halloween mask that looks like he got at a thrift store.

01:49 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

01:48 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

01:48 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Ciampa vs Grimes is next.

01:48 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Io and Toni are fighting backstage and out onto the ring area. Io with a VICIOUS punch to the face, and then a running knee into Storm. Toni tries to hightail it out of there, but out comes Ember Moon to toss her back. 

01:45 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

"Toni, I don't have a problem with you... I just don't like you!" and BAM, the fight is on!

01:45 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Toni Storm is being interviewed and she's going on about how she's got a problem with everybody talking about Ember Moon and not her. But, her team won on Sunday and now she's ready to win the NXT Women's Championship from.... oh, hey, it's Io Shirai (MAH GURL!)

01:40 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

I didn't really mean that crack about Ever-Rise. I know I give them a hard time every week, but that's just schtick. I think they're perfectly fine gentlemen and pro wrestlers.

01:36 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Parker tries to go for a piledriver (that's a no no!) but James Drake flips it around - Ticket To Mayhem on Parker and GYV get the win.

RESULT: Grizzled Young Veterans defeat Imperium and Ever-Rise

01:34 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Is Ever-Rise looking like chubby indie show back-ups a conscious decision or...?

01:32 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

01:29 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Back from break and Grizzled Young Veterans, Imperium, and Ever-Rise are in the middle of a Triple Threat Match,

01:28 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Tomasso Ciampa, who defeated Tim Thatcher on Sunday is taking on Cameron Grimes tonight. Tommy Champ cuts a promo about all of that, and then runs off really fast as if he heard his car alarm going off.

01:24 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Swerve isn't just surprised he lost, he's angry. Atlas wants a good sportsmanlike handshake, but Scott storms out of the ring and Atlas is trying really hard to look like he's insulted and not doing so well at it.

01:22 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

Scott slaps an behind-the-back armbar on Atlas, but Jake rolls him up with a pin and a win

RESULT: Jake Atlas defeats Isiah 'Swerve' Scott

01:18 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

It is now time for Jake Atlas vs Isiah 'Swerve' Scott and I really think they need to bring Vince Russo in to be Scott's manager.

01:17 (GMT)10 DEC 2020

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