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WWE NXT Results, Live Updates, Highlights & Commentary online from NXT before Survivor Series (20th November 2019)

By Sportskeeda Desk | Last ModifiedNov 21, 2019 03:36 GMT

Can Adam Cole get the advantage for his team heading into WarGames?


03:16 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Hang tight, we'll have full results in a moment. In the meantime, I've been (and remain) your humble host, Kevin C. Sullivan, and I will see you guys... well, for Raw, actually. Enjoy your weekend!

03:15 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

I don't know if I'm particularly psyched for SmackDown (as if I'm not going to watch it, pfffft) but I am definitely psyched for Saturday and Sunday. I hope you are, too.

03:14 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

03:11 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley ends in a no-contest
Matt Riddle defeats Ricochet
The Undisputed ERA defeat The Revival
Kay Lee Ray defeats Dakota Kai
The Viking Raiders defeat The Forgotten Sons
Adam Cole defeated Dominick Dijakovic

03:11 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Let's take a look at match results for the night, shall we?

Yes, let's.

03:09 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Two former NXT Champions pounding away at each other as we get the trademark logo. And we're done for the night!

03:09 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Crowd chanting "Seth's not cool"

03:08 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Ciampa looks to enter the ring and face Rollins, but first takes a minute to kick Adam Cole in the head.

03:08 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Seth Rollins attacks Adam Cole!

And here comes Tomasso Ciampa!

03:07 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Keith Lee nails McIntyre with a power bomb!

Then, he and.... Ivar? Wow... both suicide dive onto the mass of humanity outside!

03:06 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Now NXT guys rush out and there's a huge brawl on.

Drew McIntrye is here! Claymore on Dijakovic.

03:05 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

The rest of the Undisputed Era heads out to celebrate, but Raw and SmackDown are here, as well.

03:04 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Cole and Dijakovic are at the top of the ladder. Cole hits Dijakovic with the briefcase, sending his opponent into a horizontal laid out ladder.

Cole grabs the briefcase.

RESULT: Adam Cole defeats Dominick Dijakovic

03:03 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Cole is back up the ladder but that awesome move doesn't seem to phase Dijakovic. He pulls him down and nails Cole with a hard knee.

That same knee that Dijakovic had surgery on and Cole has been attacking all match.

03:02 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Cole nearly gets to the briefcase, but Dijakovic grabs his leg. Adam leaps off the ladder and nails him with a Panama Sunrise! Wow!

03:01 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

"You don't play NXT, you attempt to SURVIVE NXT!"

Sheesh. Settle down, Mauro.

03:00 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

03:00 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

DIjakovic manages to get back on his feet and gets Cole out of the ring. Now he's trying to get a ladder up in the center of the ring, but Cole makes his way back in.

Now Dijakovic is playing some Ladder Tetris, looking to slam Cole into some steel.

Cole reverses a suplex and knocks Dijakovic into a ladder instead.

02:56 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Cole gets an upper hand and slams Dijakovic's knee into the ring post.

Commercial time, and it's picture-in-picture time as well. Cole's got himself another ladder in the ring, as Dijakovic is having trouble standing.

02:55 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

02:54 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Adam Cole with a baseball slide, knocking the ladder into Dijakovic's face.

02:54 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Adam Cole isn't wasting any time and charges Dom, but Mr. Feast Your Eyes knocks him down - hard.

Now he's grabbing a ladder. Which is under the ring. Probably next to thirty Kendo sticks.

02:53 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

02:53 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

02:52 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

02:51 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

It's ladder match time, as Dominick Dijakovic takes on Adam Cole - the winner getting the advantage in their War Games battle this weekend.

Will we see the fourth man of Team Ciampa be revealed during this?


02:49 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

TakeOver War Games looks like a pretty stacked card in Chicago on Saturday. I can't wait to see it.

02:49 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

We get a look at the rules of the War Games match. 

02:43 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

What is it with Adam Cole performing in a War Games match and then showing up to perform at a "main roster" PPV the next night?

02:41 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

But after a series of dueling cartwheels (I'll explain later), the Raiders pick up the win.

RESULT: The Viking Raiders defeat The Forgotten Sons

02:40 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

I was way off. The Sons are looking really strong in this tonight.

02:39 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Ryker climbs onto the apron, for some reason, so the ref tosses him out to the back. Ivar helps him along with a suicide dive.

02:38 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

02:37 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Ivar goes for the pin, but Ryker pulls Blake's leg onto the ropes to break up the count.

That cheaty guy.

02:36 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

We're back from break and Erik makes the hot tag to Ivar!

Wait, wasn't Ivar getting beaten up before the break? 

02:32 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

That happened, too.

02:32 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

02:32 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Jaxson Ryker grabs Ivar's leg and pulls him onto the ring apron as we head into commercial.

02:31 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

02:30 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

The Sons actually take control of the match, as Cutler kicks Erik into the corner, then nails him with a suplex as Blake attempts to get to his feet.

02:29 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Some of you will get that joke.

02:29 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Well, so far, this match has totally been a variation of racquetball.

02:27 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

And here comes Days Gone: The Game: The Tag Team

02:27 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

There's a little more than a half an hour left in the show. This is gonna be a squash.

02:26 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

The War/Viking Raiders are here! And they brought their Raw Tag Team Championships!

02:24 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

While we're in a commercial, let me ask you this.

Why do prescription drug ads always have a bit that says "do not take if you are allergic to [name of drug]"? 

02:22 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Well... all three Women's teams at Survivor Series are in the ring (and around it) and a melee ensues.

And SmackDown's Nikki Cross stands alone in the ring.

02:20 (GMT)21 NOV 2019

Ray nails Kai with her finisher and manages to get the W.

RESULT: Kay Lee Ray defeats Dakota Kai
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